The Best AR 15 Sling to Keep Your Rifle Ready [2021]

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Last Updated on September 14, 2021.

Your sling is probably the most important accessory you can get for your AR-15. In fact, a sling is more of a necessity than an accessory.

It’s not just for making your rifle easier to carry. It also helps you retain your weapon in force-on-force situations and can increase your accuracy.

There are a handful of sling types. The type of sling you use depends slightly on your shooting context. But, a lot of it comes down to personal preferences and shooting style.

The Top Sling Models Today

Our Best Choice

Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Sling System

Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Sling System

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  • 1 and 2-point configurations
  • Push-button quick detach sling attachment
  • Steel 1-point configuration clip

SPOILER: If you’re in a hurry and want a sling right now, pick up the Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Multi-Mission Sling System. This sling is nice because it works as a 1 or 2-point sling. So, it fits a broad range of shooting styles and contexts.

If you want to survey the field before making your choice, read onThere are a ton of options, and we’ll hit all the best ones.

Best AR-15 Sling Reviews: Keep Your Friends Close and Your Rifle Closer

As per usual, we’ll start off with the winning sling.

All the rest are arranged in order of price, with the most budget friendly slings at the top, and the most budget hostile ones at the bottom.

1. Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Multi-Mission Sling System

Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Sling System

Best Overall AR-15 Sling

If you’re torn between a 1-point and 2-point sling, you can relax. The Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Multi-Mission Sling System can be configured as a 1 or 2-point sling. This is handy, because both configurations excel in certain situations.

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This variant comes with push-button quick detach sling swivelsThese are handy for quickly removing your sling, adjusting or reconfiguring it, and attaching it fast. However, you’ll need some quick detach sling swivel mounts, if there aren’t any integrated into your rifle’s furniture.

The attachment point for converting to a 1-point configuration is steel, as it should be. This provides a much longer service life than polymer parts.

There’s also a slider for adjusting the sling tension with one hand when you’re in 2-point mode.

The webbing is near-infrared treated to increase corrosion resistance and longevity. This is handy, since most rifle ranges are outside.

This is a fairly basic sling, though. There’s no shoulder padding or elastic sections. There are better options if you like your sling to have a couple creature comforts. However, the function of the sling is still great.

All in all, this is an excellent sling for almost any shooter, given the price and versatility. It’s just too bad there’s no 3-point configuration. Otherwise, it might be the ultimate sling.


  • 1 and 2-point configurations.
  • Quick detach sling attachments.
  • One-handed sling tension adjustment when used as a 2-point sling.
  • Steel 1-point configuration clip.


  • Requires quick detach sling mounts on your rifle, which you may need to purchase.
  • Very basic webbing design. No elastic or padding.

2. Outdoor Connection Super Sling

Outdoor Connection Super Sling

Budget AR-15 Sling

If budget is your main concern, look no further. The Outdoor Connection Super Sling is essentially an upgraded version of the old U.S. military general issue slings. It’s nothing fancy. But, it’s about as affordable as slings get.

The strap is slightly wider than the original military web sling. This makes it a bit more comfortable, since it distributes the pressure better.

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Additionally, the strap is made from mil-spec treated nylon, which holds up surprisingly well in prolonged harsh conditions.

Both ends are equipped with classic sling swivel hooks that will fit most standard sling swivels.

The adjustment buckles have also been upgraded. So, you can adjust the sling length on this Outdoor Connection sling with one hand.

That’s where the frills stop.

You can use this as a hasty sling or a loop sling. Even with the minimal design, this sling is still capable of helping you make more accuracy shots.

But, this is still the best sling for the budget-minded shooter. It’s incredibly affordable, and does everything a sling should do. It just doesn’t do any more than that.

If you're looking for more great upgrades for your AR-15, visit this page.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • One-handed adjustment.
  • Wide strap for better pressure distribution and comfort than a classic web sling.
  • Durable, treated nylon.


  • Very basic function. Takes a bit of work to use for shooting support.

3. Tac-Shield CQB Single Point Sling

Tac-Shield CQB Single Point Sling

Budget 1-Point AR-15 Sling

If you’re a budget-minded shooter, but still want something a bit more tactical, the Tac-Shield CQB Single Point Sling is an excellent option.

