Best Fly Fishing Rods – Casting Call

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Fly fishing is as old as human history, and has advanced for said entire temporal stretch.

From a simple hook and line on a stick to graphite blanks with monofilament line braided together for ultimate strength—the advancement in the tools of the trade have made fly fishing a pleasure pursuable by anyone.

And that advancement has made specialized equipment abundant.

It’s easy to get an inexpensive starter set, or a rig purpose built for your favorite fish, terrain, and/or condition.

But what rod will work best for you?

Pack your tackle and load your gear because we are going to find the right rod

Our Best Choice

TFO Professional II Rod and Hobbs Creek Reel Fly Outfit

  • Ambidextrous cranking
  • Shielded disc drag system to prevent grit buildup
  • Many available options

A capable and dynamic rod and reel combo that you can use for almost any kind of fly fishing. An appropriately large arbor reel—mated to a matched rod—can be reeled either left or right handed. Whether you’re a new hand or an old salt, there’s a TFO Pro II for you.

5 Best Fly Fishing Rods - Let Fly!

1. TFO Professional II Rod and Hobbs Creek Fly Outfit - Best Rod and Reel

Temple Fork Outfitters packed everything an angler needs into a simple and elegant package with the TFO Professional II Rod and Hobbs Creek Reel Fly Outfit.

Re-engineered for improved performance—and still one of the best values in fly fishing—the latest Hobbs Creek Fly Reel has a large-arbor design. One well respected and loved for its rapid line recovery and consistent performance.

TFO Fly rigs include the TFO Professional II Fly Rod of your choice and an appropriately matched Hobbs Creek Fly Reel.

That versatility makes this set the best fly fishing rod for bluegill, and the best fly fishing rod for steelhead, or near anything in between, all at one click.

An additional one-way bearing makes it a snap to change from left to right-hand cranking. The Hobbs Creek Fly Reel also sports a shielded disc drag system that resists dirt and grit that can take a toll on lesser reels.

To keep this reel spinning for years, this unit is constructed from strong but lightweight aluminum and coated in a durable, baked-on powder-coat finish.

Temple Creek Outfitters Professional II Series Fly Rods are the perfect choice for all anglers and all skill levels.


  • Ambidextrous cranking
  • Shielded disc drag system to prevent grit buildup
  • Many available options
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Not the lowest market point on the list

2. Cabela’s Synch Fly Combo - Best Fly Fishing Rod for Trout

Cabela’s has been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts with pride for over fifty years.

With the Cabela's Synch Fly Combo, they aim to make it easy for everyone to experience the unique thrills of casting and catching fish on the fly.

The graphite rods meet Cabela's GI technology standards while maintaining a forgiving moderate action; perfect for those first learning to cast.

It's an ideal introductory combo for anyone wanting to start with a responsive rod capable of converting beginners into lifelong fly fishers.

Purpose built from durable materials including an aluminum machined reel seat, chromed snake guides, zirconium-ring stripping guides, stainless steel tip top and a Double A grade cork handle. 

A large-arbor reel retrieves line efficiently and minimizes line memory. Preserving line and saving money.

All capped off with a rugged Rulon disc drag for smooth braking. Because we’re gassing fish. Not ourselves.

According to Cabela’s this rod is one of the best fly fishing rods for beginners and experts alike.


  • Strong light graphite rod
  • Adaptable moderate action


  • Reel isn't to everyone's taste

3. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo - Best Value Fly Fishing Rod

Wild Water is an American based, and supported business founded a decade and a half ago, and with products like the Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Complete 5/6 Starter Package they have set themselves apart as one of the best fly fishing rods under $100.

A 7 inch western-style grip made with high quality and compressed cork trim rings is like a firm handshake with whatever fish is on the end of your mid-flex IM8 graphite design, aluminum reel seat, stainless steel stripper guide with SiC ring, stainless steel single foot snake guides and hook keeper.

A diecast aluminum fly fishing reel—with the aforementioned favored large arbor design—is as rugged as it is light weight.

All of this is to indicate why this hardy set comes with its lifetime warranty. That’s right. Under a hundred bucks. Lifetime warranty.

And this kit comes with a rod bag, lightweight rod case with a zippered storage pouch, and even an introductory booklet. Everything you need to get started right away, making it another great fly fishing kit for anyone who wants to dive in right away.


  • American shipped and product support
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Extremely affordable
  • Comprehensive kit


  • Will need to tailor fly kit to your catch

4. FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo - Best Bargain Fly Fishing Rod

If you are looking to grab a new rod and get fly fishing fast and cheap you can not find a better combo deal than the FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

The rod comes with high-quality stainless steel, single foot, snake guides and carbide stripper guides with stainless steel frames. Machined from aluminium with a solid wood reel seat giving this inexpensive fly set a distinguished profile.

All on an impossibly lightweight rod, at ONLY 3.3 ounces.

Like all the best fly fishing rods listed above, The FISHINGSIR uses a large arbor style die cast aluminum reel. This aluminum spool can be easily removed with a quick release tab, and is even ambidextrous.

These rods have a mid-flex, medium action design, and the case holds everything you need for fly fishing, including 24 handcrafted dry flies, wet flies, and streamers. Great for trout, small bass, crappies and bluegill fishing in both freshwater and saltwater. Flies come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can match to the catch at any time.


  • Dirt Cheap
  • Ambidextrous


  • Like most kits you’ll need to tailor it to your catch

5. Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series - Best Luxury Rod

Visualize a rod with an aesthetic unlike anything found on the rack at your local fly shop.

Now imagine that rod having some of the best action and sensitivity you've ever felt, even in upscale brands.

You take grip of triple A cork grip only to admire anodized copper hardware from reel seat to tip—a vintage color scheme, and exquisite burled wood double locking reel seats complete that look.

Finally, imagine being able to actually afford this rod without having to sell your fishing boat.

The best way to describe the Moonshine Rod Co. The Drifter Series Fly Fishing Rod without it being in your hands is simply stunning and graceful. Keep in mind that because wood is inherently inconsistent in both color and character, the reel seat may vary from any product picture, but that makes each unit unique, and your rod truly yours.

Their distinctive style is clearly derived from the classics; every one of their rods hints at the beginning of a unique story - one that's bound to be as epic as your catch.


  • Pretty. Looks like a status symbol
  • Near universally positive reviews


  • Rod only

Hook, Line, Sinker, and Creel

Very little is better than wading out from your favorite bank—bracing and crisp mountain water babbling all around you, sunlight glinting off each bend—and casting out into that wild wonderful world.

Little is better other than landing fish after fish while out enjoying that fine human tradition.

And with the TFO Professional II Rod and Hobbs Creek Reel Fly Outfit, you can keep your creel packed to the lid.

TFO Professional II Rod and Hobbs Creek Reel Fly Outfit

With it you can easily assemble the perfect fly fishing rod and reel outfit for whatever it is you’re casting for. From bluegill to trout and everything in between.

Whether casting from shore or pier or vessel, the TFO Pro II—or any other rod on this list—will keep you enjoying the bountiful wild, season after season.

And if that isn't your idea of a good time, well, thanks for reading this all the way to the last cast. 

You have interesting reading habits. Neat!

The rest of you pick your stick, double click, and set up that angler you love the most with the best fly fishing rod they could use.

And hey. I hope it's you.