Break It Down Shotgun-Style: The Best AR 15 Takedown Pin

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

Your AR-15 takedown pin is essentially the lynchpin of your entire rifle. It’s not ideal (and don’t try it). But the rifle will function (for a bit) without the pivot pin, if you have the takedown pin installed.

Without the takedown pin, though, the whole thing comes apart. Also, a good takedown pin makes assembly and disassembly faster and easier.

So getting the best AR-15 takedown pin you can get is an investment in both the convenience and the longevity of your AR-15.

Top AR 15 Takedown Pin on the Market Today

Our Best Choice

Noveske Takedown Pin

Noveske Takedown Pin

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  • Made of 4140 hardened steel for perfect durability.
  • Produced under excellent quality control.
  • Noveske cross machined into the head for a bit of visual appeal.

SPOILER—if you want a solid AR-15 takedown pin that just works, get the Noveske Takedown PinIt’s basic. But it’s very well constructed. And it’ll make assembly and disassembly easy enough.

Looking for something fancier? Need a takedown pin that looks cool? Well, keep reading. We’ve got all the best AR-15 takedown pins ready for review.

Best AR 15 Takedown Pin: Easy & Fast Disassembly

The overall best AR-15 takedown pin is up first. The other takedown pins, which are the best at one thing or another, will be popped out in order of price.

Ridiculously affordable takedown pins are up first.

Ridiculously expensive takedown pins are near the bottom.

Read according to your budget.

1. Noveske Takedown Pin

Noveske Takedown Pin

Overall Best AR 15 Takedown Pin

Ordinarily, nothing Noveske makes falls into the affordable category. But the Noveske Takedown Pin is very reasonably priced for what you get. It’s super durable. And it’s got a bit of cool factor.

First, this pin is made of 4140 hardened steel. So it’s far stronger than your upper or lower receiver. This takedown pin won’t be a liability or any sort of single point of failure.

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Additionally, Noveske is very stringent about their quality control. So it’s pretty much guaranteed that this takedown pin will be machined to spec. It will fit any mil-spec lower receiver without any fit issues.

Lastly, it’s got the Noveske cross machined into the head. It’s a very subtle touch. But it looks good, for those who want something a bit more visually appealing than a plain takedown pin.

Overall, there’s nothing crazy fancy about this takedown pin. But the reality is that the majority of shooters just need a quality takedown pin that will hold their rifle together for as long as they own it.


  • Made of 4140 hardened steel for perfect durability.
  • Produced under excellent quality control.
  • Fits any mil-spec lower receiver.
  • Noveske cross machined into the head for a bit of visual appeal.


  • Plain takedown pin. No bells or whistles. But it just works.

2. Strike Industries Extended Pivot/Takedown Pins

Strike Industries Extended Pivot/Takedown Pins

Budget Extended AR-15 Takedown Pin

Strike Industries makes some of the most affordable parts on the market right now. So it makes sense that the Strike Industries Extended Pivot/Takedown Pins give you the best deal on an extended takedown pin.

Even though they’re remarkably affordable, these takedown pins are machined from steel. So they’re as durable as they need to be.

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We’ve thrown these takedown pins in a few rifles down at the range. And the thing I like most about them is that the extended head gives you enough surface to grip and pull the pins out for quick, easy disassembly.

However, the extended head is streamlinedIt doesn’t snag on things or add any weird bulk to your rifle. You won’t even notice you’re running extended pins until you need to take your rifle apart.

They also come in 3 different finishes: blackchrome, and gold. So you can add some bling to your rifle, if you want.

And, as you may have noticed already, this Strike Industries accessory is a pin set. So you get the matching pivot pin for about the price of a single takedown pin. It’s a great deal.


  • Extremely affordable.
  • Machined from steel for proper durability.
  • Extended head provides grip for pulling pins out without being a snagging hazard.
  • Offered in three different finishes to match your aesthetic.
  • Pin set: comes with both the takedown and pivot pin.


  • Angular shape may be too aggressive for those who want a classic look.

