The Best Glock Sights for Every Type of Shooting

Last Updated on January 12, 2021.

Glock handguns pretty much set the bar for handgun performance.

Think about it: would you really want a handgun that was worse than a Glock in any regard? There are plenty of handguns that are better than a Glock in certain aspects.

There are handguns that are more comfortable.

Handguns that have better triggers. And handguns that look better.

But, if any of them are not as good as a Glock in any aspect, they fall below the standard.

And, Glock has set high standards in almost every aspect of handgun performance. Every aspect except sights.

Glocks have plastic sights. Seriously. If you use the sights for one-handed manipulations, you’ll rip those suckers right off with a few repetitions. Pretty much every handgun has better sights than stock Glock sights.

That’s why there are so many aftermarket Glock sights out there. There are so many upgraded Glock sights available that it can be a bit overwhelming.

  • Steel construction.
  • Plain black rear helps improve front sight focus.
  • Serrated rear sight face reduces glare.

SPOILER—If you’d like to dodge the overwhelm and just get good Glock sights, get the Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set. They’re steel and give you solid performance for any type of shooting.

If you want more specialized sights, or if you simply want to evaluate all your options before pulling the trigger, keep reading. We’ll give you a clear sight picture of all the best Glock sights.

Top Glock Sights In the Market Today

The Best Glock Sights Reviews: Get the Most From Your Glock

1. Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set - Overall Best Glock Sights

The Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set was designed by Ken Hackathorn, a special forces shooting instructor who wanted sights that performed as well in the tactical environment as they did in competition.

First, these sights address the biggest problem with Glock sights. They’re steel. So, they’ll hold up to much more abuse than the stock Glock sights. And, the front edge of the rear sight provides a good ledge for one-handed slide manipulations.

The rear sight is plain black to minimize distractions when you’re lining up your sights. And, the rear sight is serrated to reduce glare.

Then, the front sight features a high-visibility ring around a tritium night sight insert. This makes it easy to find your front sight fast in any light conditions.

Additionally, the rear notch is .180 inches wide for faster sight acquisition under stress

The wide notch is a tad less precise than a narrow notch paired with a thin front sight. But, it’s precise enough for defensive shooting and most competition stages.

All these characteristics make these sights an excellent all-purpose option for shooters who want sights that will work in any shooting context.


  • Steel construction.
  • Plain black rear helps improve front sight focus.
  • Serrated rear sight face reduces glare.
  • High visibility front with tritium insert is easy to pick up quickly in any light conditions.
  • Wide rear notch makes for fast sight acquisition and alignment.


  • Not as precise as sights with a narrow rear notch and thin front post.

2. Ameriglo Suppressor Sight Set - Backup Glock Sights for Pistol Red Dot Optics

The Ameriglo Suppressor Sight Set is good for suppressed shooting. However, these sights are even better as backup sights with a pistol red dot.

Following the trend, these sights are steel. If you’re using them without a red dot, you can easily use these for one-handed slide manipulations.

Both the front and rear sight are plain black. If you’re co-witnessing or using these as a backup to a red dot, your sights won’t distract you from your dot. But, they’ll get the job done if your red dot fails.

If you do need to use these sights, they’re extremely precise. The front post is thin and serrated, which reduces glare and makes it easier to get a good front sight focus.

The thin front sight is paired with a narrow rear notch to minimize the margin for error. These sights give you precision that’s as close as possible to red dot precision.

Unfortunately, there are no tritium inserts to increase low light visibility. But, again, that helps keep your eyes on your red dot. And, if you can’t see your sights, it’s most likely that you can’t see your target, which is a no-shoot situation for civilians.

Even though these sights will work for plain suppressed shooting, they’re outstanding for use on any Glock with a red dot optic.


  • Steel construction.
  • Plain black design minimizes distraction from your dot.
  • Narrow rear notch and thin front post maintain precision even if your red dot fails.
  • Serrated front post reduces glare.


  • No tritium inserts.

3. Heinie SlantPro Sight Set - Competition Glock Sights

The Heinie SlantPro Sight Set is built to deliver maximum precision in competition conditions.

As you might expect, they’re steel. And, the front of the rear sight slants forward to give you a good edge to catch on a belt or pocket for one-handed racking. So, if you need to do one-handed reloads or malfunction clearance to meet the requirements of a competition stage, your sights will get the job done.

Then, both the front and rear sight are plain black and serrated. This reduces glare and gives you the most distraction-free sight picture.

Additionally, the rear notch is narrow and the front post is thin. This minimizes the margin for error, and makes it easier to get a sight picture on small targets, or at long range.

Then, the outer edges of the rear sight are rounded for smooth, snag-free drawing and reholstering.

However, the design isn’t so good for tactical or defensive use, since it’s more difficult to find a narrow, black front post under stress or in dim light. These sights aren’t impossible to use on a defensive gun. But, they’re certainly competition-specific.

So, if you’re looking for great sights for your competition Glock, these are the sights you’re looking for.


