The Best Glock Grip for Comfort and Control

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

For some shooters, Glock has never really nailed it with their grip texture. The early generations had grip texture that was too mellow. The latest Glocks have grip texture that’s too aggressive for some.

Then there’s the Glock grip shape, which has been a point of contention since the Glock handgun was created.

In short: the Glock grip leaves enough to be desired that some people make a living doing Glock grip modification. So it makes sense that you’re here looking for the best Glock grip.

Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks
  • Maintains the size of your grip. So you don’t need to modify your grip technique at all.
  • Noticeably improves grip traction.
  • One-piece design is super easy to put on your gun.

SPOILER—if you want a Glock grip that gives you better grip traction without any custom Glock grip modification, get the Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks. It’s a simple and affordable way to upgrade your Glock grip without making any permanent changes.

If you’re looking for a Glock grip sleeve or a way to change the grip angle, keep reading. We’ve collected all the best Glock grip sleeves, so you can get a grip on each one and see what’s best for you.

Top Glock Grip on the Market Today

The Best Glock Grip Reviews: Reliable Traction

The overall best Glock grip gets squeezed first. The other best Glock grips will be tried in order of price.

The Glock grips that will burden your budget the least are up first.

The most expensive Glock grips are near the end.

So get a hold of this article wherever it fits your budget.

1. Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks - Overall Best Glock Grip

I used the Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks for years. And Talon Grips Grip Tape provides a custom fitted solution for all the guys that put skateboard tape on their guns back in the day.

The main reason that most people use a Glock grip or get a Glock grip modification done is because they want the texture of the grip changed, not the size of the grip.

These Glock decal grips give you a better grip texture, without changing the size of the grip. Yes, the tape is a few hundredths of an inch thick. But it’s not enough to notice.

And they come in 2 grip texture options: granulate and rubberized.

I prefer the rubberized grip texture. It adds grip traction. But it’s not too aggressive. So it doesn’t cause soreness if you’re shooting a lot.

The granulate grip texture is super grippy, no matter how slick your hands are. But it’s pretty aggressive and not as comfortable for long shooting sessions.

Also, if you use the granulate grip tape on a concealed carry gun, some of the granulate will fall off into your holster and cause more holster wear than usual.

However, this grip tape is super easy to put on, since it’s a single piece. Just line it up, then wrap it around to get grip tape where you need it.

The main downside of grip tape is that it takes a bit more work to get it off than something like a rubber grip sleeve. This tape comes off relatively easily. But you might need to do a little scrubbing to get some dots of glue off.

But, other than that, this grip tape is an excellent way to improve the grip texture on your Glock without permanent modifications or changing the size of your grip.


  • Maintains the size of your grip. So you don’t need to modify your grip technique at all.
  • Noticeably improves grip traction.
  • One-piece design is super easy to put on your gun.
  • Available in 2 different grip textures.


  • Granulate grip texture can cause more holster wear than usual if you use it on a concealed carry gun.
  • Not as easy to remove as a rubber grip sleeve.

2. Ezr Grips Glock Compact Gauntlet - Budget Glock Grip

The Ezr Grips Glock Compact Gauntlet is the most basic Glock grip sleeve you can get. But it’s affordable. And it works.

This grip sleeve is basically just a rubber tube that slips over your Glock grip and uses friction to stay in place. The design actually works quite well. Once this grip sleeve is on, it doesn’t really slide around, even during rigorous shooting.

There’s not really any texturing on the surface of this Glock grip sleeve. The rubber texture does the grip improvement.

The rubber grip works well during normal shooting. It provides secure grip traction. And it’s comfortable.

However, if your hands are wet or sweaty, this grip is about the same as the factory Glock grip texture.

Additionally, the rubber texture tends to cling to fabric. So you’ll need to account for this if you use this grip sleeve on a concealed carry gun.

Also, it’s a couple millimeters thick. So it changes the size of your grip slightly. It’s similar to adding the medium backstrap.

It’s nothing fancy. But, if you want the most affordable grip texture upgrade, this Ezr model is the Glock grip sleeve to get.


  • Stays in place well, even during rigorous shooting.
  • Rubber texture provides good traction for typical shooting.
  • Super easy to put on and take off.
  • Adds some volume to the grip for people with larger hands.


  • May not be ideal for people with small hands.
  • Rubberized texture tends to cling to fabric, which is a consideration for concealed carry.

3. Pachmayr Tactical Gun Grip Glove - Value Glock Grip

The Pachmayr Tactical Gun Grip Glove is the rubber grip sleeve for those who want a rubber grip texture with some additional grip texture to improve grip traction.

As you might expect, this is a rubber grip sleeve. It gives you rubber grip texture on everything but the highest part of the backstrap.

Additionally, the rubber has its own texture and holes to provide grip traction when the rubber itself isn’t quite enough. The holes are pretty nice, since they give you something for the fingertips of your dominant hand to dig into when you grip your handgun.

Another nice thing about these Glock grip sleeves is that they’re custom cut to fit your Glock model, rather than using a simple one-size-fits-all design. There are holes for the finger grooves in a Gen 4 grip. And the sleeve follows the contours of your pistol grip.

The manufacturer states that the material reduces felt recoil. However, it’s not really noticeable. Yes, the rubber makes absorbing the recoil more comfortable. But it doesn’t feel like less recoil.

But I don’t think anybody expects a rubber sleeve to magically eliminate physics. The main thing about this Pachmayr sleeve is that it gives you a more comfortable grip surface and a more secure grip on your gun for more control, especially when you fire multiple shots.


  • Rubber sleeve is super easy to put on and take off.
  • Textured rubber offers improved grip even with wet and sweaty hands.
  • Custom cut to fit your Glock model.
  • Adds a bit of volume to the grip, which is nice for people with large hands.


