The Best Glock Accessories: From Optimal to Optional

Last Updated on December 10, 2023.

A Glock is such a solid handgun out of the box that you can use a Glock for just about anything without a single upgrade.

But there are some Glock accessories that you need for certain things. And there are a couple upgrades that are worth making, if you’re serious about shooting your Glock.

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CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster

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Top Glock Accessories on the Market Today

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Table of Contents

The Best Glock Accessories: The Ones You Need and the Ones You (Might) Want

These are laid out in order of importance.

The most essential Glock accessories are at the beginning of the list.

The optional accessories are at the end of the list.


Some say a holster is unnecessary if you’re not going to concealed carry. However, a holster is useful if you only use your Glock for home defense. And it’s even a handy tool for range trips, if you use your Glock primarily for recreation.

Short version: having a gun bucket that holds your gun and covers the trigger is useful for just about anything you do with your handgun.

There are a lot of different ways you could go for a holster. But these are two excellent options:

Best Hybrid

1. CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster

Key Specs:

  • Holster Type:


  • Fabric/Material:



  • Leather backer conforms to your body and makes carrying your Glock very comfortable.
  • Kydex pocket offers excellent retention.
  • Clip placement is good for carrying in any position on the waistband.


  • Requires you to heat the kydex to adjust the retention.
  • Cant angle isn’t adjustable.
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Other Options

The CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster is an outstanding holster that’s one of the most comfortable carry options on the market.

This holster has a kydex gun pocket with a leather backer. The design is great because it gives you the secure retention of kydex. But the leather backer makes it feel super comfortable against your body when it’s inside your waistband.Additionally, the placement of the clip is great for carrying in almost any position. Very few holsters offer that sort of versatility.

Besy Kydex

2. Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster Full Kit

Key Specs:

  • Fabric/Material:


  • Holster Type:

Inside the Waistband Holster


  • Entirely kydex or injection molded plastic offers excellent retention.
  • Easily adjustable retention.
  • Super configurable clip system.


  • A bit expensive.
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Other Options

If you prefer a complete kydex holster, the Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon Holster Full Kit is an excellent option.

The holster itself is entirely kydex (or injection molded plastic). So the retention is excellent. And it gives you a super satisfying snap when you slide your gun into the holster.

But the retention is easily adjustableYou can customize how easy it is to get the gun out of the holster to meet your needs.

Additionally, the clips can be configured almost any way you want. This holster can be carried in any position, at any angle.

Lastly, this Raven Concealment holster can be set up with a concealment claw to push the grip closer to your body to eliminate most concealment issues, even with slim clothing.

This holster system is a tad pricey. But it’s customizable enough that you’re unlikely to need another hoster, regardless of what you do with your Glock.

Best Ammo

3. Federal Premium Personal Defense Pistol Cartridges

Key Specs:


  • Reasonably affordable for defensive ammunition.
  • Federal hollow point bullets expand very well under almost any conditions.
  • Nickel plated casings ensure reliable feeding.


  • Too expensive to use for regular training.
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Other Options

Here’s something that you’d think doesn’t need to be said: you can’t shoot a gun if you don’t have ammo.

Yet, I see people at the range where I work ALL THE TIME with hundreds of dollars worth of stippling, anodizing, and other cosmetic upgrades on their Glock, yet can’t afford more than a box or two of ammo.

That’s why ammo is on this list, and in the second position.

Glocks aren’t that picky about training ammo. Any full metal jacket ammunition will do.

But, if you use your Glock as a defensive tool, you need quality defensive ammunition.

I’ve found that the Federal Premium Personal Defense Pistol Cartridges offer an excellent combination of affordability and performance.

The Federal jacketed hollow point rounds expand extremely well, under almost any conditions. And this ammunition offers the same performance features that you get from some more expensive ammunition.

The casings are nickel plated to ensure reliable feeding.

And these rounds use a standard powder charge. So there’s no additional recoil to deal with when you shoot your defensive rounds.

These aren’t the fanciest rounds on the market. But they’re reliable. They’re affordable. And they do the job.

