The Best M1A Stocks for Big Bore Precision and Tactical Shooting

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Last Updated on July 31, 2021.

The M1A is a tremendous rifle. It’s remarkably precise. And it’s quite viable as a larger caliber tactical rifle. The M1A can do it all, more or less.

What’s more, the M1A is reasonably customizable. It might not be quite as modular as an AR-15. But you can fine tune your M1A pretty well by simply changing the chassis. And the stock you choose forms the basis of further upgrades and customization.

So it’s important to get the best M1A stock for your M1A. That way you have the platform you need to build the M1A you want.

Top M1A Stocks on the Market Today

ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock

Our Best Choice

ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock

  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is just as strong as a wooden stock, but lighter.
  • Finely adjustable cheek riser height and length of pull.
  • Precision fit inlet to maximize organic precision.

SPOILER—the M1A stock options are somewhat limited. But the ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock is easily the best M1A stock. It’s a solid chassis that offers good tactical utility, precision performance, and customization potential. There simply aren’t any other stocks that offer such good performance and upgradeability.

If you’d like to check out all the other options, we’ve found them and put them all together in one handy article. Keep reading to learn about all the best M1A stocks.

The Best M1A Stocks Reviews: Modernizing a Classic

The overall best M1A stock is up for review first. The rest of the field will be laid out in order of price.

The most affordable M1A stocks are first in line.

The most expensive stocks are near the end.

Go ahead and read around where it fits your budget.

1. ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock - Overall Best M1A Stock

The ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock is labeled a precision stock. However it’s more versatile than the name suggests. Though, it IS an excellent stock for a precision M1A.

The first area where this is an upgrade is that it’s a carbon fiber reinforced polymer stock. It’s at least as strong—if not stronger—than the standard wooden M1A stock. And it’s lighter.

This stock weighs just 4.2 pounds. It’s a nice upgrade because the M1A action, barrel, and other hardware is a bit heavy. So it’s nice to save weight anywhere you can.

Even though it’s lightweight, this stock also offers a remarkable degree of adjustability.

The cheek riser is adjustable in .05 inch increments, which is a super fine adjustment that enables you to set the cheek riser height exactly where you need it.

Additionally, the length of pull is adjustable in similar increments with a simple thumb wheel. Overall, you can adjust this stock to perfectly fit your body and grip technique.

Then, the inlet is precision fit for a nice tight fit with the barrel and action to ensure that your rifle is as mechanically precise as possible. In short, this stock maximizes your shooting potential with your M1A.

Lastly, there are a lot of places to attach slings and other attachments. This stock is equipped with 4 QD sling sockets and 2 standard sling swivels. So you can attach your sling anywhere you need it.

And there’s a picatinny rail section up front, on the forend, which is perfect for attaching a bipod or foregripIt’s on the bottom of the stock, though, which makes it best for bipods and grips.

You might lose the classic wooden aesthetic. But this stock is a big upgrade to the configurability and portability of your M1A, which makes it an even better rifle for long range and tactical shooting.

P.S. This stock is also available in desert tan. Weirdly, the desert tan version is notably less expensive than the black version. If you want to save some money and look more tactical, get the ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock For Springfield M1A/M14 Desert Tan.


  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is just as strong as a wooden stock, but lighter.
  • Finely adjustable cheek riser height and length of pull.
  • Precision fit inlet to maximize organic precision.
  • Tons of sling attachment points.
  • Picatinny rail for attaching grips and bipods.


  • Picatinny rail is not in a great spot for a light.
  • Totally viable for a tactical battle rifle, but skews a bit more toward precision shooting.

2. Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Springfield M1A Style 1 Stock - Budget M1A Stock

The Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Springfield M1A Style 1 Stock is a really affordable M1A stock. Though it might feel a bit limited if you’re looking for a more advanced stock than the factory stock.

This stock is essentially a standard M1A stock. It’s walnut. And it uses the standard M1A form factor.

However, once you seat the action and barrel into this stock, you’ll find that the fit is a tad tighter than the factory stock. This is to keep the action a bit more stable for better mechanical precision.

On the visual front, the walnut finish is darker than the factory wooden stockThat may or may not be an aesthetics upgrade, depending on your tastes.

Unfortunately, this Boyds stock comes completely stripped. There’s no rubber recoil pad. You’ll need to transfer one from a factory stock. Or you’ll need to buy one to complete this stock.

Even so, this is a super affordable option if you’re building an M1A, need to repair an M1A by replacing the stock, or if you just want to change the aesthetics of your M1A.


  • Retains the factory form factor.
  • Offers a slightly tighter fit in the action bedding for the best mechanical precision.
  • Dark walnut finish looks excellent.


  • Does not include a rubber recoil pad.

3. ProMag Archangel M1A Close Quarters Stock - Tactical M1A Stock

The ProMag Archangel M1A Close Quarters Stock makes your M1A into a much more tactically viable rifle, without giving up much (if any) long range precision. 

This stock adds AR-15 style ergonomics to your M1A. 

First, this stock replaces the rifle grip with a pistol grip. It’s very similar to an AR-15 pistol grip. It has a much more vertical grip angle than the factory rifle grip. This puts your wrist in a much more natural position for shooting from standing, kneeling, and other positions that you may need to use in tactical contexts. 

