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No matter where you’re hunting, no matter what you’re hunting, a good hunting knife is a mandatory piece of gear on a hunting trip.

A hunting knife is useful at every stage of the hunt, from camp to kill. So, you need one.

Our Best Choice

W.R. Case & Sons Leather Hunter XX Fixed Blade Knife

  • Polished, surgical steel blade retains an edge well.
  • All-purpose clip point blade shape.
  • Leather handle with comfortable, traditional shape.

SPOILER—there are a ton of knives out there. But, if you want an affordable hunting knife that will hold up for several hunting seasons, get the W.R. Case & Sons Leather Hunter XX Fixed Blade Knife. It’s got a durable, corrosion resistant blade, and it’s large enough to dress out any animal.

For those who’d like to check out all the options to see what makes the cut, we’ll check out all the best hunting knives. That way you can get the exact knife you need. 

The Top Hunting Knife in the Market

The Best Hunting Knife Reviews: Making the Cut

Our winning hunting knife gets reviewed first. All the rest will be unsheathed in order of price, from the most affordable to the most expensive.

Let’s check some edges.

1. W.R. Case & Sons Leather Hunter XX Fixed Blade Knife - Overall Best Hunting Knife

The W.R. Case & Sons Leather Hunter XX Fixed Blade Knife delivers classic looks and excellent all-purpose performance.

It’s built with a high-carbon stainless steel blade. This is polished surgical steel with excellent corrosion resistance and edge retention. It’ll take you through a long hunting trip without many sharpenings. Though, it can take a bit of effort to sharpen when you do need to touch up the blade.

Additionally, the 365-5 model has a mild clip point blade that’s excellent for both rough and precision cutting

However, surgical steel isn’t perfectly corrosion resistant. So, you should keep your knife clean and dry, if you can.

On the other end, the handle is leather, with a nice steep finger guard. And, there’s a stainless steel buttcap on the end of the blade tang with a traditional retention bump. 

The traditional handle shape keeps you hand in place. And, leather offers solid grip in most conditions.

This knife comes with a unique wraparound leather sheath that retains the knife with a button down flap that captures the finger guard. It may not be ideal for really vigorous activities, like hiking through thick brush with your knife on your belt. But, the sheath is fine for working around camp or light hiking.

Overall, this knife is a complete package from price to point. It’s an excellent knife for any hunter who needs a strong hunting knife without breaking their budget.


  • Polished, surgical steel blade retains an edge well.
  • All-purpose clip point blade shape.
  • Leather handle with comfortable, traditional shape.
  • Included leather sheath.


  • Surgical steel isn’t perfectly corrosion resistant.
  • Hard steel takes a bit longer to sharpen.

2. Uncle Henry Mini Pro Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife - Compact Hunting Knife

The Uncle Henry Mini Pro Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife is indeed compact. But, it’s also a great budget option for those who want affordability.

The first thing about this knife is a pro and a con: the steel is 7Cr17MoV. This steel has gotten a bad name because it’s often used in cheap knives that are built with a poor forging and tempering process.

However, this knife has undergone precise and thorough forging and tempering, to ensure that the knife is not brittle, and will hold an edge well. It may not hold an edge as well as some harder steels. But, you won’t have to sharpen this knife too many times during your hunt.

Overall, this knife is 6.77 inches long. And, the blade is 2.76 inches. It’s very compact and easy to handle. However, you may wish for a longer blade when dressing larger animals.

The handle is especially nice. 

It’s got Staglon scales, which provide excellent grip without tearing up your palm. And, there’s a decent brass finger guard. The finger guard is a bit minimal for high impact things like stabbing. But, it’s plenty safe for ordinary cutting, skinning, or boning.

There’s also a lanyard hole in the end of the handle, and an included leather sheath. The leather sheath is simple, but adequate for ordinary camp carry and light hikes. But, the lanyard is handy for keeping the knife ready on a hook or nail in camp.

All in all, this is a solid knife that has a compact size and a compact price. If you’re looking for a hunting knife that can easily be stowed anywhere, but will get the job done when you need it, this is an excellent option.


  • 7Cr17MoV steel is well heat-treated for excellent edge retention.
  • Convenient, but capable compact size.
  • Handle offers excellent grip and ergonomics.
  • Included lanyard and sheath.


  • 7Cr17MoV steel may need to be sharpened a bit more often than more expensive steels.
  • Not ideal for dressing large animals.

3. Browning Buckmark Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife - Budget Hunting Knife

The Browning Buckmark Hunter Fixed-Blade Knife is an excellent option for the hunter who needs to get the most knife for their money.

