The Best AR 15 Multi Tool: Multi-Use Tools for Multi-Use Rifles

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

We all need a quick fix sometimes. Sometimes we need that quick fix because our rifle is down at the range or during a class.

While a pocket knife is a good tool, there’s a good chance that it won’t do everything you need to get your rifle running. That’s where a nice AR-15 multi tool comes in handy. It’s easy to keep with you. And you can fix quite a few problems with a good multi tool.

We looked around. And there are a LOT of AR-15 multi tools around. So we did the searching for you and dug up the best AR-15 multi tool. We also found a lot of honorable mentions.

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro

Our Best Choice

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro

  • Tons of tools for cleaning, repair, and maintenance.
  • Has storage compartments for tool bits and small parts.
  • Not much larger than a traditional Leatherman multi-tool.

SPOILER—if you just want to know the winner and get on with your day, get the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro. It’s relatively affordable. And it’s got a whole bunch of tools specifically for fixing AR-15 rifles.

If you’re interested in seeing the other AR-15 multi tools that made the cut, keep reading.

Top AR 15 Multi Tool on the Market Today

The Best AR 15 Multi Tool Reviews: Quick Fixers

The best AR-15 multi tool is up first. The honorable mentions (the best AR-15 multi tool in each category) are listed in order of price.

AR-15 multi tools with the best price are unfolded first.

The multi tools with the best wallet ripping strength are near the end.

Choose your reviews wisely (based on your budget).

1. Real Avid Gun Tool Pro - Overall Best AR-15 Multi Tool

The Real Avid Gun Tool Pro is a compact multi tool that packs a surprising number of tools into the little frame. It tools for both working on and cleaning your rifle.

It’s got the sort of things you’d expect on a multi-tool: TORX bits and the other AR-specific driver bits.

However, it’s also got a few tools for scraping carbon. And there’s a female-threaded rod that you can use as a handle for a nylon scrub brush.

Then it has tools for clearing particularly nasty malfunctions, like a bolt override tool, which dislodges a casing jammed up near the gas tube in one quick motion.

Lastly, it has miscellaneous tools like a tap hammer and a file.

The whole thing is about the size of a classic Leatherman multi-tool and fits in a canvas belt pouch.

This multi tool is a pretty solid all-around buy. But, if there was a complaint to make, it would be that some of the stuff isn’t all THAT useful.

The carbon scrapers are cool. But I’ve never found myself wishing I had a carbon scraper when I had nylon brushes and solvent. So some of the tools are purely for convenience.

But what’s wrong with a little convenience? This tool has pretty much all the bells and whistles you could ever need. Pro tip: buy it before you buy other tools to avoid redundancy.


  • Tons of tools for cleaning, repair, and maintenance.
  • Has storage compartments for tool bits and small parts.
  • Not much larger than a traditional Leatherman multi-tool.
  • Comes with a canvas belt carry pouch.


  • Not an “essentials” tool. There are a few tools that are purely for convenience.

2. Real Avid 18-In-1 Carry Multi Tool Micro Tool - Compact AR-15 Multi Tool

The Real Avid 18-In-1 Carry Multi Tool Micro Tool is easy to carry anywhere, even on a keychain, but does a surprising amount of work.

As you probably guessed from the name, this multi-tool is really small. It has a keyring. And it fits on a keychain. Though, some might find it to be a bit too bulky to keep in a pocket with their keys.

However, it also has a carabiner end. So you could keep this tool on a belt or on your kit.

And, despite the size, this multi-tool has a lot of tools on it. It’s got multiple wrenches, a flathead screwdriver, a front sight tool, several cleaning tools, and a bunch more stuff (18 in all). It’s even got a bottle opener.

It’s got all the tools you’d need for routine or range maintenance and repair.

I find the cleaning scrapers to be a bit extraneous. But they could come in handy. And the front sight adjustment tool is best suited for 4-notch front sight posts. You can use it on a five-notch post. But it’s tricky.

However, most of the tools are useful and make your life at the range a lot easier. This Real Avid tool brings a lot of utility in a very small space.


  • Very compact. Could be kept on a keychain.
  • Carabiner end is useful for attaching to a belt or kit.
  • Includes a lot of tools (18 in total) that are very useful.


  • Most shooters probably won’t use the cleaning scrapers that often.
  • Front sight tool is tricky to use on five-notch front sight posts.

3. Real Avid AR15 Scraper Tool - AR-15 Multi Tool for Cleaning

If you’re the sort who uses scrapers to clean their rifle, the Real Avid AR15 Scraper Tool is right up your alley.

You know those cleaning picks that you get in some cleaning kits? This tool is all of those cleaning picks in one: bolt face scraper, bolt head scraper, bolt carrier scraper, and more tools for scraping every surface on your bolt carrier group.

It’s a super handy tool if you use ammo that quickly produces crusted carbon buildup on your bolt. You could clean all that crusted carbon off with solvent and a brush. But the right scraping tool makes it much faster.

The obvious downside of this tool is that it doesn’t have any tools for working on your AR-15. It’s a good addition to your cleaning kit. But you’ll need another multi-tool for your toolbox.


  • Very simple design that makes it quick and easy to get to each scraper.
  • Includes scrapers for every surface on your bolt carrier group, which could also be used on other parts of your rifle if you’re careful.
  • Super compact.


  • No tools for working on your rifle.

