The Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights for Faster Shooting

Last Updated on January 12, 2021.

If ever there was a handgun that was right for using with a reflex sight, a Glock is that handgun. The stock sights are plastic. So most people change them out anyway.

And, if you’re replacing the glock sights, why not find the best Glock reflex sight you can get and use that, right? Well, some people like iron sights. But you’re probably here because you like reflex and red dot optics.

Vortex Venom

Our Best Choice

Vortex Venom

  • Battery installs without removing the optic from your handgun.
  • Super easy and simple operating and installation.
  • Sight body is low profile and adds very little bulk to your gun.

SPOILER—if you want a solid red dot sight that’s quite affordable, get the Vortex Venom. It’s become one of the most popular red dots on the market because it’s a rugged and affordable optic.

But maybe you’re looking for something more expensive or less expensive. If that’s the case, keep reading. We’ve got all sorts of Glock reflex and red dot sights for your perusal.

Top Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights on the Market

The Best Glock Reflex and Red Dot Sights Reviews: Clear Sight Focus

Our best Glock red dot sight is up first. All the remaining best Glock reflex and red dot sights get looked through in order of price.

The most affordable Glock reflex and red dot sights are near the beginning.

The reflex and red dot sights that have your wallet in their sights are near the end of this article.

Now, onto the best Glock reflex and red dot sights reviews.

1. Vortex Venom - Overall Best Glock Red Dot Sight

The Vortex Venom has become one of the best selling pistol optics on the market because it hits a sweet spot between performance and price that works for most shooters.

The thing that stands out about this red dot is the ease of use. Vortex includes everything you need in the box. And the installation and zeroing process are super easy.

Also, the battery installs from the top. There’s no need to remove your optic to replace the battery.

This model is designed to be a compact, low-profile optic. So the viewing window is fairly wide. But it’s not that tall.

It’s handy because the optic adds very little bulk to your handgun. It’s comfortable for carry and doesn’t present a snagging issue if you need to do things like transition from your rifle to your sidearm.

However, the shorter sight window means that you need to practice your presentation a bit to pick up the red dot. I’m an iron sights sort of dude. So I’m not super awesome at presenting my handgun with the dot in line.

But I found that this red dot was a bit unforgiving about presenting the gun with your line of sight too high or too low.

However, you should practice with your red dot to get proficient at picking up the dot, anyway. Once you’re used to it, this red dot isn’t much different than any other.

The main weakness of this red dot—and probably where it shows its price point the most—is the dot.

I have astigmatism, which makes all red dots look super sloppy to me. So I think they all suck and usually have other people look at them to see if the dot is actually crisp.

We ran this dot on a rental gun down at the range for a while. And what’s interesting about this red dot is that MOST shooters said the dot was amazingly crisp. But a few said it looked a bit fuzzy, even though they were all looking through the same red dot sight.

It’s unlikely that all the people who said the dot looked blurry had astigmatism. So that tells me that the dot could be a bit more crisp. But the dot is clean enough that most people find it to be clear.

Even if the dot isn’t perfectly clear, this is still an excellent optic for the money. It’s easy to use and shoots very well. Also, the warranty service is unbeatable.


  • Battery installs without removing the optic from your handgun.
  • Super easy and simple operating and installation.
  • Sight body is low profile and adds very little bulk to your gun.
  • Sight window offers a very wide field of view through the optic.
  • Rugged construction backed by an outstanding warranty.


  • No tactile clicks on the elevation and windage adjustment.
  • Battery cover has incredibly fine threads that make it tough to secure the battery cover.
  • Dot is clear and totally usable, but could be a bit more crisp.

2. Swampfox Kingslayer - Budget Glock Reflex Sight

The Swampfox Kingslayer was interesting to me when it first came out because it’s a really affordable optic. There are downsides related to using a budget price. But it’s still a solid optic.

First, the mounting pattern is the same as a Trijicon RMR. It’s easy to mount this optic and there are a lot of mounting plate options.

That’s actually good, because the included mounting plate is the weakest aspect of this sight. It works. But it’s absurdly easy to strip the screw holes. Using an aftermarket plate like a Kinetic Development RMR plate or something similar is a good idea.

