Best Hunting Tents – Withstanding The Harsh Elements

Last Updated on January 7, 2021.

Hunting tents can make or break your hunting experience. It’s crucial to have a tent that keeps the wind off, keeps you warm, and allows you to hunt at your best. Insufficient waterproofing, inadequate structural support, and poor wind proofing can make for a poor night’s sleep and dampened gear.

Finding the right tent that won’t be a burden along with your supplies and hunting gear is challenging. Lightweight tents, backpacking tents, and group tents all make toting your shelter to your hunting site a breeze.

Your tent is your place of rest and your home while you are out on your hunt. Invest in one you will love.

GEERTOP 4-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made for all-weather: Sturdy double-wall construction means that you can use the interior wall for warm nights
  • Compact and easily carried in a backpack

Made for all-weather, all-season hunting and built to last, this tent can be set up in minutes, comes in hunt-ready army green, and is suitable for almost every hunting budget.

Best Hunting Tents on the Market Today

Top 7 Best Hunting Tents: Your Home on the Hunt

1. GEERTOP 4-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent: Best 4-Season Hunting Tent

This tent might come at a low cost of just about $100, but the 210T anti-tear, waterproof, and lightweight polyester makes it seem like you paid top-dollar. The 3000mm waterproofing finish helps the tent shed snow from its sides even in deep winter.

Double-stitched seams provided reinforced weatherproofing and durability. With double layer siding technology, the tent works hard to keep the wind at bay, keeping sleepers warm and well-insulated. In warmer weather, the tent’s interior can double as a ventilated tent.

This 2-person tent is also ideal for backpacking or extended hunting trips. Weighing only 6 lbs. and 4 oz., each person carries only a few pounds. With a spacious dome construction and steeply slanting walls, there’s plenty of room to stretch out.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Made for all-weather: Sturdy double-wall construction means that you can use the interior wall for warm nights
  • Compact and easily carried in a backpack


  • Not as spacious as other options

2. Flytop Backpacking Tent: Best Backpack Hunting Tent

This compact, 3-4 season tent is ideal for trips that combine backpacking and hunting. A removable snow skirt means that you can keep the cold and snow at bay during winter months but save on pack weight when it gets warmer.

Inexpensive and with lots of color options, it also fits almost any budget. However, it’s a smaller tent: Made for 1-2 people, it’s best used by one hunter plus gear on a backpacking excursion.

This tent also features a dome construction, meaning snow and water can slide easily off of the roof, keeping you warm and dry. A mesh inner tent provides warmth and sophisticated ventilation technology.

With waterproof sides and double-stitched, taped seams, this tent can keep blustery weather at bay. Guy lines, stakes, and a hub-and-pole construction make this tent exceptionally sturdy, durable, and reliable.


  • Features a chimney hole for a stove
  • Sophisticated ventilation technology
  • Weather-resistant with reinforced seams for added reliability


  • Not as light as the MSR Hubba
  • Small--can fit two individuals or one person with gear

3. Unistrength 4-Season Waterproof Canvas Bell Tent: Best Hunting Tent with Stove

Okay, it doesn’t actually come with a stove, but it’s kitted out with everything you need to safely set up a stove and give you a warm, toasty place to sleep. A chimney hole with a flap allows for easy covering when not in use.

A fire-resistant material frames the smoke hole, allowing for additional safety and protection. This cotton canvas bell tent is also treated for exceptional waterproofing and features double-stitched, taped seams for reinforced, weatherproof stability and a dry night’s sleep. A screened porch and mesh windows add extra ventilation and to keep out the creepy-crawlies in warm weather.

This tent is made to accommodate six to eight people, depending on the gear needed. As such, this tent is on the heavier side and better for providing a several-day basecamp, rather than an on-the-move shelter.


  • Features a chimney hole for a stove
  • Waterproofing-treated canvas sides with double-stitched, taped seams
  • Accommodates many people


  • Heavy, only suitable for a longer-term base camp

4. Naturehike 4-Season Standing Dome Backpack Tent: Best Cold Weather Tent for Hunting

This tent comes in 1-, 2-, and 3-person options, meaning you can select the space you will personally need for your trip. With multiple color options--including 2 shades of green--you are able to find a tent that suits your fancy. A vestibule adds storage space to the tent, and the tent itself is spacious and features steep walls.

