The Best Glock Suppressor for Rocking Your Glock (Without Waking Your Neighbors)

Last Updated on January 12, 2021.

One of the really cool things about Glocks is that they’re all pretty much exactly the same. If you know how to use one Glock, you know how to use them all. They’re a great gun to own in multiple calibers or sizes.

One good Glock suppressor can suppress a whole bunch of Glocks (one at a time).

So getting the best Glock suppressor available is a solid investment. That way you can protect your hearing during all sorts of shooting, from home defense to plinking for fun (though, you should still wear hearing protection if you can, even with a suppressor).

Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm
  • Makes 9mm hearing safe, even with supersonic ammunition.
  • Only 5.13 inches long in the short configuration.
  • Capable of suppressing 300BLK and other rifle calibers as well.

SPOILER—if you’re ready to suppress your Glock right now, get the Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm Suppressor. It’s an affordable suppressor that can be configured for maximum sound suppression or maximum compactness. So it’s versatile enough to suppress all your Glocks.

If you’re ready to check out all the best Glock suppressors before you put one on your Glock, keep reading. All the best Glock suppressors are lined up for you right here.

Top Glock Suppressor on the Market Today

The Best Glock Suppressor Reviews: The Quiet Glock

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1. Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm Suppressor - Overall Best Glock Suppressor

The Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm Suppressor is a perfect option for anyone who has multiple 9mm Glocks they need to suppress, since it can be set up in two different sizes.

Right off the bat, this suppressor is strong enough to make 9mm hearing safe, even with supersonic ammunition.

However, with subsonic ammunition, this suppressor is ultra quiet. And you can add rubber wipes to the end cap to make it even quieter. So… Sound suppression: check.

That’s in the full configuration. The extended end cap can be removed to make this suppressor shorter. In the short configuration, it’s only 5.13 inches long.

That’s nicely compact. And the lighter weight of the short configuration ensures reliability with the Glock tilt-barrel design. And the shorter suppressor makes for a bit less wear on your gun, while still making standard 9mm ammunition hearing safe.

But here’s the bonus: you can also use this suppressor with 300BLK and other rounds. It’s not rated for full-auto operation with supersonic rifle ammunition. But for semi-auto guns, it’s fine. However, you’d want to run this in the full-size configuration for 300BLK (7.5 inches long).

All in all, there’s a lot to love about this can. It’s got all the durability and build quality you’d expect from Dead Air Armament. And this suppressor offers enough flexibility to take care of all your suppression needs (on all your Glocks).


  • Makes 9mm hearing safe, even with supersonic ammunition.
  • Only 5.13 inches long in the short configuration.
  • Capable of suppressing 300BLK and other rifle calibers as well.
  • Super durable. Made almost entirely of steel.


  • Steel construction is a bit heavy. Weighs 14.4 ounces in the full-length configuration.

2. Sig Sauer SRD45 Suppressor - Budget Glock Suppressor

The Sig Sauer SRD45 Suppressor might be the only thing that Sig makes which could be considered “budget.” It’s remarkably affordable and well-made.

It does an excellent job of suppressing both 9mm and 45. It reduces the report of a .45 round to 133 decibels. And 9mm comes in at about 137 decibels. So this suppressor makes both rounds hearing safe.

All the baffles are steel. And the body tube is titanium. This suppressor will hold up to a lot of rapid fire. And, somehow, Sig managed to keep the weight to just 12 ounces. So it’s still surprisingly light, and the booster ensures that your Glock stays reliable.

At 7.9 inches, this suppressor is about an inch or so longer than some alternative suppressors. But it’s still manageable. And it’s pretty normal to have a longer body tube if you want to shoot both 9mm and .45

Unfortunately, despite the exceptional high quality build materials, this suppressor isn’t rated for rifle calibers.

But if you want an excellent and affordable suppressor that will work on most handgun calibers (and, therefore, most Glocks), this Sig Sauer is the suppressor you should look at.


  • Excellent sound suppression makes 9mm and .45ACP hearing safe.
  • Steel baffles and titanium body tube make this suppressor exceptionally durable and low maintenance.
  • Surprisingly lightweight for a suppressor without any aluminum.
  • Easy disassembly and maintenance.


