The Best Glock Magwell for Speedier Reloads

Last Updated on July 31, 2021.

No matter how you do your reloads—looking, without looking, with your eyes closed, whatever—a bigger magazine well makes your reloads easier and faster.

There are a ton of Glock magazine wells out there. We’re here to help you choose the best Glock magazine well.

Top Glock Magwell on the Market Today

Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell

Our Best Choice

Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell

  • Aluminum construction is durable and makes for smooth magazine insertion.
  • Aggressively ramped near the heel to help you reliably get your reload right the first time.
  • Contoured for a more consistent, secure grip.

SPOILER—if you’re here for the short version, get the Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell. It’s not the least expensive. But it’s the best magwell in terms of build quality and versatility.

If you’re looking for a competition magwell or something else with a specific strength, read the long version. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.

The Best Glock Magwell Reviews: Slamming Mags

Our overall best Glock magwell is up first. The rest of the Glock magwells will get loaded and reloaded in order of price.

The most affordable Glock magazine wells are near the top.

Head straight to the bottom if you’re looking for the most expensive magazine well with all the trimmings.

Let’s slap a few magazines around.

1. Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell - Overall Best Glock Magwell

Ever since I tried their triggers, I’ve been a big fan of Overwatch Precision. Their designs and build quality are excellent. So I’m not surprised that the Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell is so awesome.

First, this magwell is aluminum, 7075-T6 aluminum, to be exact. A polymer magwell would certainly work. But the nice thing about an aluminum magwell is that it helps protect the base of your polymer Glock grip from training dings and scuffs.

Additionally, aluminum magwells give you a smoother reload feel because polymer Glock magazines seem to slide over aluminum better. Overall, the aluminum construction just gives you the fastest and smoothest reloads possible.

But it’s not just about the aluminum.

This magwell is also very aggressively ramped near the heel to ensure that you get the magazine into the well the first time, every time.

The front of the magazine well is contoured to provide extra grip support for a more consistent grip and more control.

Lastly, this magazine well is low profile. So you could easily use this magwell on a concealed carry gun without causing yourself too many concealment issues.

And that’s where we get to the first drawback of this magwell.

It’s not a super wide magazine well like you’d see on a full-size race gun. It’s not a great option if you want that huge magazine funnel that you could drive a semi truck through.

But, if you want a low profile magazine well that will speed up your reloads on a carry or a casual competition gun, this magwell will do the trick.


  • Aluminum construction is durable and makes for smooth magazine insertion.
  • Aggressively ramped near the heel to help you reliably get your reload right the first time.
  • Contoured for a more consistent, secure grip.
  • Low profile so you can use this magazine well without concealment issues.


  • Not a huge magwell funnel.

2. Strike Industries Magwell for Glock - Budget Glock Magwell

The Strike Industries Magwell for Glock is hands-down the best Glock magwell for the money. There are very few magwells that are as affordable as this one. And none of them are anywhere near as good as this magwell.

This magwell is polymer. That’s why it’s so affordable.

However, your Glock frame is also polymer. Which means this magwell is just as durable as your Glock frame. Just not more durable. Sorry.

But this magwell does it’s job of giving you a bigger target to hit when you slap your magazine into your gun during reloads. So it’s easier to reload faster with this magwell.

It’s also a fairly minimal magazine wellIt won’t cause you any concealment issues if you put this magwell on a concealed carry gun.

But that also means that it’s not the widest magwell that you’ve ever seen. It’s not a competition funnel with a gaping maw that swallows magazines no matter what.

However, it’s a super affordable magwell. This Strike Industries model is less than half the cost of some other magwells. So it’s a perfect option for those who want a budget friendly magwell that will speed up their reloads without slowing down their retirement plan.


  • Super affordable. Less than half the price of some other magazine wells.
  • Polymer construction is at least as durable as your Glock frame.
  • Low profile and won’t cause concealment issues.


  • Not a huge magazine swallowing funnel.
  • Polymer construction isn’t as durable as an aluminum magwell, even if the polymer won’t be a durability issue for most shooters.