3. Strike Industries Ultra Light Pivot/Takedown Pins

Strike Industries Ultra Light Pivot/Takedown Pins

Budget Lightweight AR-15 Takedown Pin

Strike Industries takes another win with the Strike Industries Ultra Light Pivot/Takedown Pins. These pins are exceptionally affordable, just like the other Strike Industries parts.

Obviously, the big deal with these pins is that they’re super lightweight. These pins weigh just 0.2 ounces for both pins. However, that means they’re made of 7075-T6 aluminum.

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The durability is fine for the vast majority of rifles. And if you’re doing a lightweight build, you’ll have a lot of aluminum parts, anyway. However, aluminum isn’t quite as durable as steel. So, if you need bomb-proof durability, these pins may not be ideal.

Anyway, in addition to being lightweight, these pins also have extended heads for easy disassembly and reassembly.

And these pins come in multiple different colors to match any aesthetic.

These may not be the right pins for hardcore operator rifles. But, for lightweight builds and shooters who understand that ounces add up to pounds, these pins are an excellent choice.


  • Super lightweight, just 0.2 ounces for both pins.
  • Extended heads for easy takedown and reassembly.
  • Offered in multiple different colors.
  • Angular design looks really cool.


  • Aluminum pins may not be ideal if your priority is bomb-proof construction.

4. CMMG AR-15 HD Pivot and Takedown Pin Parts Kit

CMMG AR-15 HD Pivot and Takedown Pin Parts Kit

Value extended AR-15 Takedown Pin

The CMMG AR-15 HD Pivot and Takedown Pin Parts Kit is one of the best deals out there for those who want extended pins and classic looks.

These are almost the same as mil-spec AR-15 takedown pins. They’re steel and coated in a phosphate finish.

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However, these pins are just slightly longer than standard mil-spec pins. So it’s much easier to push these pins out for disassembly.

There’s also a divot on the flat end to make it easy to push your pins out with a punch or the tip of a round, if you can’t get them out by hand.

And, even with these features, these pins still look almost exactly the same as mil-spec pins. If you have standard pins in your rifle, you can replace them with these pins without changing the look of your rifle.

CMMG makes excellent mil-spec parts. So these pins are a great choice for the money, especially if you want more convenience with the look of standard pins.


  • Built to the same durability specifications as mil-spec pins.
  • Pins are slightly longer than standard pins for easier disassembly.
  • Divot makes it easy to push pins with a punch or the tip of a round.
  • Looks almost exactly the same as standard pins.
  • Includes springs and detents.


  • Standard heads can’t be used to pull pins out for rifle disassembly.

5. Yankee Hill Machine EZ Pull Takedown Pins Front/Rear Set

Yankee Hill Machine EZ Pull Takedown Pins Front/Rear Set

Extended AR-15 Takedown Pin

The Yankee Hill Machine EZ Pull Takedown Pins definitely prioritize ease of use over almost everything else… Except durability.

These pins are machined from the same steel as mil-spec pins. And they’re phosphate finished, just like mil-spec pins.

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However, the extended heads make it super easy to pull your pivot and takedown pins out for disassembly. The extended heads also make it very easy to reassemble your AR-15, too. This completely removes the need for a punch or a round.

The only downside is that these pins do protrude from your lower receiver a bit. They’re shorter than the forward assist. So it’s unlikely to cause a snagging issue. But they’re not quite as streamlined as standard pins.

Though, everything is rounded to minimize snagging potential.

If you have multiple upper receivers that you swap onto a single lower receiver, though, these Yankee Hill Machine pins make your life super easy and are well worth having.


  • Built to the same durability specifications as mil-spec pins.
  • Extended heads are incredibly easy to pull out for super fast disassembly.
  • Extended heads also make reassembly much faster and easier.
  • Rounded pin heads minimize snagging potential.


  • Extended pins protrude from the side of your lower receiver quite a bit more than standard pins.

6. Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pivot / Takedown Pin Set

Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pivot / Takedown Pin Set

Enhanced AR-15 Takedown Pin

The Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pivot / Takedown Pin Set is one of the few takedown pins to address the installation process as well as assembly and disassembly, once the pins are installed.

You can get these pins in both steel and titanium. So you get either extremely durable or ridiculously overkill durability. The choice is yours. For the record, ridiculous overkill durability only costs about ten bucks more.

