Benjamin Air Rifle Reviews – Worth the Money?

Last Updated on January 7, 2021.

Are you up to trying out a new challenge in hunting, varmint control and target shooting which doesn’t require expensive ammunition and is much quieter? Hunting and target shooting with a BB gun just might be that new challenge and getting a hold of the right one to fit what you want to do is the first step. B

Benjamin products have a wide range of models, styles and calibers to choose from and they vary in price to suit your budget as well.

We are going to take a closer look at six of the brand’s top items, give you our opinion, and then allow you to make the final choice.

Best Benjamin Air Rifles


  • Thumb-hole, all-weather, synthetic stock
  • Gas piston powered (second generation design)
  • Decent velocity in both calibers
  • Smooth cocking action
  • Picatinny rail optics mounting
  • Decent price


  • High magnification power on a rifle with a range of 100 yards or less is not necessary

Equipped with Benjamin’s second generation gas piston power, the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 is a more powerful version of one of Benjamin’s best sellers. This is a single-shot breaking barrel with a thumb-hole, all-weather, synthetic stock design. It has integral recoil and sound suppression built in as well as a 2-stage adjustable trigger. Also featured is a shockproof and weatherproof variable magnification scope mounted on a picatinny rail.

• Caliber: 0.177 or 0.22
• Speed: 1400 fps (0.177) and 1200 fps (0.22)
• Sight: 3-9×32 scope

The gas piston design reduces the effort necessary for cocking as well as eliminating vibration common with spring loaded ones. Its velocity, even in the higher caliber, will provide more kill-force and accuracy up to a longer range. The stock design helps to improve accuracy and it is also durable for all kinds of weather conditions. Although you will be impressed with the picatinny rail mounting system, the variable magnification scope is a little more than is necessary for an air gun.

Titan GP Nitro


  • Hardwood stock design with thumb-hole
  • Quiet and smooth, cocking and firing action
  • The 0.177 option has decent velocity
  • Fixed magnification scope


  • The range and force of the 0.22 option might not be adequate for larger small game hunting
  • Hardwood stock is not quite as durable in all weather conditions and increases the price

The Titan GP Nitro Piston is the beloved older brother of the Nitro Piston 2. This is ideal for small game hunting, is quieter than most models, and also features a durable, smooth cocking and firing action. The hardwood, ambidextrous stock features a thumb-hole design. This also features a rifled steel barrel, a 2-stage adjustable trigger, and amounted fixed-magnification scope.


• Caliber: 0.177 or 0.22
• Speed: 1200 fps (0.177) or 950 fps (0.22)
• Sight: 4×32 scope

You can’t help being attracted to the hardwood design of this product. The quiet, smooth nitro piston is a more durable and reliable advancement in shooting technology, but it is eclipsed by Benjamin’s more advanced Nitro Piston 2 when it comes to power and velocity.

The velocity of the 0.22 caliber option is a little bit slow, which probably why the firing system was upgraded. The fixed-magnification scope is adequate. For all of the great features of this type, its baby brother is simply outclassing it by having the same features with improvements added.

Prowler Nitro Piston


  • Durable, quality synthetic stock with traditional design
  • Adequate velocity for multiple uses and decent accuracy at range
  • Sensible 4x32 scope
  • Priced to suit any budget


  • Being 0.177 caliber it might be too light for hunting larger small game
  • Not quite as powerful as the Nitro Piston 2 rifle

Benjamin combined its talents with Crosman to come up with the Prowler Nitro Piston. The major attraction of this product is that its gas piston design is 70% quieter than the standard spring powered version. The stock design on this model is more traditional with all-weather, high quality, plastic construction. This features a rifled steel barrel, a 2-stage, adjustable trigger and a fixed magnification mounted scope.

• Caliber: 0.177
• Speed: 1200 fps
• Sight: 4×32 scope

The Prowler is a near match to the 0.177 caliber Titan which we reviewed above. The major difference is in its more traditional, synthetic stock design. It utilizes the same gas piston firing system and is powered well enough for smaller sized small game hunting, pest control, and competitive target shooting. The fixed magnification scope is more than adequate for its range.

