Best Hog Hunting Rifle

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

Hog hunting is dangerous and exhilarating. Hogs can be a wily and intense game to hunt, so it’s essential to have the best hog hunting rifle possible to secure that prized pig. 

Whether you’re venturing out on your own, with a group, or taking a helicopter to cull a large herd, there is a size, action, and style of hog hunting rifle for all of your needs. 

Full-sized boars are big beasts, so you need a powerful rifle to take them down and keep yourself safe, so here’s our guide to the best hog hunting rifles available on the market.

Our Best Choice

Ruger American Rifle

  • Incredibly accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent handling

The Ruger American Rifle enables you to take out large hogs over sizable distances, safely away from their sharp tusks.

Top 7 Best Hog Hunting Rifles: The Guns That Will Get the Job Done

1. Savage Arms 110 Storm Bolt-Action - Best .308 Hog Hunting Rifle

This gun is an effective and sturdy option for a hog hunting rifle. The rifle is incredibly reliable, getting your shots on target if your aim is accurate. This gun is rugged and robust with a durable synthetic stock and a stainless steel barreled action.

Not only is this gun one of the most reliable and sturdy bolt-action hunting rifles available, but it also possesses some versatile and unique features that set it apart from the rest. The rifle features Savage’s own AccuFit™ stock system. The stock is synthetic and injection-molded with an aluminum bedding. What makes this a great feature is that the comb height and length of pull are both completely adjustable.

The magazine is detachable, making for quick and easy reloading while you’re on the hunt. The gun is also a very safe option for a hunting rifle. A lever is mounted within the trigger body that blocks the sear unless direct pressure is applied to the base of the trigger. This prevents accidental discharges if the rifle is dropped or knocked out of your hands. 

The magazine capacity for the .308 Winchester round is the standard 4+1. The gun has a total length of 41.25 inches and a weight of 7.15 pounds. The .308 model is also ambidextrous and can be purchased fitted for either the left or right hand.


  • Adjustability: Shooters can get the right feel for the weapon by adjusting the stock to their liking.
  • Implementation injection mold stock
  • Safety features that prevent tragic accidents
  • Sturdy and damage-resistant materials


  • The rifle is slightly expensive
  • Low cartridge capacity

2. Winchester XPR Hunter Bolt-Action - Best Rifle for Deer and Hog Hunting

Winchester is a name that is legendary and renowned in the world of firearms, so you know you can trust their hunting rifles. If you are looking for a versatile rifle that you can take deer and hog hunting, this is the one for you. 

The XPR incorporates the best elements of the Model 70 and expounds on them by including modern materials and features, culminating in the ultimate deer and hog hunting rifle. 

The rifle features TrueTimber® Strata® camo that effortlessly blends into a forest landscape. The material also stands up against impacts and falls. The metal barrel and receiver are protected by a Permacote® FDE finish that shields the metal from the elements that you encounter in the great outdoors. 

The XPR also comes with a scope so you can take down game, whether it be deer or hog, from a considerable distance. The Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 mm scope is very powerful and will boost your accuracy by an impressive margin. The scope features a BDC reticle for lining up the perfect shot. 

The gun features the standard four-round capacity. The barrel length is 22 inches, and the total weight of the gun is 6.75 pounds. A pad on the end of the stock absorbs a significant portion of the recoil, which helps improve accuracy and comfort. 


  • Extremely accurate
  • Comfortable
  • Easily blends into the natural environment with the camo finish


  • Slightly expensive
  • Low round capacity

3. Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport Semi-Automatic - Best Assault Rifle for Hog Hunting

The power of an assault rifle is sometimes necessary for hog hunting. For a regular hog hunting trip, a bolt-action or lever-action rifle will do just fine. However, if you need to clear out an entire sounder of hogs, you need a gun that can fire many rounds quickly.

The Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport Semi-Automatic is the perfect semi-automatic rifle for hunting hogs. With some assault rifles, there is the worry that they won’t stand up in a rugged environment. This is not the case with the M&P10. The dust cover allows the rifle to function reliably and accurately, even in the thick of the woods. 

The Ammonite® finish over the barrel is wear- and corrosion-resistant, helping to maintain a gun that shoots well and looks great while doing it. The rifle also has a full Picatinny rail for installing scopes, sights, lasers, or lights. 

The stock features six different positions so you can orient it precisely to your liking. Accommodation is this rifle’s specialty, as the controls are completely ambidextrous.  

As an added bonus, the rifle features a built-in A2 suppressor that reduces the intensity of the muzzle flash.

The rifle shoots .308 Winchester rounds and has a magazine capacity of 20 rounds. The barrel length comes in at 16-inches, and the gun weighs a total of eight pounds when fully loaded.    


  • Weather and intense conditions-resistant
  • Quick rate of fire
  • Features the six-point adjustable stock and Picatinny rail
  • Ambidextrous


  • Expensive
  • Heavy when fully loaded

4. Wilson Combat AR-15 RECON TACTICAL - Best AR Rifle for Hog Hunting

Overpopulation of wild hogs can quickly become a menace to livestock and farmland. When clearing out a large number of feral hogs, many hunters cull the sounder from a helicopter. The Wilson Combat AR-15 RECON TACTICAL is not only the best AR-15 for hog hunting, but it is also a fantastic firearm to shoot while you are hunting from above in a chopper. 

