The Top 5 Gun Safes For Under $2000

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

So you’ve decided you need a large gun safe with tons of storage and top notch fire and theft protection. 

You have a ton of guns that need to be stored properly and you want to give them the protection they deserve without spending thousands upon thousands of dollars. 

Not to worry, there are some great safes out there for under $2000, and we’ve detailed our top 5 picks below.

The 1776 series from Liberty are the next step past their entry level gun safes.  They offer a mix of style, functionality, and security that should please just about every gun owner, and the fact that they are made in the USA is an added bonus.

The 3 Best Top Rated Gun Safes Under $2000 Today

The 1776 is fire rated for 60 minutes of protection at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.  The safe has 3 layers of fire protection in the ceiling and door, with an extra 2 layers in the walls for added protection against the heat.  The fire seal in the door is heat activated and will expand up to 7 times its normal size, sealing the internals of the safe against smoke and flames.

The body of the safe is made from 11 gauge steel in 2 pieces.  It measures 72.5” x 42” x 30.5” and weighs 980 lbs.  The door is locked using a SecuRam electronic lock that is triple hardplated for protection.  The safe is kept secured by 4” military style locking bars.

The interior of the safe is upholstered to protect the finish on firearms and other valuables.  Interior lighting is optional and the safe can store up to 64 long guns depending on shelving set up.

A door organizer is included for additional storage.

limited lifetime warranty protects against defects and damage.  The 1776 provides some serious features at a great price, and you get the satisfaction of buying a safe made in America. With that being said, Liberty really proved themselves with this product.


  • Dimensions: 72.5” x 42” x 30.5”
  • Weight: 980 lbs
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad

The Winchester Big Daddy is the classic wide footprint gun safe.  The unique design spreads your long guns out father apart for easier access.  While this does create a larger footprint, it’s an ideal choice for those with a serious long gun collection.

The safe measures 60” x 42” x 25” and weighs 814 lbs. Fire protection is provided via multiple fireboard layers, and provides up to 75 minutes at 1400 degrees.  The heat expanding door seal activates automatically upon fire detection and creates a solid barrier against smoke and flames.  As an added bonus, Winchester will replace your safe in the event it is caught in a fire.

The S&G mechanical lock provides a secure access point and protects against drilling and burglary.  The body of the safe is constructed from 12 gauge steel.  The door features 14 1.25” solid steel locking bolts for an extremely secure closure. 

The interior of the safe is complimented by motion activated LED lights, adjustable shelving to fit any of your needs, and a deluxe door panel for added storage of pistols or valuable items.  

There is also a power system included with 2 outlets and 2 USB ports to keep any electronics you want to protect charged up at all times.

The Winchester Big Daddy is an excellent gun safe for the long gun enthusiast, and has top notch fire and security protection that should suit anyone who purchases it for their home use.


  • Dimensions: 60” x 42” x 25”
  • Weight: 814 lbs
  • Lock Type: Mechanical Dial Lock

  • The Heavy Duty 39 from Steelwater combines excellent fire protection, ample storage, and a convertible interior to allow you to set it up in whatever way you see fit.  

    This safe is sturdy, safe, and will provide you with a lifetime of security for your firearms.

    Built from sturdy 12 gauge steel, the Heavy Duty 39 measures 59” x 39” x 24” and weighs 689 lbs – a relative lightweight for a safe of this size! 

    Don’t let that concern you; this is a solid safe with tons of protection.  It offers a full hour of fire protection at 1875 degrees, and the heat activated fired seal keeps smoke and flames at bay.

    The interior of the safe is fully carpeted, and the shelving is adjustable to allow you to store any number of extra items inside.  13 long guns can be stored in each of the three sections with the shelves removed, and a total of 39 longs guns can be made to fit if necessary.

    The safe is secured by an amazing 18 1.5” steel locking bolts, making prying into it or pulling the door off impossible.  It comes standard with a no-key combination lock, but key in and electronic keypad models are also available depending on your preference.

    The Steelwater 39 is a great safe for those needing options when it comes to storage, and does a great job of storing a mix of long guns, handguns, ammo, and other valuables thanks to its fully adjustable interior.


  • Dimensions: 59” x 39” x 24”
  • Weight: 689 lbs
  • Lock Type: Mechanical Dial Lock, Electronic Keypad Optional

  • The Stack-On Elite 90 is a serious safe for a massive gun collection.  It is capable of holding up to 90 guns if needed.  The interior can be adjusted to meet the user’s needs, and its extra tall height of 72” allows for even the longest of rifles and shotguns to easily be stored inside without any issue.

    The Elite 90 measures 50.5” x 31” x 72” and weighs 1088 lbs, this is a massive safe that will need a permanent location inside your home.  It is not as fireproof as some other models, with a fire rating of 30 minutes at 1400 degrees, but it does offer some protection in the event of a fire. 

    An electronic lock can store a 3-8 digit combination and a backup key is included in case of power failure or emergencies.  The door has a total of 12 locking bolts – seven at 1.5” and five more at 1” – to keep the contents of the safe out of the wrong hands.

    The interior is fully adjustable and includes 5 barrel rests and 8 shelves that you can set up in any way you like.  Even with all the shelves in place it is possible to store 62 guns inside the safe.  Pistol pouches are built into the door for added storage, and Molle compatible webbing on the door allows you to mount any number of cases and pouches.

    The Stack-On Elite 90 carries on the strong reputation of the Stack-On name with the adjustability and size of a custom safe that should cost hundreds more than it does. This is a great option for those with a huge collection of long guns and handguns, and the customizable interior will suit everyone’s needs. Also a great alternative is a wall gun safe for long gun.


  • Dimensions: 50.5” x 31” x 72”
  • Weight: 1088 lbs
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad

  • The Mesa MBF7236 is a high quality Burglary-Fire safe that will protect your firearms, electronics, and other important valuables.  The all steel construction does not contain any plastic, making for a solid body throughout.  

    In addition to the solid body, the Mesa has built this safe to survive a drop from two stories without any damage to the items inside!

    The MBF7236E measures 71” x 36” x 24” and weighs 882 lbs.  This safe will withstand fire for one hour up to 1750 degrees.  The safe is secured by at electronic lock with a lockout feature to protect against tampering.

    The case of the lock is also drill-resistant.  An emergency key system is concealed in the unit in the event of a failure. 

    The safe door is secured using 1 ½” live locking bolts, preventing any sort of door prying attempts.  The interior of the safe features dark gray upholstery throughout and adjustable shelving units.  It boasts 21.1 cubic feet of interior space and can store up to 42 rifles.


  • Dimensions: 71” x 36” x 24”
  • Weight: 882 lbs
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad

  • In Summary

    The decision to spend this much money on a safe is not always an easy one, but it is necessary.  If you have the type of collection that needs a safe of this size, it is time to make the investment and buy a quality model that will protect your valuables for a lifetime.

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