  • Steel construction with forward slant on rear sight for faster one-handed slide racking.
  • Black serrated rear sight and front post give you a distraction-free sight picture.
  • Narrow rear notch and thin front post offer excellent precision for small targets and long-range shots.
  • Rounded edges for snag free draw and reholster.


  • Not ideal for defensive guns.

4. Ameriglo Cap Night Sight Set - High Visibility Glock Sights

The Ameriglo Cap Night Sight Set is designed to give you solid low-light performance and make your sight alignment as fast as possible.

Here’s a fun question:

What’s easier to line up in a straight line—three squares or three circles? The answer is squares. Aligning straight lines is easier than aligning curved lines.

They started putting circles on sights because targets are often circles. But, they forgot that you focus on your front sight when you shoot, not the target.

That’s why the high-visibility insert on these sights is a square. The square is bright and easy to find quickly as you present your gun. And, the square makes it much easier to get your sight alignment quickly, because the square matches up with the rear notch.

A lot of other sights attempt to accomplish this with various solutions. 

But, a square in a square notch is the simplest and most intuitive.

In all other aspects, these sights are designed to give you solid all-purpose performance, with a slight emphasis on tactical and defensive shooting.

There’s a tritium insert in the front sight. So, you can find your front sight even in low light.

And, the rear notch is flat black, except for a bright underline to highlight the center of your rear notch. This ensures that the rear sight doesn’t draw your attention and gives you the best front sight focus.

Even though it goes without saying at this point, these sights are steel.

Overall, these are excellent all-purpose sights that offer enough precision for competition shooting and intuitive use under stress for tactical and defensive shooting.


  • Square front sight marking for faster sight alignment.
  • High-visibility front sight is easy to find quickly under any conditions.
  • Tritium insert in front sight for low light shooting.
  • Flat black rear notch with bright underline for minimal distraction from your front sight.
  • Steel construction is durable enough for one-handed manipulations.


  • Wide rear notch and thick front post are not ideal for competition shooting.

5. Glock Night Sight Set - Glock Night Sights

Here’s a fun fact: GLOCK MAKES STEEL SIGHTS. For some reason they don’t put them on their guns, though.

The Glock Night Sight Set is a great set of steel sights for your Glock. Sadly, you have to pay for them and install them, rather than getting them with your gun.

As you may have guessed, these sights are steel. They’re durable enough for one-handed slide racking. However, the front of the rear sight has the same rearward slant as the plastic Glock sights. So, it doesn’t give great purchase for one-handed manipulations.

But, the dimensions are nice because they’re the same as the stock sights. If you’re switching from the plastic sights, your sight picture will still look pretty much the same.

The only difference is that, instead of the ball-and-cup markings on the front and rear, there are three tritium inserts with white outlines.

This is a classic three-dot-lineup sight alignment. And, the white outlines around the tritium inserts mean that you get the same sight picture in all light conditions.

The only real drawback to these sights is that they’re surprisingly expensive. Most Glock parts are atrociously affordable. But, not these.

But, they’re not much more expensive than competing night sights. And, you know they’ll fit your gun and last a long time because they’re Glock sights.


  • Steel construction.
  • Same dimensions as stock sights.
  • Tritium inserts with white outlines for three-dot-lineup sight alignment in all light conditions.
  • Guaranteed fit.


  • Rear sight has ramped front edge that’s not great for one-handed manipulations.
  • Expensive.

6. Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights - Defensive Glock Night Sights

The Night Fision Perfect Dot Tritium Night Sights are designed to give maximum low light performance without sacrificing performance in good light conditions.

These sights accomplish this with a red, high-visibility front sight, and tritium inserts.

The tritium insert in the front sight is set in the center of the high-visibility marking.

The tritium inserts in the rear sight have no markings.

So, in bright light, you get a high visibility front, with a flat black rear notch. This is ideal for fast sight acquisition under stress.

In low light, you get a three-dot-lineup sight alignment using three tritium dots. That way you can still line up for precision shots, even if it’s too dark to use the top edges of your sights for sight alignment.

Additionally, the rear sight features aggressively slanted outer edges for snag free presentation from the holster. However, the front face of the rear sight is ample enough for reliable one-handed slide racking.

And, these sights are steel. So, you won’t break them during one-handed weapon manipulations.

Long story short, these sights are just about perfect for those who want night sights for their defensive gun.


  • High visibility front sight makes for faster front sight acquisition and better front sight focus.
  • Three tritium inserts for quick sight alignment in low light.
  • Slanted outer edges reduce snagging when drawing from the holster.
  • Steel construction with vertical front face on rear sight for one-handed slide racking.


  • Wide rear notch and thick front sight are not great for competition shooting.

Quiet Time

There’s a Glock for every occasion. However, all Glocks come poorly dressed with those plastic sights.

Whenever you get a new Glock, it’s best to upgrade the sights first thing. It makes your gun more dependable than it already is. And, it can improve your shooting performance.

If you want a solid set of sights that won’t break and will perform well in any context, get the Ameriglo Hackathorn Night Sight Set. They’re steel, and the design and dimensions offer excellent all-purpose performance.

Now that you know which sights will do the job, it’s time to fix the one weak point on your Glock.