Additionally, the stock is a 6-position collapsible buttstock that’s very similar to what you’d find on an AR-15 rifle. It’s adjustable from 11.5 to 14.5 inches, which is a wide enough adjustment range to fit most shooters. 

The stock also has an attached cheek piece to help you get a perfect cheek weld for precision shooting. So this rifle offers the sort of ergonomics and adjustability that you’d want for a tactical rifle. But it also has some of the stability enhancing features that you’d want from a precision rifle. 

The whole stock is carbon fiber reinforced polymer. So it’s at least as strong—if not stronger—than wood. And it’s as minimal as possible. This stock only weighs 2.8 pounds. It’s durable and lightweight. 

Lastly, this Promag stock has 2 QD sling swivels and M-LOK attachment points at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock position. The sling attachment options are decent. But the flexibility for attaching forend accessories is exceptional. You can configure this stock however you need to deploy your rifle in tactical contexts. 

One more thing: the forend is ventilated to improve air flow around the barrel, to help keep your barrel coolThis reduces heat distortion to preserve your point of impact, even when you’re shooting fast. 

This isn’t quite an M1A folding stock. But it is collapsible. And it has the ergonomics and configurability that you need to make your M1A as tactically viable as possible. 


  • AR-15 style pistol grip puts your wrist at a natural angle with modern tactical shooting techniques.
  • 6-position adjustable stock can be fitted to the length of pull you need.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is strong and lightweight (lighter than the factory wooden stock).
  • M-LOK attachment points offer enough configurability to add the attachments you need for tactical shooting.
  • Ventilated forend helps keep your barrel cool and reduce heat distortion.


  • QD sling sockets present fairly limited sling attachment options.
  • Skews a bit toward tactical shooting over precision shooting.

4. Springfield Armory M14 Stock - Value M1A Stock

The Springfield Armory M14 Stock is a good stock for an M1A. It’s a basic stock. But it’s a good stock.

The main thing with this stock is that it’s the Springfield OEM stock. So it’s pretty much guaranteed to fit, so long as your action and barrel match the factory dimensions.

That comes with ups and downs.

This is a good stock for those who want a traditional rifle look and feel. It’s got the standard wood finish. And it uses a standard rifle grip, with a rather thick transition to the stock. It works well for a thumb forward, precision shooting grip.

Now, this stock works for fast-paced tactical shooting. However, the traditional rifle shape isn’t the best type of stock if you’re building a tactical battle rifle.

But this stock does have a small storage compartment behind the butt plate. Unfortunately, the butt plate is metal rather than a rubber recoil pad, which would be nice since the M1A is a .308 rifle.

Lastly, there are 2 traditional sling swivelsThey’re good for attaching web slings. But not so great for using modern sling attachment hardware.

Overall, this Springfield Armory stock is best if you just need a stock that will work or if you specifically want the classic M14 aesthetic. This stock is decent to shoot. But it offers relatively few creature comforts.


  • OEM stock that you know will fit an OEM action and barrel.
  • Retains the traditional M14 aesthetic.
  • Rifle grip is well shaped for a thumb-forward precision shooting grip.
  • Storage compartment behind butt plat.
  • Traditional sling swivels for attaching classic web slings.


  • No rubber recoil pad.
  • Sling swivels are not ideal for modern sling mounting hardware.

5. Vltor M1-S: M1A Improved Stock System - Tactical M1A Stock

The Vltor M1-S: M1A Improved Stock System significantly improves the tactical utility of your M1A stock. At the same time, it also makes your rifle more ergonomically configurable.

The big deal with this stock is that it enables you to attach AR-15 furniture to your M1A stock. And it comes with pretty decent AR-15 furniture.

The stock is the VLTOR EMOD Buttstock. It’s a SOPMOD style stock with an angled body to give you a good cheek weld for faster sight acquisition and alignment.

The stock also has waterproof storage compartments which fit quite a few batteries (or a lot of snacks).

Additionally, the stock has a QD sling socket for attaching slings with modern sling hardware. The stock can also be adjusted up or down to provide proper alignment with various optics and sights.

The pistol grip is pretty good. The contours are nice and fill out your palm nicely. I’d prefer a grip with a more upright grip angle. However, the grip is comfortable and works well for any sort of shooting.

Lastly, the stock itself is made of VLTOR’s proprietary molded carbon fiber reinforced polymer. It’s strong and weather resistant. And this stock only weighs 2.8 pounds. So this stock is sturdy and lightweight.

Overall, this stock is remarkably configurable and lightweight. It’s about as close as you can get to turning your M1A into an AR-10.


  • Accepts AR-15 furniture.
  • Comes with a VLTOR EMOD Buttstock.
  • Stock can be adjusted up or down to accommodate various sights and optics.
  • QD sling sockets for attaching modern slings.
  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer is strong and lightweight.


  • Included pistol grip is only okay.
  • No top rail included.

Update your M1A

The M1A is a magnificent battle rifle. It might be aging a bit these days. But it’s still a very capable rifle. And it’s remarkably precise for a semi-automatic rifle. So fitting it with the best M1A stock possible can get you a ton of performance from a .308 rifle.

ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock

ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock

If you skipped to this part to get the goods, get the ProMag Archangel M1A Precision Stock. It’s a durable, lightweight, and superbly adjustable stock that you can use for any type of shooting and get solid performance.

Now that you know what’s up, it’s time to upgrade your M1A and make the most of your legendary battle rifle.