  • About an inch longer than some competing suppressors.

3. SilencerCo Omega Silencer - Compact Glock Suppressor

The SilencerCo Omega Silencer is crazy compact. But it’s also a really capable suppressor.

The sound suppression is better than some larger suppressors. It reduces the muzzle blast of a 9mm to 131.5 decibels, which is more than hearing safe. It’s also capable of making supersonic 300BLK ammunition hearing safe.

So even with the small size, this suppressor is powerful enough for any Glock or 300BLK carbine.

However, the 9mm model is just 4.7 inches long. And the .45 version is just 6.4 inches long. There are very few suppressors that are shorter than this one. And there are even fewer compact suppressors that offer as much sound suppression as this one.

If you want to keep your Glock as compact as possible, this suppressor is almost impossible to beat.

Additionally, the baffles are stellite, which lasts longer and requires less cleaning than steel. And the outer tube is stainless steel. These materials make this suppressor remarkably rugged and full-auto rated.

Also, this is a relatively affordable suppressor. If you want excellent size and sound suppression, there’s no better suppressor than this one.


  • Excellent sound suppression for such a small suppressor.
  • Extremely compact.
  • Stellite baffles are exceptionally durable and require less cleaning than other baffle metals.
  • Capable of suppressing 300BLK.


  • Comes without any booster pistons. If you need a booster, you must purchase it separately.

4. GEMTECH Tundra & Blackside Suppressors - Multi-Caliber Glock Suppressor

The GEMTECH Tundra & Blackside Suppressors fit the bill for multi-caliber suppressors mainly because you can get a 9mm specific model, if you want. But you can also get the Blackside, which is chambered in .45, and use it for everything up to .45ACP.

In terms of specs, this model is right about in the middle of the road in most aspects.

It’s strong enough to make a 9mm or .45 hearing safe. And the Blackside makes 9mm rounds hearing safe, even though it’s a .45 suppressor.

The .45 caliber model is 7.6 inches long. It’s not quite short enough to be considered a super compact suppressor. But it’s not unreasonably bulky either.

However, it is a bit better than average in terms of weight. This suppressor weighs just 9 ounces. It’s pretty light, which helps ensure reliability with the Glock tilting barrel.

The outer tube is aluminum, which helps keep the weight down. An aluminum tube also helps keep the suppressor slightly cooler to the touch, since aluminum doesn’t conduct heat as well as steel. So this suppressor is slightly easier to handle after you’ve been shooting.

Unfortunately, an aluminum outer tube isn’t quite as durable as a steel tube. But hopefully you don’t beat your suppressor up bad enough to need a steel tube.

Last thing: the end cap also works as a flash suppressor to help reduce your visual signature and maintain your night adjusted vision during low light shooting.

This GEMTECH suppressor isn’t super specialized. But it does everything pretty well. And it’s compatible with most pistol calibers. So it’s definitely a good buy for the money if you have Glocks in multiple calibers.


  • Available in a 9mm specific model, if you don’t want multi-caliber capabilities.
  • Reasonably compact.
  • Lightweight.
  • Muzzle cap also works as a flash suppressor.
  • Aluminum outer tube helps keep this suppressor cooler to the touch.


  • Aluminum outer tube isn’t quite as durable as a steel tube.
  • 9mm model is almost impossible to find in any color other than FDE.

The Griffin Armament Resistance 45 Suppressor is a great .45 suppressor because the larger bore makes it compatible with some rifle calibers.

But it works great with pistol calibers, too. This suppressor brings the report of 9mm and .45 rounds down to hearing safe levels.

This model is also durable enough to withstand the pressure of rifle calibers like 300BLK and 5.56mm. Though, it may not make rifle calibers hearing safe. But you can easily attach this suppressor to a rifle or pistol caliber carbine.

The exceptional durability is achieved through the use of stainless steel baffles and an aluminum body tube. The baffles ensure long service life. And the aluminum tube helps keep this suppressor cooler to the touch.

