The Best Mini 14 Magazines for Your Mini AR-15 Alternative

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

The Mini-14 is one of the most popular recommendations as an AR-15 alternative. But, regardless of whether you’re using the Mini-14 as a stand-in for some other tactical platform, or if it’s just your go-to .223 rifle, you need good magazines.

The Ruger Mini-14 has a different magazine catch design than an AR-15. And the action is different. This makes the Mini-14 a bit more sensitive to magazine issues than an AR-15. So getting the best Mini 14 magazines is important.

There aren’t a ton of Mini-14 magazines out there. But you’ll want to get the scoop on Mini-14 magazines before you stock up. We’ve got the scoop.

ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem 5.56 Ruger
  • 20-round capacity is higher than any factory magazines.
  • More affordable factory magazines.
  • More affordable factory magazines.

SPOILER—the ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem/5.56 Ruger Mini-14 Magazine is the overall best Mini-14 magazine that you can get right now. It has the best combination of price, performance, and availability. There are some caveats with these magazines. But read the full review to find out.

If you want to know about the other Mini-14 magazines that are available, keep reading. We’ve dug up all the magazines we could find.

Top Mini 14 Magazines on the Market Today

Best Mini 14 Magazines Reviews: Feed that Little Blaster

The overall best Mini 14 magazines will get fed and fired first. The best Mini 14 magazines from each category will get slapped in order of price.

If you need affordable magazines, read the first reviews.

If you need magazines, no matter the cost, read the reviews near the end.

Now you know how to navigate these reviews. Let’s shoot.

1. ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem/5.56 Ruger Mini-14 Magazine - Overall Best Mini-14 Magazines

The ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem/5.56 Ruger Mini-14 Magazine wins the overall best Mini-14 magazine spot for a few key reasons, even though it’s not a perfect magazine.

First, this is a 20-round magazine. Most Mini-14 magazines are 10 or 5-round magazines. So these magazines give you the highest possible magazine capacity.

Second, these magazines are consistently available. Factory Mini-14 magazines are often backordered. But these magazines usually ship inside a few days.

Bonus point: these magazines are more affordable than 10-round factory magazines.

That’s all very cool. However, there’s one major caveat:

ProMag outsources their manufacturing. They’ve done a lot to improve their processes. However, these magazines still occasionally have quality control issues.

Usually the quality control issues show themselves as failures to feed. When these magazines work, they work, though. So get a few. And check them for function before you use them in a defensive Mini-14.

But these are very affordable magazinesThey usually work. And they’re most often in stock. So you can actually get them.


  • 20-round capacity is higher than any factory magazines.
  • More affordable factory magazines.
  • In-stock more often than factory magazines.


  • Some have quality control issues that cause failures to feed. Test these magazines before you use them for anything serious.

The ProMag 10 Round .223 Rem/5.56 Ruger Mini-14 Magazine is pretty much the most affordable Mini-14 magazine you can get. That’s a pretty nice feature, in itself.

The main reason for this is because these are 10-round magazines. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The largest Ruger factory magazines you can get are 10-round magazines.

These magazines are essentially a short version of the ProMag 20-round Mini-14 magazines.

These magazines use a steel body and a high-density plastic base plate. It’s a solid construction that’s comparable to the factory magazines.

And, these magazines seem to have fewer quality control issues than the 20-round ProMag magazines. I suspect that’s because the design is almost the same as the factory magazine design.

But, there are still occasional quality control issues with these magazines. So do a reliability check before you run these in a defensive rifle or anything serious.

However, when these ProMag magazines work, they work. And the price point and availability makes them easy to stockpile.


  • 10-round capacity is just as much as you can get from factory magazines.
  • Steel body with a dense plastic base plate is very similar to the factory magazine construction.
  • More reliable than the 20-round ProMag Mini-14 magazines.


  • Still suffer from occasional quality control issues and require reliability testing before use in a defensive or tactical rifle.

3. Ruger Mini-14 6.8mm Remington SPC 5 RD - 6.8 SPC Mini-14 Magazines

The Ruger Mini-14 6.8mm Remington SPC 5 RD is literally the only option if you have a 6.8 SPC Mini-14. Sorry about that. I’ll keep this short.

These magazines are just standard 5-round Mini-14 magazines with slightly different dimensions to accommodate 6.8 SPC rounds.

The construction is a steel body with a plastic base plate. It’s a durable design that holds up for a long time.