3. Magpul Enhanced Glock Magwell - EDC Glock Magwell

There are other low profile magwells out there that won’t give you any concealment issues. However, the Magpul Enhanced Glock Magwell is much less expensive than the aluminum alternatives.

Yes, this magwell is polymer. However, it’s the Magpul high-density polymer that they use to make the Magpul PMAGS. The polymer feels harder and more rigid than the Glock frame. Durability isn’t an issue, even though this is a polymer part.

Another benefit of polymer is that it’s super light. This magwell adds very little weight to your gun, which matters when you’ve got it riding on your belt all day.

Even though this magwell is minimal, it’s still fairly aggressively ramped around the sides and front of the magazine well. So it definitely helps you nail your reloads fast, whether you look at your gun or not.

My only complaint about the shape is that it’s not so aggressively ramped at the heel. It still works. But it would be handy to have a bit steeper ramping at the back of the magazine well.

Even though the ramping could be more aggressive on the backside, this Magpul magwell is still an excellent option for those who want to add a magwell to their EDC Glock, since it’s light, durable, and quite affordable.


  • Low profile. Won’t cause printing issues.
  • High density polymer is easily as durable as your Glock frame.
  • A bit lighter than an aluminum magwell.
  • Nice steep ramping around the front and sides of the magazine well.


  • Ramping at the heel of the magazine well could be steeper.
  • Doesn’t expand the overall magazine well size a whole lot.

4. Rival Arms 2-Piece Flared Magwell for Glock - Value Glock Magwell

Now we’re getting into the aluminum magwells. The Rival Arms 2-Piece Flared Magwell for Glock attempts to be a good compromise between low profile and wide flare. But I find that it’s more of a flared magwell than a low profile one.

Before we go on, the 2-piece design of this magwell is good and bad. It’s super easy to install, since you basically just screw it onto your Glock. There’s not a whole lot of wiggling and fiddling during installation.

However, I would suggest using some sort of thread locker to ensure that your magwell doesn’t come apart when you least expect it. A solid piece of aluminum obviously wouldn’t have that concern.

Thread locker aside, this magazine well offers a nice flared funnel for smooth and fast reloads.

Also, polymer Glock magazines slide over the anodized aluminum surface very well. And the funnel is pretty wide. Even if you don’t nail the magazine alignment, the magazine will tilt smoothly into place.

However, the wider funnel comes with a bit of a downside: it adds some bulk to the grip of your gun, which can cause printing if you put this Rival Arms magwell on a concealed carry handgun.

But it’s not too bulky. And you might be able to get away with it if you have the right clothes and a good holster.

Overall, this is a solid magwell for those who want a magwell that offers a fairly wide funnel, without too much bulk.


  • Aluminum construction is more durable than your polymer Glock frame.
  • 2-piece design is easy to install.
  • Decently flared funnel easily captures magazines for fast reloads.
  • Fairly low profile, even with the wide flare.


  • 2-piece design should be secured with thread locker.
  • Might be too bulky for concealed carry, depending on your clothing and carry method.

5. SLR Glock Magwell Adapter - Glock Magwell for Extended Magazines

The SLR Glock Magwell Adapter is designed for those who use magazine extenders that have external retention hardware.

This is an aluminum magwell. It’s 7075-T6 aluminum. Not only is it aluminum, it’s high grade aluminum. No durability issues here.

However, the more important features is the fairly wide flare on the bottom, to help you slap magazines in faster. It could be expanded a bit at the heel and the front. But, overall, the funnel offers a nice wide opening for getting magazines in place during reloads.

The flare does make this magazine well stick out a bit, though. It’s not anything super crazy. But you might find that the contour of the magwell prints if you use this magwell on a concealed carry gun.

On shorter grips, though, the flare gives you a place for your pinky finger, which helps you get a more consistent firing grip (which means better shooting).

Lastly, this magwell has relief cuts for magazine extensions that use external mounting hardware like the Taran Tactical magazine extensions. So your magazines will fit, regardless of which extensions you use.