However, the optic itself is very nice.

The glass is super clear. And the reticle is remarkably crisp (verified by people without astigmatism).

Also, this Swampfox red dot comes with either a red or green dot. And you can get it with a circle dot reticleThe circle dot is nice if you plan on using this optic on your Glock and a carbine.

My only complaint is that this optic is parallax free at 100 yards, which is a bit far for a pistol sight. It’s not a huge issue, because you usually don’t move your head much when your gun is at full extension. But you will get some parallax movement at typical pistol distances.

But, for a budget optic, the glass and lens coatings are impressive, there are more reticle options than most other optics, and it’s a very well built optic.


  • Compatible with Trijicon RMR mounting plates.
  • Crisp reticle that comes in red, green, or red circle dot.
  • Reticle gets very bright.
  • Glass is clear and the lens coatings reduce glare and produce a crisp sight picture.
  • Durable build quality.


  • Included mounting plate is only okay.
  • 4-hour auto-shutoff isn’t the best option for concealed carry.

3. Riton Optics X3 Tactix PRD Red Dot - Value Glock Red Dot Sight

The Riton Optics X3 Tactix PRD Red Dot is another super affordable option that’s impressively well-built.

This red dot checks all the boxes in the durability category: aluminum construction, waterproof, shockproof, all that.

And the battery installs from the top. That way you don’t have to rezero your optic after you replace the battery.

The battery lasts up to 40,000 hours, which makes changing the battery sort of a non-issue. But a top-loading battery is still nice.

The standout feature on this red dot is the co-witness notch. Some suppressor sights are taller than others. But the co-witness makes this red dot compatible with any brand of suppressor height sights.

The reticle is a very crisp, true 3 MOA dot. And the brightness is adjustableThat way you can see your dot in any lighting conditions.

However, there are only 6 brightness levels. So the brightness adjustment is a bit crude in comparison to some other red dot sights. But it’s not an issue in most environments. And there are 2 night vision settings.

Even with the fairly gross brightness adjustment, this is still an excellent optic—with absurd battery life—for the money.


  • Rugged construction.
  • Top-loading battery is easy to change without removing your optic from your handgun.
  • 40,000 hour battery life is amazing.
  • Co-witness notch works with any type of suppressor sights.
  • Perfectly crisp 3 MOA dot.


  • 6 brightness settings makes for fairly crude brightness adjustment.
  • 4-hour auto shutoff is good for battery preservation, but not great for concealed carry.

4. Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight - Value Glock Reflex Sight

A lot of people bag on Sightmark optics for some reason. But Sightmark sights aren’t bad. And the Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec FMS Reflex Sight is a solid reflex sight for the money.

In terms of durability, it’s the same 6061-T6 aluminum construction as most other red dot sights. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof.

It does use a 2-piece body design. But if you break the screws on a 2-piece optic body, you might be hitting your reflex sight on things a bit too hard.

The reticle is super crisp, though. And it’s a 65 MOA circle dot. The reticle works well for both handguns and carbines, in case you want to use your red dot sight on multiple firearms.

Also, the reticle brightness offers pretty fine brightness adjustments, with 10 brightness levels. It’s nice because you don’t have to worry about the reticle brightness overpowering your sight picture or being too dim.

My main complaint about this optic is the battery life. It lasts for 1000 hours, which is a lot. But it seems a little weak when you consider other optics that last for 3,000 or more hours on a single battery.

Also, the parallax is set at 25 yards, which is a good parallax distance for handguns. You won’t get much parallax wiggle at shorter distances, which are common in handgun shooting.

However, the battery installs easily from the top, without removing the sight. So it’s easy to swap out the battery when you need to.

Aside from the battery life, though, this Sightmark optic offers excellent performance at a really competitive price, which has been Sightmark’s game for a long time.


  • Durable construction.
  • Crisp, 65 MOA circle dot reticle is good for both handguns and carbines.
  • 10 brightness settings offer precise brightness adjustment.
  • 25 yard parallax is a good all-purpose parallax setting for a red dot sight.
  • Battery installs easily without removing the sight.


