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You don’t have to be a prepper to use a bug out bag. A bug out bag is handy in even ordinary emergencies where you’re forced to be away from home for a few days. Of course, if you’re planning for a catastrophic disaster, a bug out bag should definitely be part of your kit.

No matter what your bug out plans are, there’s a bug out bag that will do what you need.

Our Best Choice

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack

  • Three-zipper design gives you complete access to everything in your pack.
  • Internal dump pouches for organization.
  • Plenty of external and quick access storage.

SPOILER—If you just want to grab a bag and stuff it, get the Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack. It’s comfortable and incredibly well designed. It works for bugging out and just about anything else.

If you’d like to scout things out before you head in, read on. We’ll show you around the bug out back market, so you can get the best bag for your bug out plan.

The Top Bug Out Bag in the Market

Best Bug Out Bag Reviews: Keep Your Supplies Close

Our winning bug out bag is up for review first. All the rest will be combed over in order of price, from least expensive to most budget crushing.

Let’s pack our kit.

1. Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack - Overall Best Bug Out Bag

Mystery Ranch has been building packs for the military, wildland firefighters, and medical professionals for years. Their gear is excellent. The Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack is a favorite among helitack firefighters because it offers fast access to everything inside the pack.

This backpack features a unique three-zipper design that enables the entire main compartment to split open like an alien egg. This gives you complete access to everything you’re carrying. It’s super handy, because you don’t need to pack and repack things in order of most likely use. It’s simple and easy to keep all your gear at the ready.

Additionally, the main internal compartment has plenty of pouches for organization. So, even if you’re not actively organizing everything, your pack won’t turn into an unmanageable mess.

Then, there are two external water bottle pouches, and a zippered top pouch for small items like your phone. There’s also a flat compartment for a laptop or tablet for those who want to bring some connectivity when they bug out.

The shoulder straps have thick, soft padding. And, there’s padding on the back panel. 

There’s breathable mesh everywhere the pack rests against your body to keep the air flowing. This pack is remarkably comfortable, even when you’ve been carrying it for miles.

Lastly, this pack is equipped with compression straps to help make your bug out bag as small as possible for easy storage.

Unfortunately, this bag is a bit expensive. And, it’s not the most inconspicuous bug out bag. But, the utility is more than worth the cost and unique aesthetic.


  • Three-zipper design gives you complete access to everything in your pack.
  • Internal dump pouches for organization.
  • Plenty of external and quick access storage.
  • Extremely well padded shoulder straps and back panel.
  • Compression straps help make the entire package compact.


  • Expensive.
  • Not inconspicuous.

2. Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpack - EDC Bug Out Bag

The Mardingtop 35L Tactical Backpack is more of a tactical practical bug out bag. You could multipurpose this pack as an EDC bag or just keep your bug out bag on you in situations where you think might need it.

This pack has a 35 liter volume, which is enough to pack in all the important bug out supplies without too much bulk. This is nice because you can stash this pack just about anywhere. That way you can keep your bug out bag where it’s most convenient.

The whole pack is constructed from 600 denier polyester, with YKK Zippers. Both the material and zippers are extremely durable. This pack will probably outlast your bug out bag supplies.

Inside, there’s a pouch for a hydration bladder. So, you can keep water in your bug out bag without taking up all the space.

Speaking of space, this pack has tons of pockets and dump pouches for organization. There are also compression straps to help pack everything down nice and tight. That way you can take advantage of the compact form factor of this pack.

The shoulder straps and waist belt are durable. However, they’re fairly minimally padded. If your bug out bag is heavy, you may find that the shoulder straps feel a bit thin.

This is a very capable bug out bag. And, it’s surprisingly affordable. So, if you want an affordable bug out bag that could easily double as an EDC survival kit, this is an outstanding option.


  • Large enough to hold enough bug out supplies without being overly bulky.
  • 600 denier polyester construction with YKK Zippers is exceptionally durable.
  • Hydration bladder pouch.
  • Excellent organization options.
  • Looks like a regular EDC pack.


  • Shoulder straps and waist belt could have thicker padding.
  • Not a huge pack.

3. REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack - Large Bug Out Backpack

If you want a really beefy bug out kit, this is the bug out bag for you. The REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack gives you tons of space to pack in all the bug out supplies you want.

This is a 40 liter pack. That’s enough space for a few days worth of supplies. The manufacturer states that this pack can fit 3 days worth of supplies. But, if you pack smart, you could probably pack for even longer.

In addition to the huge main compartment, there are 2 large external pockets and a pocket for a hydration bladder. This gives you tons of options for packing the important stuff where you can get to it quickly.

There are also MOLLE system attachment points all over the outside for adding even more storage or items that you can access quickly.

Since you can fit so much stuff in this pack, it’s only fitting that the shoulder straps and back panel are thickly padded with breathable mesh wherever the pack contacts your body.

The straps are thick enough to keep things comfortable for long hikes, even with the pack fully loaded.

This model has side compression straps that reduce the profile of the pack. However, they’re not great for compacting the overall package.