This SLR model might not be the greatest concealed carry magwell. But it’s a solid magwell for competitive shooters, since it’s very common to use extended magazines in competitions.


  • 7075-T6 aluminum construction offers outstanding durability.
  • Nicely flared funnel captures magazines quickly and smoothly.
  • Relief cut allows for use with any type of magazine extension.
  • Offers a good index point for your pinky finger, so you can get a consistent firing grip.


  • Flared funnel sticks out a bit and would probably cause printing during concealed carry.
  • Not compatible with all Glock backstraps.

6. Zev Technologies Pro Magwell for Glock Frames - Competition Glock Magwell

The Zev Technologies Pro Magwell (Zev Technologies Pro Compact Magwell for Gen 5 Glocks) skews toward use on full-size guns that don’t need to be concealed. Now, you COULD conceal your Glock with this magwell. But it could be a bit tricky.

But that’s because this magwell has a pretty wide flare that adds a bit of bulk to the sides of your grip.

However, the flare provides a nice, wide funnel for quickly slamming magazines home. It makes for quick, reliable reloads, even if you don’t have your magazine perfectly lined up.

The pinky extension on the front of this magwell also helps you get a better grip for more control and precision.

Also, this is a Zev Glock magwell. So it’s obviously made of aluminum. Because Zev builds good stuff that lasts.

The only real complaint about this magwell is that it’s not compatible with the Gen 4 backstraps. You can modify your backstraps to fit. But modify your backstraps at your own risk.

Also, there have been some complaints about a loose fit in Polymer80 frames. However, there’s almost never an issue with Glock factory frames. So the fit issue is most likely due to manufacturing tolerances of Polymer80 frames.

Other than that, though, the Zev Glock magwell is an excellent magazine well for anyone who wants competition level performance without the competition level bulk.


  • Rather wide funnel speeds up your reloads.
  • Magwell is contoured to keep your hands in place while shooting.
  • Aluminum construction is super durable.
  • Reasonably low profile, considering the wide funnel.


  • Not compatible with Gen 4 backstraps.
  • Funnel isn’t quite as wide as the crazy huge competition magwells.

7. Agency Arms Magwell - Aluminum EDC Glock Magwell

The Agency Arms Magwell is another low profile option that’s designed to give you faster reloads without some of the issues that come with full-size magwells.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Most magwells extend below the bottom of your Glock grip, to add material which guides the magazine into the well.

It’s good for reload speed, because you can just slap the magazine, and it will seat, even if it wasn’t perfectly aligned.

But that extra material is bad for stripping magazines, because the magwell makes it difficult to get a grip on flush-fit magazine if you need to rip your magazine out during malfunction clearance.

The Agency Arms Magwell mostly solves that issue.

It adds a slight funnel to help guide magazines into place. However, it leaves most of the magazine baseplate exposed. So you can still get a grip on your magazine if you need to pull it out.

It’s not perfect. But it’s a nice compromise between pure performance and emergency utility.

And, since it’s a pretty minimal magwell, this magwell won’t cause concealment issues if you use it on a concealed carry pistol.

It’s a tad pricey. But all the aluminum magwells are fairly expensive. If you want an aluminum magwell for concealed carry, the Agency Arms Magwell is the right choice.


  • Super durable aluminum construction.
  • Adds very little length to your grip, so you can still pull magazines out during malfunction clearance.
  • Adds a decent funnel to your grip to help speed up reloads.
  • Low profile design will work on a concealed carry gun for most people.


  • Minimal funnel only offers marginal improvements to reload speed.

Mag Changes

If you want faster reloads, a magwell can help you get there. And, no matter how much performance you want, there’s probably a magwell that will do what you need.

Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell

Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell

Still sorting through all the options? Save yourself the time and trouble. Get the Overwatch Precision Glock Magwell. It’s reasonably priced (for an aluminum magwell), and it offers a really good blend of reload performance and low profile design.

If you’re still catching magazines on the stock magazine well. There’s a fix for that... It’s training. But if you want to be even faster, get a magwell for more efficient magazine slapping.

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