This rifle is designed to be medium weight, meaning that while it isn’t lightweight like a handgun, it is considerably lightweight when compared to some of the other rifle options on the market. 

The rifle can carry a number of different rounds, including the 224 Valkyrie, 300 AAC Blackout, 458 SOCOM, 5.56 mm NATO, 6.5 Grendel, and 6.8 mm Remington SPC.

The stainless steel barrel is designed to sustain long bursts of high rates of fire and maintain accuracy the entire time. 

The gun also features a full Picatinny rail for scope attachments. If shooting from a moving helicopter, it is imperative to maintain accuracy with a quality scope on your rifle. 

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the rifle is its ammo capacity. The standard model holds a maximum of 15 rounds, but extended mags can be purchased that carry as much as 30 rounds per clip. The total length of the rifle is 35.25 inches, and the finish is an Armor Tuff Black.


  • Very fast rate of fire
  • Very fast rate of fire
    Accurate over long distances with a scope 
  • High magazine capacity


  • Very expensive
  • Not very resistant to harsh conditions

5. Ruger American Rifle - Best Hog Hunting Bolt-Action Rifle

Bolt-action rifles don’t get much better than the Ruger American. Ruger rifles are durable and reliable, and the Ruger American has features that make it the perfect gun for hog hunting

Its first impressive innovation is the Marksman Adjustable™ trigger that allows you to alter the pull weight from 3-5 pounds. The gun also utilizes incredibly lightweight synthetic materials that make it a very ergonomic weapon. The composite stock delivers an easy fit and comfortable handling. The soft rubber recoil pad also absorbs a considerable amount of the force generated by each shot.

Another excellent touch is the grip serrations, which offer added traction even in wet or snowy conditions. The bolt has a 70-degree throw that will clear your scope with no trouble. The cycling is also remarkably smooth, adding to the ease of use and comfort that this gun offers. 

The Ruger American’s barrel is free-floated and delivers unparalleled accuracy on every shot. The rifle’s Power Bedding™ gives it that ultra-accurate touch. The receiver is also drilled and tapped so you can install your favorite type of optics. 

The gun has a maximum capacity of four rounds. It has a total length of 42 inches and a total weight fully loaded of 6.2 pounds. The finish is a tactical Matte Black.


  • Incredibly accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent handling
  • Comfortable with recoil absorption
  • A very affordable option


  • Low magazine capacity

6. Mossberg Patriot - Best Cheap Hog Hunting Rifle

Sometimes, you just want a rifle that doesn't break the bank. The Mossberg Patriot is a bolt action hunting rifle that is both affordable and reliable. That combination is not always easy to find in a firearm. 

The cycling is very smooth on the Patriot, thanks to the fluted bolt. The unique design of the bolt handle allows for cycling while wearing gloves and contributes to the easy use of this gun. 

The Lightning Bolt-Action Trigger™ is also adjustable between two to seven pounds of pull weight. The detachable box magazine also has a slightly higher round capacity than your typical hunting rifle at a maximum of five rounds. 

The barrel length is 22 inches, and the gun weighs a maximum of 10 pounds when fully loaded. The rifle is coated with a Blued finish. With proper care, this is a cheap rifle that will last you for many hunting seasons.


  • Smooth handling
  • Decent magazine capacity
  • Extremely affordable


  • Not as accurate over long distances
  • Not extremely durable

7. Marlin 336 - Best Lever-Action Rifle for Hog Hunting

While lever-action rifles aren’t as prominent as they used to be, the Marlin 336 has stood the test of time and still remains a solid choice for a hog hunting rifle. In a world where you can go hunting with a semi-automatic assault rifle, it can be easy to forget about what a lever-action rifle has to offer. 

The Marlin 336 has excellent stopping power from close- to medium-range, which is essential when facing down a massive hog. In fact, this gun can help protect you from almost any animal you’ll encounter in the wilderness. 

The receiver is slide-ejected, which allows for scope mounting for additional accuracy. A receiver-mounted cross-bolt safety separates the firing pin from the hammer, preventing accidental discharges.

The Marlin 336 has a total barrel length of 20 inches and a maximum weight of seven pounds. 

It features a Hardwood stock and a Blued steel frame. It has a six-round capacity, which is higher than some of the other options.


  • Quick handling with lever-action
  • Great stopping power
  • Good round capacity
  • Safety features
  • Moderately priced


  • Slow to reload
  • Not accurate over long distances

Final Verdict: Best Hog Hunting Rifle All-Around

The best all-around hog hunting rifle is the Ruger American. The Ruger American takes the best elements from a wide variety of other rifles and distills them all into one affordable package.

From its customizability to its quality lightweight materials, the Ruger American is truly the perfect rifle for carrying around in the brush on the hunt for a prize hog. The impressive power and tried-and-true accuracy set it apart from other rifles in the same genre.

The Ruger American is also incredibly comfortable to shoot. Aside from its lightweight frame, the Ruger American’s recoil absorption pad makes for a clean, crisp, and comfortable shot. 

A cold hammer-forged barrel also elevates the already impressive accuracy of this rifle and demonstrates the true craftsmanship that Ruger has put into the American Rifle. The materials also lend to longevity, meaning that this affordable rifle will be more than worth the investment because it will last you a long time.

The gun is even more reliable when you factor in its excellent handling. With features like the serrated grip and silky-smooth cycling, this is one rifle that will not let you down.

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