This knife is forged from 8Cr14MoV stainless steel. It’s one of the hardest budget steels on the market. You may have to sharpen this knife a few times throughout your hunting trip. But, it’s perfectly adequate for any hunting tasks, and it’s some of the best steel you can get at this price.

The blade is 3.125 inches long. It’s long enough for dressing out most animals. But, big game hunters might prefer just a bit more knife.

Moving to the other end, the handle is well shaped. It’s got a deep finger groove near the blade that serves as a finger guard, and there’s jimping on the spine of the blade for extra grip. The handle keeps your hand in place for all but the highest impact tasks. However, some may find the smooth texture to be a bit slick with wet or oily hands.

But, there’s a lanyard slot at the end of the handle for those who like to keep hang their knife up for easy access in camp.

This isn’t a boutique hunting knife for knife aficionados. However, if you’re on a budget, this knife will do just about everything you need for a minimal price.


  • 8Cr14MoV stainless steel is an excellent budget steel that holds an edge reasonably well.
  • Versatile size.
  • Comfortable handle that offers secure grip for almost any type of cutting.
  • Lanyard slot for more convenient storage.


  • Budget steel may need a bit more frequent sharpening than more expensive steel.
  • May not be large enough for easily dressing big game.

4. Buck BuckLite MAX II Fixed Blade Knife - Lightweight Hunting Knife

The Buck BuckLite MAX II Fixed Blade Knife is a great compact, lightweight knife for those who want something that will easily fit in their kit and won’t be a hassle during long hikes.

The blade is forged from 420HC steel. It’s not the hardest steel. So, you may need to sharpen it slightly more often during your hunting trip. However, sharpening is quick and easy with a simple stone or other sharpener.

This knife is offered with a blade length of 3.75 or 4 inches. Both lengths are excellent for most skinning, boning, and other hunting tasks. And, both lengths are easy to stash in your pack or hang on your belt without much trouble.

The handle is molded rubber, which offers excellent grip. And, the shape features a double finger groove with a high finger guard and jimping on the blade spine for maximum safety during high-impact tasks.

Some hunters may prefer a wood handle. But, the rubber helps keep the weight down.

Lastly, a nylon sheath is included, so you can keep your knife on you.

Overall, this knife is an excellent value for the money. It’s a great knife to keep in your pack as a backup, or as your primary hunting knife.


  • 420HC steel is easy to sharpen and holds an edge decently well.
  • Versatile and stowable blade length.
  • Molded rubber handle is comfortable and provides a secure grip.
  • Included nylon sheath.
  • Lightweight.


  • Blade may need more frequent sharpenings than harder steel.

5. Benchmade Steep Country Hunter Fixed Blade Knife - Value Hunting Knife

The Benchmade Steep Country Hunter Fixed Blade Knife might be the most affordable knife on the market for more discerning hunters who want high quality steel.

The steel is CPM-S30V stainless steel. This steel offers excellent edge retention and impact resistance. It’s hard. But, it has just enough flexibility to prevent chipping in high impact tasks.

Additionally, the steel offers solid corrosion resistance. No, it’s not impervious to weather. But, it comes with a kydex sheath that protects the blade from the elements. And, the corrosion resistance is enough that you won’t have to be meticulous about blade care.

The blade is 3.5 inches long. It’s a good all-purpose length that’s capable of dressing most animals. Only the very largest animals will present a challenge with this knife.

The handle is molded Santoprene that features a comfortable, traditional shape

However, the Santoprene offers just enough give to mold to your fingers a bit when you grip the knife, which provides excellent grip.

Additionally, there’s jimping in two places along the spine of the blade: one near the handle for control, and a second section of jimping near the tip for push-cutting. All in all, this knife gives you excellent control for any sort of cutting.

This isn’t the cheapest knife. But, the value comes from the excellent construction materials and ergonomics, which are hard to beat at this price.


  • Excellent steel that holds an edge well and stands up to abuse.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance.
  • All-purpose blade length for dressing almost any animal.
  • Ergonomics give you outstanding blade control.
  • Included kydex sheath.


  • May not be large enough to comfortably dress very large animals.
  • A tad pricey.

Cutting Things Short

Your hunting knife can make your hunting trip easy and amazing. Or, it can just make your life difficult. So, take the time to consider and get a good hunting knife.

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If you want to make the choice easy, get the W.R. Case & Sons Leather Hunter XX Fixed Blade Knife. It’s a durable, comfortable knife that you can use for almost anything, and it’s quite affordable.

Now that you’ve seen the options, it’s time to get a good hunting knife before hunting season runs out on you.