The 1-point configuration is excellent for fast-paced shooting and transitioning from your rifle to your sidearm. 1-point slings make it very easy to raise and lower your weapon. The only drawback is that a 1-point sling provides little to no shooting support. It just secures your weapon to your body in a ready position.

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There’s a quick detach buckle that enables you to remove your weapon from the sling quicklyThis way you can set your gun down without taking the sling off.

However, the quick detach buckle is plastic. And it’s a single point of failure. If the clip breaks, your rifle will fall off.

But, the sling attachment is a metal HK hook, with a silencer sleeve to minimize noise from your sling rubbing against your gear.

The webbing itself is mil-spec treated nylon for excellent corrosion resistance and long service life.

However, there are no frills on the strap. No padding. No elastic. Also, the webbing is a bit narrow, so this sling is most comfortable with a plate carrier or vest.

It’s not the coolest sling on the block. But, it’s a super affordable option for shooters who need quick transitions between their rifle and sidearm or value easy presentation over other sling functions.


  • 1-point configuration makes for easy presentation from the slung position.
  • Quick detach buckle for taking your rifle off without taking your sling off.
  • Metal HK sling attachment.
  • Silencer sleeve to minimize noise from gear.
  • Mil-spec treated nylon.


  • Plastic quick-release buckle is a single point of failure.
  • Narrow strap may not be comfortable without a vest or plate carrier.

4. Specter Gear Gen II Viper Sling

Specter Gear Gen II Viper Sling

Value AR-15 Sling

The Specter Gear Gen II Viper Sling offers more features than a true budget sling, but remains extremely affordable.

It’s a 1-point sling. So, it’s excellent for CQB or action shooting competitions.

However, there are elastic cords that make the sling stretchable. These are nice because you can keep your weapon slung close to your body, without making it difficult to shoulder your weapon.

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Also, the elasticity makes it easier to transition from strong hand to offhand shooting.

The sling attaches to your weapon with metal mash hook that’s easy to use while wearing gloves.

There are also two quick detach clips on the sling: one on the 1-point attachment, and one on the body strap

This gives you two options for removing your weapon. You can either take your weapon off your sling, if you need to set it down. Or you can unclip the entire sling for emergency removal.

Unfortunately, the quick detach clips are plastic. Both plastic clips are load-bearing. So, if they fail, your sling fails.

All the webbing is 1.5 inch nylonIt’s wide enough for use without a vest or plate carrier. However, you’ll still get a bit of sling bite if you have your sling on your bare shoulder for a long time.

Overall, this Specter Gear model might be the best option for tactical shooters who want a really affordable sling that specializes in CQB environments.


  • Excellent price.
  • Sling elasticity makes it easier to shoulder your rifle and transition to offhand shooting with the sling snug.
  • Metal sling attachment hook is easy to use with gloves.
  • Two quick detach clips for immediate rifle or sling removal.
  • Strap is wide enough to use without plate carrier or vest.


  • Plastic clips are single points of failure.

5. Viking Tactics V-TAC Original Sling

Viking Tactics V-TAC Original Sling

Value 2-Point AR-15 Sling

The Viking Tactics V-TAC Original Sling is one of the first tactical 2-point slings. It solves a lot of the adjustability and comfort issues that plagued the 2-point slings of old.

First, the two point design is versatile, as long as you can adjust the sling quickly. This sling features a quick adjust clip with a pull tab. So, you can adjust the sling quickly, with one hand.

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This enables you to keep your rifle slung in a position similar to a 1-point sling. But, you can still use your sling for shooting support with a quick tension adjustment. This sling can quickly be configured into a loop sling, and even more quickly used as a hasty sling.

All the load-bearing hardware on this sling is metal, including the adjustment clip. This almost eliminates any chance of your sling failing due to clip breakage.

Unfortunately, there’s no mounting hardware included with this sling. 

The ends have retention loops that secure to classic sling swivels, or quick detach mounts. But, you may have to get some hardware to put this sling on your rifle. Which I may consider a great purchase.

Also, the nylon strap is fairly narrow. It’s ideal for carry with a vest or plate carrier. You’ll definitely get sling bite on a bare shoulder.