Best Sights

4. Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set

Key Specs:

  • Material:

Bar Stock Steel

  • Illumination:

Swiss Tritium


  • Steel construction is about 1000% stronger than the stock Glock sights.
  • High visibility front sight makes it super easy to find and focus on your front sight when you need it.
  • Tritium insert ensures you can find your front sight even in complete darkness.


  • Would be better for one-handed slide racking if the front were curved or angled forward.
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Other Options

To this point, I’ve only talked about accessories that you use WITH your Glock. This is the first one that you put on your Glock.

The stock Glock sights are plastic. They’re not durable enough for one-handed manipulations. They can even get deformed or broken in ordinary shooting activities. 

A good set of steel sights makes your Glock perform better in every shooting context.

I put the Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set on pretty much all my handguns, Glock or not.

The main reason is the high visibility front sightThere are very few other front sights that grab your attention so well when you need to focus on your front sight. And the high visibility insert makes it easy to see your front sight in everything except complete darkness.

The front sight also has a tritium insert. So you can still see your front sight even if you are in complete darkness (though it’s unlikely that you’d be able to see your target but not your sights).

Additionally, the rear sight is a serrated black notch. It’s nice because it presents no distraction from your front sight. And the serrated surface reduces glare and makes it very easy to see the silhouette of your sights and align them quickly.

Lastly, these are steel sights. And the rear sight has a vertical front edge that’s useful for racking your slide during one-handed pistol manipulations.

Even though a curved face or a forward angle would be better. But these Ameriglo sights still work just fine for one-handed operation.

Extended Slide Lock

5. Lone Wolf Distributors Extended Slide Lock Lever


  • Built to the same manufacturing standards as the factory Glock slide lock.
  • 3 millimeters longer than the factory slide lock to make disassembling your Glock much easier.
  • Very affordable and easy to install.


  • Has no effect on shooting performance.
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Other Options

No matter how you use your Glock, at some point you will need to take it apart for cleaning and maintenance at some point.

That’s why I’ve put this in front of upgrades to other controls: this is one that you’re pretty much guaranteed to use.

The Lone Wolf Distributors Extended Slide Lock Lever makes disassembling your Glock much easier.

This extended slide lock is basically the same as the stock slide lock. It’s steel and finished in black oxide, which is the same as the factory slide lock.

But it’s 3 millimeters longer. It’s much easier to get a hold of, even if your fingers are sweaty or oily.

Also, it still fits into the slide lock recess on your frame. So your gun will still fit in a standard holster. And it’s unlikely that you’ll notice this Lone Wolf slide lock when you’ve got a firing grip on your Glock.

This is one part that often gets overlooked. But it’s one of the few upgrades that’s guaranteed to make your life with your Glock easier for very few dollars.

Extended Magazine Release

6. Glock Extended Magazine Catch


  • Makes it easier to eject your magazine quickly, without shifting your grip on your gun.
  • Rounded front edge reduces snagging potential from the extended release button.
  • Retains the same feel and function of the stock Glock magazine release.


  • Extended portion might touch your hand when you have your firing grip.
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Other Options

The stock Glock magazine release works. It’s streamlined and pretty easy to reach and press.

But, for many people—especially those with small hands—the stock magazine release can be challenging to reach without severely altering their firing grip. That slows down reloads and makes it more difficult to unload your handgun with good muzzle discipline.

The Glock Extended Magazine Catch solves that issue.

It’s pretty much the same as the stock magazine release, except it’s 0.75 millimeters longer. So it’s easier to reach without shifting your grip. It even helps people with normal and large hands reach their magazine release faster and eject their magazines more reliably.

Also, the front edge is slightly more rounded than the standard magazine release to reduce snagging on the slightly longer mag release button.

My only real complaint about this Glock magazine release is that you might feel this magazine release touching your hands when you’ve got your firing grip. It doesn’t interfere with your grip. But you might notice the extended portion while you’re shooting.

But, other than that, this is a very simple and affordable upgrade to the ergonomics of your Glock.

Extended Slide Stop

7. TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop

Key Specs:

  • Finish:


  • Fabric/Material:

4130 Chromoly Steel

  • Gun Model:

Glock 34, 17, 26, 19


  • Made from stronger steel than the factory slide stop.
  • Makes it noticeably easier to lock your slide open or drop your slide.
  • Will not interfere with your holster or firing grip.