The only trouble is that the durable construction makes this Griffin Armament suppressor a bit heavy. It weighs 11.6 ounces, which is getting up to the heavy end of the spectrum.

Also, it’s 7.9 inches long. That’s a bit on the bulkier side.

Even so, it’s still a great .45 suppressor that runs multiple calibers and can be mounted on a wide variety of guns.


  • Excellent sound reduction. Makes both 9mm and .45 hearing safe.
  • Can be used with rifle calibers like 300BLK and 5.56mm.
  • Stainless steel baffles and aluminum body tube deliver very long service life.
  • Full-auto rated.


  • A tad on the large and heavy side.
  • Muzzle devices and pistons for other calibers must be purchased separately.

6. Advanced Armament Ti-Rant 45 Auto Pistol Suppressor - Best Glock Suppressor for the Money

The Advanced Armament Ti-Rant 45 Auto Pistol Suppressor is a suppressor that’s built with a solid compromise between performance and price. A lot of people really love this suppressor.

But it doesn’t compromise on sound suppression. It makes a .45 more than hearing safe (typically around 134 decibels). And it can be used to make 9mm hearing safe, as well.

It offers better sound suppression than some higher priced suppressors. So, solid performance-per-dollar.

However, this suppressor also sports a good combination of materials to help keep the price reasonable. The blast baffle is stainless steel. And the body tube is titanium. Both incredibly durable materials that deliver excellent service life.

However, only the blast baffle is steel. The other baffles are aluminum. Now, they are protected by a proprietary coating that reduces corrosion and makes the aluminum baffles as long lasting as possible. But they’re still aluminum.

The aluminum baffles do help keep the weight down, though. This suppressor weighs just 8.6 ounces.

And it has a proprietary booster system that ensures perfect reliability with tilt-barrel pistols, like Glocks. So this Advanced Armament suppressor will help your Glock maintain its perfect reliability track record, even when shooting suppressed.

It’s not the least expensive suppressor. But it’s an excellent value for the slightly higher price.


  • Excellent sound reduction. Brings .45 noise levels well within hearing safe levels.
  • Stainless steel blast baffle and titanium outer tube are extra durable and long lasting.
  • Aluminum baffles are protected by a proprietary coating that reduces corrosion.
  • Lightweight.
  • Integrated booster system ensures that your Glock’s reliability stays perfect.


  • Aluminum baffles aren’t as tough as stainless steel baffles.

7. SilencerCo Octane 9mm Suppressor - 9mm Glock Suppressor

The SilencerCo Octane 9mm Suppressor is the best 9mm Glock suppressor because it’s got best-in-class sound reduction.

This suppressor reduces the report of a 9mm round to 127 decibels. That’s hearing safe. And it’s below the pain threshold. This suppressor is ridiculously quiet.

However, it’s also got an entirely stainless steel baffle stack. So it will last a long time. And it’s easy to clean.

And it’s just 7.7 inches long. It’s shorter than many competing suppressors, even ones that have less sound suppression.

The body tube is aluminum, which isn’t quite as durable as a stainless steel outer tube. But it helps keep your suppressor cooler to the touch, and a bit easier to handle after you’re finished shooting.

Though, it does weigh 10.78 ounces, which is a tad on the thick boy side.

But the weight is a small price to pay for such incredible sound suppression and high quality construction.


  • Sound suppression is simply awesome. Can bring the report of a 9mm round to below the pain threshold.
  • All-steel baffle stack.
  • Relatively compact.
  • Aluminum outer tube helps keep this suppressor cooler to the touch.
  • Full-auto rated.


  • A bit heavy.
  • Aluminum outer tube isn’t quite as durable as a stainless steel tube.

The Quiet Glock

No matter what you need a handgun for, there’s a Glock for that. And no matter what you use your Glock for, there’s a suppressor for that. So there’s no reason to be risking your hearing in any shooting context.

Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm

If you want a suppressor that’s as versatile as a Glock, get the Dead Air Armament Wolfman Modular 9mm Suppressor. It’s an impressively capable and versatile suppressor that’s surprisingly affordable.

Now you know what’s up with Glock suppressors. Get a suppressor. And stop playing games with your hearing.