But, being compact isn’t the point of this bug out bag. It’s about carrying everything you might need. So, if you’re building a multi-day bug out bag, this is the pack that will fit your kit.


  • 40 liter capacity is large enough for lots of supplies.
  • Plenty of options for storing things where you can access them quickly.
  • Shoulder straps are padded enough for carrying a heavy load.
  • Compression straps help reduce the profile of the pack.


  • Definitely not compact.

4. Helikon Raider Backpack - Compact Bug Out Bag

The Helikon Raider Backpack offers enough space to be a bug out bag. But, it’s on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Internally, the volume is 20 liters. It’s not large enough for a huge, multi-day kit. However, you can fit a decent bug out kit in this pack. And, you could stash this pack just about anywhere.

On the outside, there’s a front beaver tail flap with quick release buckles that gives you space to cram a thing or two that you need to access quickly. You can save a lot of space on the inside by stashing things in the outside pouch.

Inside, there’s a pouch for a hydration bladder, which saves even more space if you’re packing water. Or, you can keep water bottles in the external elastic pouches.

To help you carry all that water, the carrying system is quite robust. There’s an aluminum back support that help keep the entire body rigid. And, the straps are surprisingly the padded, considering the size of the pack.

There’s also a waist belt to distribute the load and make things more comfortable on long hikes.

One unique feature is that this pack comes with its own rain cover. So, it’ll keep your bug out gear out of the weather.

This isn’t the biggest bug out bag available. But, if you need a quick bug out bag that you can stow anywhere, packing it in this pack will help you bug out while keeping things like.


  • 20 liter volume is enough for a one or two day bug out kit without taking up much space.
  • Front beaver tail flap offers plenty of external storage.
  • Hydration bladder pouch.
  • Excellent carrying system.
  • Included rain cover.


  • Not large enough for a large bug out kit.

5. 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack - Organized Bug Out Bag

The 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack has a lot of storage. But, it also has tons of space management options within all that storage.

The overall volume is 37 liters, which is large enough to pack in a few days worth of supplies. There are 2 external pockets, which are large enough to accommodate almost any items that you’d want to keep at the ready.

Additionally, the external pockets have tons of organization pouches and sleeves for keeping things organized within the pockets. This means that all your gear stays in place. So, it’s always right where you expect it to be.

There are plenty of MOLLE attachment points on the outside. And, there’s a pouch for a hydration bladder inside. Overall, all the storage options make it possible to keep all the important items easy to access, with enough room to pack in plenty of supplies.

The straps and back panel are padded thickly enough to be comfortable when your pack gets heavy. So, you can carry all your gear for a long time without the shoulder ache.

However, the shoulder strap padding compresses fairly quickly.

So, if you’re using this pack regularly, you may find that the padding gets worn out sooner than you’d like.

Even so, this is an excellent pack for anyone who has lots of small items in their bug out kit or just prefers a more organized pack.


  • Large enough for a multi-day bug out kit.
  • 2 large external pockets with tons of organization options.
  • MOLLE attachments and internal hydration bladder pouch.
  • Thickly padded shoulder straps.


  • Shoulder strap padding compresses fairly quickly.

6. DIRECT ACTION Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack - Tactical Bug Out Bag

The DIRECT ACTION Dragon Egg Tactical Backpack offers incredible space for storing tons of supplies. But, the space is managed so that you can stay mobile while you’re wearing this pack. 

Internally the volume is 28 liters. And, there’s a detachable 3.5 liter external pouch to add extra space. This gives you plenty of options for storage and keeping your gear where you need it. It’s also enough space for a multi-day bug out kit.

There’s also a front pocket with tons of organizational pockets and pouches—including a tablet sleeve—for all your small items. Additionally, there’s a pouch for a hydration bladder. That way you can reliably find hard to find items quickly and hydrate without removing your pack.

Something really unique about this pack is that there’s a detachable battle belt with suspenders. So, you can bug out with something of a tactical rig for dicey situations.

The entire outside of this pack is covered in PALS/MOLLE slots for attaching anything you might need.

The only concerning thing about this pack is the shoulder straps. The padding is not super thick. It’s adequate. But, it might be a bit firm for long-term carry without something between the straps and your shoulders.

It may not be perfect. But, this pack is an excellent platform for a tactical rig, if your bug out bag includes kit accounts for tactical scenarios.


  • 31.5 total volume, including external pouch for space management.
  • Front organizational pocket with exceptional organizational options.
  • Internal hydration bladder pouch.
  • Detachable battle belt with suspenders.
  • Tons of PALS/MOLLE attachment points.


  • Shoulder straps could be more padded.

Bugging Out

If you don’t have a bug out bag, now is the time to get one. A bug out bag is useful in more situations than you might think. And, once you need a bug out bag, it’s too late to get one.

Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack

Just want to grab a bag and go? Get the Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Backpack. It’s a durable bag that offers exceptional access to all your gear.

Now that you know which bags are suitable for bugging out, grab your bag and get ready.