Marauder Wood Stock


  • Rebalance, durable, hardwood, marauder designed stock
  • Three caliber options to choose from
  • Makes use of PCP power for greater velocity and semi-automatic firing
  • Quiet and accurate


  • Very expensive for an air rifle
  • You will have to purchase optics or sights separately

Benjamin takes its air guns up to another level with the classic Marauder Wood Stock design. Three calibers are available with this product, making it extremely versatile for some applications. This makes use of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power to send its projectile downrange. It features a rifled steel barrel which is shrouded in accuracy and resonance dampening. Its marauder style stock is made of hardwood and rebalanced for more comfort and efficiency when firing.

• Caliber: 0.177, 0.22, or 0.25
• Speed: 1100 fps (0.177), 1000 fps (0.22), and 900 fps (0.25)
• Sight: No sight

When you get your first look at this product, you are hooked on it. The marauder designed stock is attractive and well balanced drawing you to it instantly. The PCP power makes it more accurate and gives it greater velocity as well as allowing you semi-automatic firing. Depending on the caliber you choose, it can work for target shooting pest and varmint control as well as predator hunting, but you will pay a lot of money for it, and you will even have to shell out some more money for a sight or optics.

BPBD3S Bulldog .357


  • Heavy duty, all-weather, synthetic stock
  • Picatinny mounting rail for optics
  • PCP power for greater velocity and accuracy
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Able to hunt larger game and predators


  • No sights or scopes are included with this unit, so you will have to buy them separately
  • Very expensive, in fact, you can buy 4 of the Nitro Piston 2 rifles for the price of one of these

The Bulldog .357 is stepping things up when it comes to the traditional role of air guns. This unit with its high caliber projectile and PCP power makes it possible to go beyond target shooting and hunting pests to taking down serious predators and game animals.

It features an all-weather, synthetic stock, a shrouded and rifled steel barrel for accuracy and noise suppression and reversible side-lever bolt action. It comes with a picatinny rail for mounting your favorite optic as well.

• Caliber: 0.357
• Speed: 800 fps
• Sight: No sight, picatinny rail

The Bulldog .357 is a whole new level in guns. It has plenty of wow factor built into its ultra-modern design and you can’t help liking the idea that you can take down predators and larger game animals.

This unit is built for quiet power and is set up for mounting your favorite optics on the optimum picatinny rail, but this thing will break your budget. Still, it doesn’t hurt to dream a little, right?



  • Durable, all-weather, synthetic stock in traditional, saddle rifle design
  • PCP power plant for velocity and accuracy
  • Rifled steel barrel and steel breech
  • Open sights are adequate for the range of this rifle


  • Slower than the nitro piston models
  • Does not feature a mounted scope, so you will have to purchase a scope separately if you desire that feature

This is an excellent product for introducing shooters to PCP power. With a pneumatic pressure potential of 2,000 psi, Maximus has plenty of force and velocity to be accurate at longer ranges.

This features single-shot bolt action with a rifled steel barrel and a single-stage trigger. The all-weather synthetic stock is ambidextrous, and it comes equipped with open sights.

• Caliber: 0.177 or 0.22
• Speed: 1000 fps (0.177) and 900 fps (0.22)
• Sight: open sight

A Winchester saddle is the first impression you might have of this unit. This has a simple, traditional design, but pre-charged pneumatic power system powers it.

If you are new to using a PCP type, this is a great option to get you acquainted with how it works. Though the open sights are adequate given its limited range, if you desire a scope, you will have to purchase that separately.

Best Benjamin Air Rifle for the Money

Though the brand seems to be pushing the envelope, especially with its PCP innovations, its traditional gas piston powered guns are still some of the best to be had.

For us, the Trail Nitro Piston 2 has the desirable features and value available for a wider variety of uses.

The Trail Nitro Piston 2 utilizes second generation gas piston power for greater kill-force and velocity.

Even its higher caliber version has more top speed than many lower caliber models. Its stock design is both durable in all weather conditions and ergonomic for aiding in accuracy. Its only drawback is the high magnification of the 3-9×32 variable scope.

Given the range of this type of gun, anything higher than 4×32 is not necessary and more trouble than it is worth. You can follow our recommendation or select something that better suits your needs. In any case, no matter which model you choose, a Benjamin air rifle can allow you to step into a new challenge of quiet hunting without the need for expensive ammunition.

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