5 Best Gun Safes For Under $200-$300

Last Updated on January 22, 2022.

In this day and age you can’t afford not to protect your valuables. 

While the safes in this price range won’t be the biggest or most robust, they still offer a good level of security without draining your bank account.  A decent gun safe is an absolute must to keep them secured and to keep them out of the hands of children or other people who should not have access to them.

Perhaps you’ve just started a gun collection, keep a handgun in the house for defense, or don’t have a huge budget to buy a massive safe.  Not to worry, there are still several affordable safe models available for your needs.

Top Gun Safes Under $300

Our Best Choice

Vaultek VT20i

Vaultek VT20i

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Vaultek specializes in small guns safes that allow you to access your firearm quickly in emergency situations.  They make a wide range of models and all are high quality and dependable.  The new VT20i is a great option for your main home defense pistol.

The Top 5 Safes Under $300 Review

1. Vaultek VT20i

Vaultek VT20i


  • Dimensions: 11.5” x 9” x 2.75”
  • Weight: 7.2 lbs
  • Lock Type: Biometric, Keypad, Smart Key

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The VT20i is compact, measuring just 11.5” x 9” x 2.75”.  This allows it to be stored just about anywhere you need – perfect for keeping in a nightstand or sliding under a car seat.  A four foot long steel security cable is included for anchoring for added security.

The VT20i has 3 different ways it can be opened.  The traditional keypad is illuminated for ease of use in the dark.  The biometric scanner reads your fingerprint and unlocks quickly.  It can store up to 20 different fingerprints to allow multiple users access.  The new Valtek Smart App for your phone can unlock the safe if it’s within range.

The Smart App can also provide the user with other valuable information.  It tracks safe usage, will alert the owner if the safe has been tampered with, can toggle the sounds ON and OFF, and can adjust the interior light.

The VT20i is powered by a rechargeable battery that reaches a full charge in 2.5 hours.  Recharging is done via the included micro USB cable.

If you need a one-handgun safe that allows quick access and high security, the VT20i should be at the top of your list.

2. Stack-On GCB-910

Stack-On GCB-910


  • Dimensions: 13.5” x 17” x 53”
  • Weight: 61 lbs
  • Lock Type: Key Lock

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Stack On has been making quality gun cabinets at affordable prices for a long time.  The GCB-910 is perfect for basic long gun storage without breaking the bank.  This simple gun cabinet will hold 10 shotguns or rifles up to 52” long. 

The bottom of the safe, as well as the dividers, is foam padded to help protect your firearm’s finish from damage.  A recessed shelf allows for longer guns to be stored in the front of the safe while providing extra storage for ammunition or accessories. The top of the safe is pre-dilled to allow for the attachment of Stack-On Pistol/Ammo cabinets.

The safe is made from welded steel for a robust construction.  While it does not feature an electronic lock, it does have an all steel 3 point locking system for added security and to help prevent tampering.  The bottom of the safe is flush to allow mounting to the floor for added security.  It can also be mounted to a wall using the pre-drilled holes in the back of the safe. 

The GCB-910 measures 13.5” x 17” x 53”, fairly compact for a long gun safe.  It only weighs 61lbs so it is easy to maneuver and move into any location needed.  Due to its size and weight the GCB-910 can be placed just about anywhere in your home without feeling too big or intrusive.  It’s a great choice for walk-in closets or in the corner of a bedroom.

The Stack-On GCB-910 is the go-to choice for an affordable long gun cabinet.  It is secure enough to protect your guns while still allowing easy access.  The size of the safe allows for it to be placed almost anywhere, and the Stack-On name means you’re getting a quality safe at an affordable price.

3. STEALTH Handgun Safe

STEALTH Handgun Safe


  • Dimensions: 9” x 9” x 12”
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad

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The STEALTH hanger safe is large enough to hold 5 handguns without taking up a ton of space.  The unique interior design allows for 3 handguns to be hung up via the barrel.  This allows the handguns to be at the ready at all times.  An additional two handguns can be stored flat in the bottom of the safe.

An electronic keypad on the top of the safe stores your choice of a 6 digit combination.  The safe can also be opened via a key in case of electronic failure.  The heavy door is spring loaded and drops down to get out of the way quickly. 

A small shelf in the back of the safe allows for the storage of extra magazines.  The interior of the safe is lit via a small LED in the top of the unit.  The bottom has four holes to allow it to be bolted down to any surface.  A security cable is also included for an added layer of protection against theft and tampering.

The STEALTH Handgun Hanger safe is a great choice if you’re looking for a unique design that allows for quick access of multiple handguns.

4. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe


  • Dimensions: 16.9” x 13.8” x 24.4”
  • Weight: 90 lbs
  • Lock Type: Electronic Keypad

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While not specifically a gun safe, the new Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Safe is a great budget option for those looking to store valuables as well as handguns in a safe with a fire rating.  It is available in three different sizes – .83 cubic feet, 1.24 cubic feet, or 2.1 cubic feet.  All fall into this price range and offer 20 minutes of fire protection at 1200 degrees.

The safe is fairly compact, with the 2.1 cubic foot model measuring 16.9” x 13.8” x 24.4”. It complies with the UL 72 safety test for fire protection.  It will protect the contents of the safe for 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Amazon Basics Safe uses a 14 gauge steel body and .75” bolts for a rugged construction and excellent security.  The electronic keypad is powered by a 9 volt battery.  The keypad allows for quick access in any situation.  A back up key can be used in the event of an emergency.

The interior of this safe has a fabric coating and features adjustable shelving. This allows the user to easily configure the safe for their specific needs.  It can easily store handguns as well as passports, important documents, family heirlooms, or any other valuable items.

While it may not have the features of higher end fire safes, the Amazon Basics fire resistant safe is a great budget option that will protect your handguns, as well as your other irreplaceable valuables, from both fire and theft.

5. Stack-On GCB-900

Stack-On GCB-900


  • Dimensions: 10” x 18” x 21”
  • Weight: 31 lbs
  • Lock Type: Key Lock

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A perfect complement to the Stack-On GCB-910, the GCB-900 is a compact pistol/ammo storage cabinet that can also function on its own as a small gun safe.  It’s a great little safe that is perfect for storing handguns, ammo boxes, or other small valuables. 

The safe uses a 3 point key lock, and it is built into the frame of the safe for an extra level of security.  The welded box construction, and full length welded hinge, helps protect against tampering.  

While it is small, measuring only 10” x 18” x 21” and weighing 31 pounds, it can be fastened to the top of other Stack-On models to allow for a unique setup with your long gun safe.

If you don’t want to utilize it with other Stack-On models, the GCB-900 can easily be bolted to the floor or wall to protect from theft.  The interior of the GCB-900 features foam padded non-marring shelving to protect the finish on your firearms from discoloration.  Two shelves are included and are removable for a custom interior setup.

The Stack-On GCB-900 will store several handguns as well as scopes, ammo boxes, range finders, or any other accessories and valuables you may want to store inside.  This little safe is a great option for storing a small handgun collection or for expanding the storage of your other Stack-On safe models.

In Summary

If you have a tight budget or only need to store a small number of firearms, any of these safes are a great option. 

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Vaultek VT20i

Vaultek VT20i

Any level of added security is preferable to not having a gun safe, not just to protect your guns but any other valuables you might have too.  

While none of these safes will be the fanciest, most robust, or provide the most storage, they all have great features that make them worth your time.

As there's also a Federal Bill that has been passed to promote firearm storage regulations, this will play really well for you.