It’s geared for 4 seasons, too. An inner tent and an outer tent create a waterproof, windproof barrier to the elements, keeping you warm and dry on even blustery nights. The inner tent can be used on its own during warmer months to maximize ventilation and save on pack weight. 

This tent is also incredibly easy to set up, with many users reporting that it goes up in minutes. At 4.7 lbs. for the 2-person option, it’s lightweight and geared for the backpack. It packs down to a compact size, which is perfect for cold weather hunting when you need extra pack space for extra layers.

With a 100% money-back guarantee, Naturehike stands behind their products in the confidence of the quality and durability of their tents.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Sophisticated ventilation and insulation technologies


  • Could feature more guy lines for windy weather, but otherwise is very sturdy

The MSR Hubba is a 3-season, 2-person tent that’s geared for backpacking and extended hunting trips. Hunting sheep is often a several-day excursion, with extensive tracking and trekking involved in finally securing the trophy.

That’s why this tent is perfect: Spacious and weather-resistant, it’s made for the mountains and the rugged hills of desert ecosystems. Xtreme waterproofing is also available, giving sheep hunters more protection in rainier and snowier weather.

This tent is also spacious, with 29-square feet of floor area offering sleepers plenty of space to stretch out. The vestibule--the space at the doorway between the main tent and the rainfly--also offers campers an extra 17.5 square feet of storage space for longer hunts.

With a minimum set-up of 3 lbs., it’s also one of the lighter options on our list. Guy lines, stakes, and a rainfly are coupled with an easy-to-use hub-and-pole design, which makes for a sturdy and efficient construction that will stand the test of time--both during set-up and in years to come.


  • Exceptionally lightweight
  • Extra gear storage in vestibule space
  • Xtreme waterproofing for additional weather resistance available


  • Though well worth the price, it’s on the more expensive side

6. Slumberjack In-Season 2 Tent: Best 2-Person Tent

This 2-person tent ranks high on our list for several reasons. Relatively inexpensive, wonderfully constructed, and made for all 4 seasons, it’s a fantastic choice.

With 3 mesh doors and full rainfly coverage, you can also control the tent’s ventilation with relative ease. This also means that you have three vestibules, making for convenient gear storage, organization, and access.

This Slumberjack tent’s waterproofing technology is particularly impressive: 75D polyester gives the tent dependable and rugged sidings. It’s stable in fierce storms, but well-ventilated and breathable, providing an improved hunting and camping experience with a far better chance at a good night’s sleep.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Breathable
  • 3 doors and 3 vestibules, granting excellent organization and access capabilities
  • 4-season ready


  • Heavy--at 11 lbs., it’s not the lightest option

Elk hunting often requires a home base camp from which hunters can venture out and track down trophies. Many elk hunting trips last for days or weeks, and many elk hunters enjoy traveling in groups. For these reasons, the Kodiak Canvas Flex-B0w Deluxe 8-person Tent has earned a spot as the best elk hunting tent.

The 100% cotton, hydra-shield duck canvas is kitted out with superior waterproofing technology that is breathable, durable, and watertight. This makes the tent a more expensive option than many others on our list, but for good reason: It will stand the test of time.

The 6’6” of ceiling height, cabin-style construction, two large D-shaped doors, four large mesh windows, and two funnel-flow vents make this tent comfortable, well-ventilated, and roomy. It’s perfect for long weeks on the hunt where you need space to relax and move, as well as sleep.


  • Spacious cabin-style construction
  • Incredible construction and durability
  • Ample ceiling height
  • Awesome ventilation


  • On the more expensive side--consider splitting the cost between members of your hunting group

For All-Season Excursions

GEERTOP 4-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent

At just over $100, the dome-construction GEERTOP 4-Season 2-Person Backpacking Tent is made for all weather. With a double-wall construction, you can use the removable inner tent to create a ventilated tent for warmer climates or seasons.

Lightweight and made for backpacking, the 6 lbs. 4 oz. is easily split between 2 people.

Its steeply slanting, windproof, and waterproof walls means this tent is built to keep sleepers warm and dry in spite of the snowiest, windiest, or rainiest weather. This combination of affordability and functionality just can’t be beaten. For your next hunting trip, you’ll love bringing this GEERTOP tent along.

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