4. Leapers UTG Armorer’s Multi-Function Combo Wrench - AR-15 Multi Tool for Armorers and Builders

The Leapers UTG Armorer’s Multi-Function Combo Wrench is the multi-tool for AR-15 builders. You can almost assemble an entire AR-15 using just this tool.

This wrench gives you all the tools you need to deal with the proprietary parts on your AR-15 like the barrel nut, receiver extension castle nut, and muzzle device. It even has slots for three-prong flash hiders that have no wrench flats.

Lastly, it has a mount for a torque wrench. So you can ensure that all these parts are installed to specifications, and your rifle will run the way you want.

The finish is pretty thick, which lasts a long time and protects the tool from rust very well. However, the thick finish makes this tool fit pretty tight on castle nuts and such until you get the finish worn down in the right places.

But it still works right out of the box. And it’s an excellent tool for AR builders or enthusiasts who want to be able to change out anything on their AR-15.


  • Has all the tools you need for complete assembly or disassembly of your AR-15 (barrel nut wrench, castle nut wrench, etc.).
  • Includes torque wrench socket, so you can properly torque everything down.
  • Thick, durable finish.


  • Thick finish makes the tool fit pretty tightly until the finish wears down.
  • No punches or tools for everyday maintenance.

5. Real Avid Gun Tool Core AR15 Multi-Tool - Budget AR-15 Multi Tool

The Real Avid Gun Tool Core AR15 Multi-Tool is another very compact multi-tool. However, this one is more suitable for keeping in a toolbox or tool kit.

This tool has everything you need to perform essential field maintenance and repairs: a front sight adjustment tool, pin puncher, carbon scrapers, and a tool for clearing those especially tough malfunctions.

The front sight tool folds up and can be tucked into a MOLLE strap to secure this tool to various pieces of gear.

But it doesn’t have a proper carabiner or keyring. So I wouldn’t trust this to hang on anything like a belt loop. But it won’t take up much room in your range bag or tool kit.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a lot of screwdrivers or TORX wrenches. But it’s got enough for the quick tinkering you might need to do while you’re out shooting.


  • Very compact.
  • Includes most of the tools that you’d need for tinkering while you’re out shooting.
  • Can be hooked through a MOLLE strap for carry or storage.


  • No TORX wrenches or hex wrenches, which would be handy for M-LOK and KeyMod accessories.
  • Not ideal for hanging on something like a belt loop or keychain.

The Wheeler Fine Gunsmith Equipment Delta Series AR Compact Multi-Tool is the sort of tool that you’d find in a gunsmith’s toolbox (hence the name). It’s got A LOT of tools. But it’s not great for carrying around all the time.

This tool is shaped like a fold-out allen wrench set. And it has multiple TORX wrenches, multiple hex wrenches, 2 standard wrenches, and it even has a castle nut wrench.

It’s also got some convenience tools like carbon scrapers and a pin puncher. But this tool really shines for working with M-LOK and KeyMod rails where you often need a TORX or hex wrench to add or remove accessories.

This tool comes with a belt carry case. But it’s better suited for keeping in a tool kit or toolbox.

I’ve already whined enough about the extraneous nature of carbon scrapers. So we’ll table that.

My only actual complaint about this Wheeler tool is that the castle nut wrench is probably not enough to remove really tight or staked castle nuts. You just can’t get enough leverage with such a small tool. But at least you have it.

Other than that, this is an excellent tool to keep on hand for performing any number of adjustments or quick fixes.


  • Includes a lot of TORX, hex, and standard wrenches.
  • Has a castle nut wrench.
  • Ideal for keeping in a tool box or tool kit. Takes up about as much space as a folding hex wrench set.
  • Made entirely of steel for exceptional durability.


  • It’s tough to get enough leverage to really get the most out of the castle nut wrench.

7. Real Avid .223 Tool - AR-15 Multi Tool with Pliers

Sometimes you just need a pair of pliers. And the Real Avid .223 Tool has pliers. But it’s also got a whole bunch of other tools.

This tool is shaped like the classic Leatherman multi-tool, with pliers in the center and a bunch of foldout tools in the grip of the pliers. It’s a proven design.

However, this tool packs a lot of utility into the plier handles. There are 12 TORX wrenches, hex wrenches, and screwdrivers. Then there are the multitude of carbon scrapers, a front sight adjustment tool, a file, and a knife.

It’s basically a Leatherman tool with lots of things that are specifically for wrenching on your AR-15. So it’s a totally legitimate EDC multi-tool, as well.

Yes, it’s a tad pricey. But it’s definitely worth the money since it’s good for working on your AR-15 or just about anything else.


  • Classic Leatherman design is compact and easy to carry in the belt pouch.
  • Includes a whole grip of tools that are useful for working on your AR-15 or anything else.
  • Integrated pliers and knife.


  • TORX wrenches, hex wrenches, screwdrivers, and front sight tool are separate bits that could get lost.

Doing Quick Work

There’s nothing worse than having a good range day ruined by a problem that you could fix if only you had something other than your pocket knife. That’s why keeping an AR-15 multi tool in your kit is a good idea: so you can fix problems no matter where you are when they arise.

Real Avid Gun Tool Pro

There are a lot of multi-tools out there. If you’re still stabbing every part of your AR-15 with your pocket knife, get the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro. It’s a nice multi tool with a lot of tools. And it’s not too expensive.

AR-15s are deceptively simple. Then, just when you think you can fix anything with a screwdriver, something wild happens. Make sure you have a multi tool before you run into a problem your pocket knife can’t solve along with a good build kit.