  • Rubber tends to cling to fabric, which can make it a tad slower to clear concealment.
  • Added grip volume may not be ideal if you have small hands.

4. Hogue Glock HandAll Beavertail Grip Sleeve - Complete Glock Grip Sleeve

The Hogue Glock HandAll Beavertail Grip Sleeve is probably the most popular grip sleeve on the market. And there are reasons for that (besides good marketing).

First, this is the only grip sleeve that provides rubber grip all the way up over the beavertail. You get rubber grip texture pretty much everywhere your hands touch the grip. So this grip sleeve is quite comfortable.

And there’s pretty decent texturing on the sides of the grip, where your fingers dig in. The texture offers good grip traction even when your hands are slick from sweat.

This grip sleeve also has molded finger grooves. If you like finger grooves, you’ll probably like this grip sleeve. Conversely, if you do not like finger grooves, you probably won’t like this grip.

Also, this grip sleeve is fairly thick. On the bright side, this grip sleeve is pretty plush and adds a lot of comfort to your Glock grip.

On the other hand, it adds more volume to the grip than most other grip sleeves. People with small hands may find that this grip sleeve makes the grip a tad too big.

However, if this Hogue grip sleeve fits your hands, it makes shooting very comfortable, because there’s rubber padding everywhere to ease the felt recoil.

Overall, this is probably the most comfortable Glock grip sleeve you can get, IF your hands are large enough to use this grip sleeve comfortably.

Very last thing: if you need a Glock 43X Grip Sleeve, this is the one to get. There just aren’t many other companies that make a Glock 43X grip sleeve.


  • Provides rubber grip all the way up the back of the beavertail.
  • Grip texturing on the sides of the grip helps keep your hands in place even when they’re sweaty or wet.
  • Thick, plush rubber helps ease felt recoil.
  • Adds quite a bit of volume to the grip, which is ideal for people with large hands.


  • Not great for people with small hands.
  • People who don’t like the standard Glock finger grooves will definitely not like this grip sleeve.

5. Limbsaver Handgun Grip for Glock - Glock Grip for Multiple Guns

The Limbsaver Handgun Grip for Glock is one of the simplest grip sleeve designs. However, they made this grip sleeve simple for a reason.

The main benefit of this grip sleeve is that it will fit on multiple Glock models. Since there’s no specific contouring or finger groove cutouts, you can use the Glock 19 grip sleeve on a Glock 17. Or you can use the Glock 26 grip sleeve on a Glock 19 or Glock 17.

Now, the fit isn’t perfect, since a shorter grip sleeve leaves some of the stock grip exposed. But the shorter grip does something unique: it fills in the unusual space above the unusual Glock palm swell. It’s a neat quick fix if you wish that the Glock grip filled out the pocket between your thumb and index finger a little bit better.

If you’re considering having your Glock grip permanently modified, it’s worth trying this grip sleeve for literally hundreds of dollars less than it costs to have your Glock grip stippled or reduced.

There’s also a bit of grip texture under the palm area, which is nice for comfort and recoil absorption. However, I would prefer a little more texturing on the sides of the grip, where your fingertips go.

But the rubber grip surface provides decent traction until your hands get super sweaty.

This Limbsaver grip sleeve might seem to be a bit TOO simple. But the simplicity makes it hot swappable between guns. And it’s a clever way to slightly reshape the Glock grip, if you need a bit more material under the webbing of your dominant hand.


  • One size can fit multiple Glock models.
  • A grip sleeve for a shorter Glock model and be used to fill out the grip under the webbing of your hand for a better hand fit.
  • Grip texture is well placed for recoil absorption.


  • No grip texture on the sides where your fingers go.

6. Grip Force Adapter - Glock Grip Angle Modifier

One of the things that really gets some people is the more aggressive Glock grip angle. It causes some people to shoot a bit high or low, depending on the grip angle they’re used to.

The Grip Force Adapter is designed to help reduce the Glock grip angle, which helps some shooters get better alignment.

Now, this grip isn’t a complete grip. It won’t change the overall texture of your Glock grip. In fact, the grip texture on the adapter itself is almost the same as the standard Gen 4 and Gen 5 grip texture.

But you could use this adapter in conjunction with some grip tape, if you want a different overall texture.

However, this adapter fills in a bit of the space under the beavertail to simulate a more upright grip angle, for better kinesthetic alignment. It’s just a couple of degrees different. But that’s all most people need.

The installation is pretty simple. This adapter works essentially the same as a standard Gen 4 or Gen 5 backstrap.

Unfortunately, it’s kind of a pain to use this adapter if you want to use it in conjunction with a larger backstrap.

Even so, this Grip Force adapter is a much more affordable solution (and it won’t void your warranty) than permanently modifying your Glock frame to get a grip angle that works for you.


  • One of the only grip solutions that reduces the Glock grip angle.
  • Can be used with grip tape for those who want a different grip texture.
  • Requires no permanent modification of your Glock frame.


  • Does not change the overall shape or texture of your grip.

Getting a High, Tight Grip

If you’re considering getting work done on the grip of your Glock, a grip sleeve might be a much more affordable alternative. And a Glock grip can make shooting a lot more comfortable, even if you don’t need any serious grip mods.

Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks

Since most people don’t need serious modification to their Glock grip, the Talon Grips Inc., Grip Tape for Glocks is one of the best grip solutions if you want better grip on your gun and more control, even when your hands are all slippery.

So, if you’re still fiddling around and trying to get a more comfortable grip on your Glock, get a Glock grip and finally get the comfortable shooting experience you’re after.