  • 1000 hour battery life is okay, but definitely not great.

5. Sig Sauer Romeo1 Mini Reflex Sight - Compact Glock Reflex Sight

The Sig Sauer Romeo1 Mini Reflex Sight is another super popular reflex sight. It’s the least expensive red dot out there. But it’s well-built. And people trust Sig to build quality gear (which is totally reasonable, because Sig usually builds good stuff).

This red dot also has a lot of advanced features, which are actually quite useful. Yes, some of those features are standard features like waterproofing and shock proofing.

However, the zero is retained with 2 adjustment springs, rather than a standard locking mechanism. The spring retention makes this optic more resistant to recoil. So this sight is especially well suited to use with heavy recoiling rounds.

Additionally, this red dot sight uses an aspherical lens to reduce distortion and improve reticle clarity. And the technology works quite well. There’s no bending of the image, even at the edges of the viewing window, which gives you a very clear sight picture.

And the dot is super crispI have astigmatism, and this red dot appears clearer than most other red dots. People with normal eyes find the dot to be a perfect point.

Lastly, this red dot has a shake awake feature which turns the dot on when you move your gun. It’s one of the best concealed carry options on the market. However, the shake awake is fairly sensitive. And your sight will turn on while it’s in the holster.

However, the battery life is 40,000 hours. And the battery installs from the topEven though the sight might turn on occasionally while your gun is in the holster, you won’t have battery life issues with this sight.

This Sig Sauer optic does represent a slight increase in price. However, the battery life and shooting performance you get is well worth the extra dollars.


  • Super durable milled aluminum construction.
  • Zero is retained with springs to make this optic more shock and recoil resistant.
  • Aspherical lens produces a distortion free image and a very crisp reticle.
  • Shake awake feature ensures that your optic is always on when you need it.
  • 40,000 hour battery life is outstanding.


  • Only accepts Sig mounting plates because the screw pattern is super proprietary.

6. Holosun HS507C - V2 Red Dot Sight - Best Glock Red Dot Sight for the Money

Holosun has been making solid budget optics for quite a while now. The Holosun HS507C - V2 Red Dot Sight is one of their flagship pistol sights. And it offers a couple capabilities that most other sights simply don’t have.

First, this red dot sight is rather beefy. The body is machined from a single piece of aluminum, for waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof durability. But that’s to be expected from a red dot at this price point.

However, this red dot comes with 2 standout features: a solar fail safe and multi-reticle selection.

This red dot has a battery that loads into a side access tray. Then there’s a small solar panel on top of the lens housing. Between the solar power and the battery, you get 50,000 hours of operation from a single battery.

That’s literally years of use from one battery, for most people.

Additionally, this red dot sight is equipped with shake awake technologyYou can pretty much leave it on all the time. And it will be ready when you need it.

In short: the battery life is amazing.

And, unlike most red dot sights where you get only one reticle, this red dot sight offers 3 reticlesdot onlyring only, or dot and ring. The dot is 2 MOA and the ring is 32 MOAThe reticle options make this an excellent optic for mounting on your Glock pistol and also your carbine.

The main downside to all the features is that it requires a bit more room to fit all these electronics. So the lens housing is pretty thick. And the sight weighs about half an ounce more than some competing red dots.

However, the weight and beefiness are what it takes to deliver the sort of performance you get from this Holosun red dot sight.


  • Tough aluminum construction.
  • Battery can be replaced without removing sight from your gun.
  • Solar fail safe and battery power deliver up to 50,000 hours of operation.
  • Three reticles in one red dot sight.
  • Very crisp reticle.


  • Lens housing is a bit thick and the sight is about half an ounce heavier than some competing red dot sights.
  • Glass is clear, but presents a slightly blue tinted image at longer distances.

7. Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight - Tactical Glock Red Dot Sight

This article wouldn’t be complete without the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro Red Dot Sight. There was a time when this was one of the premier red dot sights on the market. It’s gotten slightly less popular lately because there are so many less expensive options. But it’s still a great optic.