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These pins have 3 features that make assembly and disassembly easier:

The pins are 0.03 inches longer than mil-spec pins. So it’s easier to push these pins out.

There’s a divot on the flat end. If you need to use a round to push the pins out, the round won’t slip and scratch your rifle.

Once the pins are pushed slightly, the heads have grip texture to make it easy to pull the pins the rest of the way. These grippy heads are lower profile than standard mil-spec pins. So these pins add zero bulk to your rifle.

Lastly, these Battle Arms Development pins come with a magnet that makes installing the pins super fast and easy, without the risk of launching your pin detents into oblivion.

These pins are a bit of a price jump from most other pins. But the ease of installation and convenience is hard to beat. Also: ridiculously overkill durability.


  • Offered in steel or titanium for your choice of excellent durability or overkill durability.
  • Pins are slightly longer than mil-spec pins, with divots to make pushing pins out super easy.
  • Heads have grip texture to make it much easier to pull your pins out once you’ve got them popped loose.
  • Pinheads are lower profile than standard mil-spec pins.


  • A bit expensive.

7. V Seven Titanium Takedown & Pivot Pin Set

V Seven Titanium Takedown & Pivot Pin Set

Titanium AR-15 Takedown Pin

If titanium pins are your jam, the V Seven Titanium Takedown & Pivot Pin Set is the way to go. The main reason is that they’re more affordable than almost any other titanium pins.

Aside from crazy durability, the other benefit of titanium is that these pins are 45% lighter than standard steel pinsThey’re a great option if you need a lightweight rifle that doesn’t have too many aluminum parts for bomb-proof durability.

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In addition to being titanium, these pins are also lower profile than standard mil-spec pins. The pinheads are flat, rather than rounded. So they look upgraded, but professional.

Unfortunately, these V Seven pins don’t have any creature comforts. They’re about as easy to use as mil-spec pins, which isn’t bad. But it’s not great either.

However, if your focus is lightweight durability and function, these pins will suit you perfectly.


  • Titanium construction is STRONGER THAN STEEL!
  • Weighs 45% less than steel pins.
  • Low profile heads offer a clean, upgraded look.


  • No features for ease of disassembly or assembly.

8. LANTAC UPS-S Ultimate Takedown Pin Set

LANTAC UPS-S Ultimate Takedown Pin Set

Easy-to-Install AR-15 Takedown Pin

Installing the pivot and takedown pins can be a bit tricky. If you slip, your spring detent might shoot across the room and disappear forever. The LANTAC UPS-S Ultimate Takedown Pin Set solves that issue.

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These pins are designed so that you can install and remove them without a tool. It’s as simple as pulling your pins halfway out and rotating them to release them from the lower receiver. And installation is just as simple.

Additionally, the heads of these pins are shaped so that it’s easy to get a grip on them and pull your pins out to disassemble your rifle. The flat end is also hollow so you can push your pins with a punch or round without slipping and damaging your rifle.

Overall, these LANTAC pins are durable and offer the most user-friendly experience of any takedown pins on the market. They’re also not any more expensive than other enhanced takedown pins, which is a nice bonus.


  • Simple installation and removal without any tools.
  • Shaped heads make it easy to get a grip for pulling takedown pins out during disassembly.
  • Hollow end for pushing pins with a round or punch without slipping and scratching your rifle.
  • Finished with black nitride.


  • Requires proprietary detents.


Your takedown pin is an important part of your rifle. And a simple takedown pin upgrade can make your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning your AR-15 or swapping out upper receivers.

So a good takedown pin is a worthwhile investment along which can be considered as one of the top rated accessories.

Noveske Takedown Pin

Noveske Takedown Pin

If you haven’t chosen a takedown pin yet, get the Noveske Takedown PinIt’s a straightforward takedown pin that will do everything you need (even if there aren’t many creature comforts). And it’s very affordable.

It’s time to stop stabbing your rifle with the tip of a 5.56mm round. Get the best AR-15 takedown pin and start assembling and disassembling your rifle without scratching the finish. It goes well with an entry level economical sling

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