  • Not ideal if you need a huge slide stop.
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Other Options

This isn’t about whether or not you use the slide stop as a slide release. Because, regardless of how you drop the slide during loading and reloading, you must lock the slide open at some point. So everyone uses the slide stop for some reason.

An extended slide stop makes using the slide stop—for any reason—faster and easier.

The TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop is the best Glock extended slide stop, in my estimation.

The main reason I like it is because this slide stop makes it noticeably easier to lock your slide open (or drop your slide). But it’s literally unnoticeable when you’re not using it.

The extended portion is just a slight swell outward from the frameThat way it’s easier to get purchase on your slide stop when you need to move it, which makes it easier and faster to lock your slide open or drop it.

However, the swell is minimal enough that it doesn’t interfere with your holster. And, if you don’t have a problem with touching the stock slide stop when you’re shooting, you won’t have an issue with this one either.

As I said, you’ll only notice this TangoDown slide stop when you need to use it.

However, if you need a slide stop that extends further back toward the rear end of your handgun, this slide stop won’t help much. Most people will find that it works fine. But if you need a HUGE slide stop, this one might not be for you.

Best Trigger

8. Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger

Key Specs:

  • Fabric/Material:


  • Trigger Pull Weight:

0.5 – 1 lb


  • Flat face design makes it easier to press your trigger straight to the rear without shifting your point of aim.
  • Makes your trigger press feel easier.
  • Removes some of the pre-travel and over-travel for a better trigger feel.


  • Not a complete overhaul that will make your trigger wildly better.
  • Polymer trigger shoe, which is not ideal if you’re looking for an aluminum shoe.
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Other Options

A trigger is by far the most optional upgrade for a Glock.

Maybe the Glock trigger isn’t the best trigger in the world. But, if you can’t shoot a stock Glock trigger well, you won’t be able to shoot well with an upgraded trigger, either. The gun shoots the bullets. The shooter gets the hits.

But, if you want to upgrade your trigger, there is a clear winner in the aftermarket Glock trigger competition: the Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger.

This trigger is simple, easy to install, and it greatly upgrades your Glock trigger press.

However, the thing that I most appreciate about this trigger is that the flat face design provides a wide surface for your trigger fingerThis makes it much easier to press your trigger straight to the rear.

And the additional surface area makes your trigger press feel lighter.

Now, this is just a trigger shoe. All the internals remain the same. So the trigger press doesn’t get much lighter, if at all. You just have more leverage, which makes the Overwatch Precision trigger press feel easier.

The geometry of the trigger shoe also reduces some of the pre-travel and over-travelIt’s a decent improvement to your trigger feel.

Again, it’s just a trigger shoe (the included trigger bar is a factory trigger bar). This won’t make your trigger into a rad competition trigger or anything. But it improves your trigger enough to make shooting your Glock more pleasant.

Time to Accessorize

Glock claims that their guns are perfect. Glocks are great. But the Glock motto is a tad bit of an overstatement.

CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster

  • Fabric/Material:


  • Holster Type:



  • Leather backer conforms to your body and makes carrying your Glock very comfortable.
  • Kydex pocket offers excellent retention.
  • Clip placement is good for carrying in any position on the waistband.
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Other Options

However, with just a few accessories, you can use your Glock for just about anything. Upgrades are almost entirely optional. But, when you decide to start accessorizing with your Glock, here’s the list:

  • Holster: CrossBreed Holsters Freedom Carry IWB Holster.
  • Ammo: Federal Premium Personal Defense Pistol Cartridges.
  • Sights: Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set.
  • Extended slide lock: Lone Wolf Distributors Extended Slide Lock Lever.
  • Extended magazine release: Glock Extended Magazine Catch.
  • Extended slide stop: TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock Slide Stop.
  • Trigger: Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT Trigger.

Write it down. And start working through it. You don’t need a whole lot of money to get through this entire list. Get ‘er done.

You should also match your holster with just the right belt clips which you are comfortable wearing since the purpose of it is to conceal your firearm. Note that these concealment devices helps you to carry out mission discreetly.

For more information about holsters, check our article about single versus hybrid holsters.

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