One of the things that made this red dot so popular is the durability. The body is milled from aluminum. However, the lens shroud is reinforced with steel. It’s probably the most rugged red dot you can get.

And the rugged construction is good because this sight uses an aspheric lens ground from the same Leupold glass that they use in their long range optics. So the image is remarkably clear, with no distortion.

The reticle is a 2.5 MOA dot. It’s been verified to appear very sharp and crisp to shooters without astigmatism. The lens technology and glass quality seem to work.

The reticle illumination is recessed into the sight tunnel to both protect the LED and reduce the amount of light that gets emitted from the front of your sight, which is handy for tactical professionals.

And the illumination works really well. The brightest setting is more than bright enough to keep your reticle visible in full daylight.

On the downside, the lowest brightness setting is still fairly bright. In very dark situations, it’s almost too bright. In fact, it might be too bright for some people.

Also, the battery life is only 1000 hours. That’s only okay.

This sight uses shake awake technology to preserve the battery life and enable you to keep the sight on all the time for concealed carry. The battery usually lasts between 2 and 3 months in this configuration. But the battery life could be better.

However, in terms of bare performance, this Leupold model is an excellent sight. The durability, glass clarity, and reticle sharpness are top-notch.


  • Aluminum construction with a steel reinforced lens housing delivers exceptional durability.
  • Remarkably clear glass and aspheric lens produce a clear, distortion-free image.
  • Super crisp reticle.
  • Reticle illumination is superbly bright.
  • Shake awake technology preserves battery life and enables you to keep the sight on for concealed carry.


  • Reticle illumination can be TOO bright in some situations, even on the lowest setting.
  • Battery life is mediocre for a sight at this price point.

8. Trijicon RMR Type 2 RM07 LED Reflex Sight - High End Glock Reflex Sight

The Trijicon RMR Type 2 RM07 LED Reflex Sight is one of the original pistol reflex sights. It’s expensive as hell. But it’s a Trijicon. So it’s good.

One of the things that’s always impressed me about this reflex sight is how durable it is. A long time ago, Trijicon released a video showing a guy repeatedly using his RMR to rack his slide on a table.

We had one of these reflex sights on one of our rental pistols at the range. And we would use the RMR to rack the gun off of everything—other guns, shooting vices, rocks—because we’d seen that video.

To the sight’s credit, it never broke. It still works to this day. We did shear off one of the screws, though. Not really the sight’s fault. Long story short: this sight is super tough.

The lens housing is a bit thick. But that’s probably why it’s such a durable reflex sight.

And it’s not just hard to kill. This sight offers excellent lens clarity and reticle sharpness. It’s a 6.5 MOA dot, that’s crisp enough that it’s a true 6.5 MOA.

And this reflex sight has an auto-adjusting brightness setting. It adjusts to match the ambient light. So you don’t have to fiddle with your reticle brightness.

I’m not sure the exact hours of battery life. But we left ours on for about a year and a half straight before we needed to to replace the battery. Of course, that was on an indoor range with the auto-adjusting brightness. Supposedly one battery will last up to four years at 50% brightness.

In any case, the main downside to this optic is the price. But, if you can afford it, this Trijicon accessory is an amazing optic that will work for even the coolest Glocks.


  • Crazy durability.
  • Excellent glass and reticle clarity.
  • Offers auto-adjusting brightness.
  • Excellent battery life, as long as you don’t leave it on the brightest setting.


  • Lens shroud is a bit thick.
  • Expensive.

Reflex Sighting

There was a time when a reflex sight was a liability because the battery was always dead or the mounting plate would come loose.

But optics have come a long way. Reflex and red dot sights have largely overcome those old issues. Nowadays, reflex and red dot sights are an excellent way to make faster precision shots.

Vortex Venom

If you want to get an excellent Glock reflex sight, get the Vortex Venom. It’s an affordable red dot sight that comes with a killer warranty, which you probably won’t even need.

There are a lot of red dots out there. But now that we’ve clarified things, you have no excuse not to get one. Get a reflex sight and get precise hits faster.