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You need a gun safe - whether it's for quick access during home defense or to help protect your growing collection. 

Your guns, and other valuables, need to be secured.  Protection from theft, fire, and water damage is one thing, and you may have small children or other family members that don't need access to your firearms. 

So you definitely need a gun safe, but you also don't have thousands of dollars to spend on the latest and greatest models. 

Not to worry, there are a ton of great options available to you without spending a fortune.  Below are our top 5 picks for gun safes costing under $500, covering a wide range of styles and sizes.


Stack-On GCDG-9216

Steelwater AMSWEL-360

The Top 5 Safes Under $500


  • Dimensions: 14.5” x 10.6” x 3.3”
  • Weight: 16 lbs
  • Lock: Biometric, Keypad, Smart Key

Vaultek Pro VTi

The newest model from Vaultek, the Pro VTi is their new top of the line safe to hold multiple handguns.  It brings 21st century technology and the high quality we’ve come to expect from Vaultek to create one of the most advanced gun safes on the market today.

The Pro VTi is built using 12 gauge steel and a padded interior to protect your handguns.  Security is provided via an electronic lock that can be accessed in a variety of ways.  An 8 button illuminated keypad allows for over 40,000 combinations.  The biometric fingerprint scanner provides quick access when time is of the essence.

The fingerprint scanner can store up to 20 different IDs, allowing you to use more than one finger or provide other family members with access to the safe.  The new Smart Key is a wireless transponder that works like the remote entry on your car – hit a button and the safe opens if it’s within range.

The new Vaultek Smart App provides safe information and adjustments via your smart phone, and allows you to open the safe through the app as well.  Other features of the app include access tracking, sound adjustment, light adjustment, battery status, and toggling entry modes.

The Pro VTi measures 14.5” x 10.6” x 3.3” – a great size for storing just about anywhere.  The safe weighs 16 lbs due to its robust construction.  Power is provided via a rechargeable battery (included).  The safe can be mounted to any surface via the included mounting hardware, and a steel security cable is included for an added theft deterrent.

For a high end pistol safe that’s loaded with features, look no further than the Vaultek Pro VTi.  It is the most advanced dual pistol case available on the market today.


  • Dimensions: 38” x 18” x 55”
  • Weight: 167 lbs
  • Lock: Key Lock
  • Stack-On GCDG-9216 Convertible Double Door Steel Security Cabinet

    The Stack-On GCDG is the largest safe on this list, and is a great entry option into double door safes that can be configured in several different ways.  The safe can hold 16 long guns on one side with shelving on the other for pistols, ammo, and accessories.  If you need more room for long guns the shelving can be removed to allow space for 15 more rifles and shotguns, bringing the total to 31.

    Stack-On makes a wide range of products, and the GCDC-9216 is heavier duty than a lot of their other gun cabinet offerings.  It features an all steel construction for durability.  The safe weighs 167 lbs empty to prevent someone from trying to make off with the whole unit.  The external dimensions of the safe are 38” x 18” x 55”.

    Each door is keyed separately allowing you to store guns on one side and ammo or valuables on the other.  The barrel rests for the long guns are contoured and non-marring to protect the firearm’s finish.  Fastening hardware is included and pre-drilled mounting holes allow the cabinet to be mounted directly to the floor or wall.

    While not the most expensive large gun safe on the market, this Stack-On is a fantastic option for those starting to grow their collection and don’t have the budget for a higher end safe.  Robust and secure, the GCDG-9216 will provide years of security for your collection.    


  • Dimensions: 13.75" x 19.25" x 16.75"
  • Weight: 115 lbs
  • Lock: Electronic Keypad
  • Steelwater AMSWEL-360 Fireproof Safe

    The Steelwater AMSWEL-360 is a great entry into heavy duty fireproof safes.  While some cheaper safes offer 20 minutes of fire protection, the Steelwater offers 2 hours at 1850 degrees.  This is a huge jump in quality and safety for your valuable possessions.

    While not a big safe, only measuring 13.75" x 19.25" x 16.75", it is big enough to hold a handgun and other accessories while not taking up a ton of room.  It also weighs a hefty 115 lbs.  The interior capacity is 0.99 cubic feet.

    The lock is an electronic keypad that can be programmed between 4 and 16 digits and is powered by AA batteries.  

    Four locking bolts protect then internals of the safe when the unit is locked.  A center anchor hole is pre-drilled to allow the safe to be bolted to the floor if desired.

    The AMSWEL-360 is a very robust safe offering excellent protection for one or two handguns.  If capacity is not your main concern, but protection from fire and theft is, the Steelwater is a great choice.


  • Dimensions: 6” x 14” x 52”
  • Weight: 74 lbs
  • Lock: Electronic Keypad
  • Stealth Defense Vault DV652 Under Bed Safe

    Keeping your preferred home defense weapon under the bed has been popular for a long time.  In the event of an emergency while you’re sleeping it’s a convenient place to store your gun.  Now with the Stealth Defense DV652 you can still keep your favorite shotgun or pistol under the bed while having the security of a gun safe.

    The DV652 has been constructed with 14 gauge steel and weighs 74lbs.  This makes the safe heavyweight and durable, but not so cumbersome to move if needed.  

    The safe measures 6” x 14” x 52”, long enough to easily contain any sort of rifle, carbine, or shotgun you may be using for home defense.  There is also enough extra room to store a pistol inside the safe as well.

    The DV562 utilizes an ESL5 electronic keypad which is backlit for use in dark conditions.  It is the only under the bed safe on the market today with an illuminated keypad.  Once unlocked the firearms are stored on a rolling tray, allowing the gun to come out to you rather than having to reach inside the safe.  This allows for quick access when time is of the essence.

    The DV562 has all the features and construction you’d expect to find in any high end firearm safe, and should be your number one option for an under the bed safe.


  • Dimensions: 3.5” x 12” x 42”
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Lock: Manual Push Button Lock
  • V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Long Gun Safe

    The popularity of the AR-15 platform for use in home defense continues to grow.  The V-Line Quick Access safe is specifically designed to hold a single AR-15 and to be mounted to a wall, concealed inside of a closet or behind the door.

    The V-Line is a slim long gun safe that measures 42” long.  If you do not have an AR-15 don’t worry, it will hold a single rifle or shotgun up to that length.  It measures 3.5” x 12” x 42” and weighs 11 lbs – easy enough to mount anywhere you want. 

    The safe is made from 16 gauge steel to be sturdy.  It can mount either horizontally or vertically depending on location and preference.  Security is provided by a manual push-button lock with a backup key system.  While not the most high-tech of locks, it allows quick access when needed. 

    The upside of the lock is that no batteries are required for it to function.  It has five push buttons and the combination is easy to set and can be changed at any time.  Unlike many affordable gun safes, the V-Line is made in the USA. 

    The V-Line Quick Access is a unique model for storing your AR-15 or similar long gun concealed and out of sight.  If you are using a carbine or shorter shotgun for home defense, this safe is a great option to allow you quick access should the need arise.

    Our Top Safe

    Stack-On GCDG-9216

    Steelwater AMSWEL-360

    A gun safe is essential to protect your valuable firearms from theft, damage, or unwanted users getting their hands on them.  If you need your gun in a hurry, many of the options above are designed for quick access.  If you need protective construction the Steelwater Fireproof Safe or Stack-On double door cabinet are both great models.  No matter what the need, you cannot afford NOT to invest in a quality gun safe.