Even so, this is still the best value for the money if you want a sling with more shooting support and utility than a 1-point sling.


  • Versatile 2-point design provides shooting support and several carry options.
  • Quick sling length adjustment.
  • Load-bearing hardware is metal.


  • No included mounting hardware.
  • Strap is a bit narrow.

6. Tac-Shield Combat Sling Universal 3-Point

Tac-Shield Combat Sling Universal 3-Point

3-Point AR-15 Sling

3-point slings are designed as a sort of bridge between the 1-point and 2-point designs. They typically hang vertically when the rifle is slung in front—like a 1-point sling—and they have the capability to function similarly to a 2-point sling.

The Tac-Shield Combat Sling Universal 3-Point provides all the benefits of a 3-point sling, and offers quick adjustability for changing the sling configuration.

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First, there’s a cam-lock buckle that enables you to quickly adjust the sling length. This enables you to quickly transition to offhand shooting or change your sling position. But, even with the sling adjustment, it can be tricky to use a 3-point sling as a loop sling or hasty sling.

There’s also a quick release buckle on the sling loop for emergency sling removal. Unfortunately, the quick release buckle is plastic, which represents a single point of failure that relies on a plastic piece.

The sling secures to your rifle using velcro loops that need no sling attachment hardware. However, if you prefer to use sling swivels, the velcro attachments can be removed, which leaves webbing loops for sling swivel attachment.

Tac-Shield names this as an ambidextrous sling. And it does attach on either side of the rifle.

However, as a left-handed shooter, I’ve gone away from 3-point slings because I found that they sometimes covered my rifle’s ejection port and caused a malfunction. This won’t be an issue if you have a left-handed upper receiver.

The webbing on this sling is 1.5 inch nylon. It’s fairly wide, and comfortable enough without a plate carrier or vest. Though, it would be nice to have some padding.But, all in all, this is an excellent option for tactical shooters who want their rifle to hang like it’s on a 1-point sling, but with some 2-point sling utility.


  • Fast adjustment.
  • Offers good vertical carry in front, but can work similar to a 2-point sling for alternative carry positions.
  • Quick release buckle for emergency sling removal.
  • Wide nylon webbing.


  • Can be problematic for left-handed shooters.
  • Not as useful for shooting support as a 2-point sling.

7. Viking Tactics V-TAC Padded Sling

Viking Tactics V-TAC Padded Sling

Tactical 2-Point AR-15 Sling

The Viking Tactics V-TAC Padded Sling is designed to give you all the versatility of a 2-point sling, with more comfort than the original V-TAC sling.

The 2-point design is the same as the original V-TAC sling. However, the strap is wide and padded. This is ideal for carrying your rifle without a vest or plate carrier. It’s also more comfortable for those who have heavier rifles, with optics and attachments.

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All the load-bearing parts are metal. So, this sling will hold up, even if you put a heavy rifle on it.

Unfortunately, no mounting hardware is included with the padded version, either. So, you may need to buy some quick detach sling swivels, or use your integrated sling swivel.

Even so, this Viking Tactics model is one of the best 2-point slings for tactical shooters who run a bit more gear on their rifle and those who use minimal chest rigs without a lot of shoulder padding.


  • Excellent versatility and quick adjustability.
  • Wide padded strap for more comfort without gear and with heavier rifles.
  • All load-bearing parts are metal.


  • No included mounting hardware.

Cinching Down

Your sling can make or break your shooting performance. So, having the right sling is critical. Consider your most common shooting context and your shooting style to ensure that you get a sling which maximizes your shooting potential paired with competent pivot and takedown pins would be great.

Lastly, part of making sure your rifle is well-constructed is your pin. Takedown pins is crucial since it makes the assembly and disassembly quicker. So be sure to get a hold of only quality parts.

Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Sling System

Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Sling System

If you want a one-size-fits-all sort of sling, get the Magpul MS4 Dual Quick Detach Multi-Mission Sling System. It’s the best way to get the benefits and utility of both a 1 and 2-point sling.

So, if you’re missing a sling, grab one and tighten things up. Your arms and your shot groups will thank you.

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