However, the most important aspect of these magazines is the reliability. So far, Ruger magazines are the only Mini-14 magazines that I’d recommend for a defensive or tactical Mini-14 rifle.

The only sad part about these magazines is that they cost about the same as a 20-round aftermarket magazine. So the price point is a bit high.

But, these Ruger magazines are almost always in stock. And they’re pretty much the magazine that you have to get because there are very few—if any—other options.


  • Constructed exactly the same as the factory .223 magazines—steel body with a plastic base plate—and holds up quite well.
  • Functions reliably.
  • Widely available, despite being one of the few 6.8 SPC magazines you can get.


  • Relatively expensive.

4. ProMag 10 Round .223/5.56 Magazine - Nickel Plated Mini-14 Magazines

The ProMag 10 Round .223/5.56 Magazine is ALMOST a standard 10-round magazine. But it’s nickel plated.

Nickel plating may seem like an aesthetic touch. However, nickel plating has some functional benefits, too.

Blued magazines hold up reasonably well. But nickel plating has slightly better corrosion resistance. So these are good magazines to use if you live in a humid climate.

Additionally, nickel plating is slightly smoother than a blued finish. That means these magazines seat very easily, since there’s less friction between the receiver and the magazine.

Now, the difference between blued magazines and nickel plated magazines is subtle. Many shooters might not notice.

But these magazines cost about the same as blued ProMag magazines. And a little bit of improvement is still improvement. At the very least, these magazines are a good alternative for when the blued magazines are out of stock.


  • Same steel body and plastic base plate construction that you get in blued ProMag magazines.
  • Nickel plating offers improved corrosion resistance and reduced friction.
  • About the same price as a blued magazine.


  • Occasional quality control issues mean that you need to do reliability checks before using these magazines for defense or tactical shooting.

5. Ruger Magazine Mini-14 223 5 Round - Defensive Mini-14 Magazines

The Ruger Magazine Mini-14 223 5 Round is the most available factory magazine that you can get. Ruger certainly makes other Mini-14 magazines. But they’re often out of stock. On the other hand, these magazines usually ship in a reasonable amount of time.

The big deal with factory Ruger Mini-14 magazines is that they’re reliable. These magazines are by far the most reliable option.

They’re certainly not the least expensive Mini-14 magazines. But these magazines almost never have function issues.

That’s probably because Ruger designed the Mini-14. So the shape of the steel body and feed lips are exactly what you need to work with the Mini-14 action.

Ruger is also familiar with their own quality control processes. They most likely build these magazines to match the manufacturing tolerances of the Mini-14 action, which improves the reliability.

Aside from the cost, the main downside of these magazines is that they only hold 5 rounds.

But higher capacity Mini-14 magazines are hard to get. These are definitely the magazines to get if you need reliable magazines without waiting for weeks.


  • As reliable as you can get for a Mini-14.
  • Steel construction with a dense plastic base plate is quite durable.
  • Very rarely have the sort of quality control issues that plague many aftermarket magazines.
  • Usually in-stock.


  • A bit expensive for 5-round magazines.
  • Only holds 5 rounds.

6. Ruger Magazine Mini-14 223 10 Round - 10-Round Mini-14 Magazines

The Ruger Magazine Mini-14 223 10 Round is easily the best magazine to get for a defensive or tactical Mini-14 rifle. But there’s one big problem with these magazines.

But first, some good news.

These magazines are reliable. They’re the original magazine design for the Mini-14. And Ruger has solid quality control. These magazines run reliable, right out of the box, pretty much every time.

They’re also super durable. The steel body with the thick plastic base plate is one of the most durable Mini-14 magazine designs around. It’s nice for training and any type of shooting where you often drop your magazines.

Also, these magazines hold 10-rounds, which seems to be the sweet spot for Mini-14 magazines. It seems that higher capacity magazines are more prone to feeding issues than the 5 and 10-round magazines.

So these magazines present the best compromise between magazine capacity and reliabilityThey’re also legal in states that have laws about magazine capacity.

Overall, these are the best 10-round magazines for your Mini-14. They’d be the overall best Mini-14 magazines if they weren’t always backordered. Order these magazines now, if you want to get them before Christmas.


  • Super reliable design and construction.
  • Steel body and thick plastic follower is durable enough even for those who often drop their magazines in training or other shooting.
  • 10-round capacity is the best blend of reliability and round count.


  • Almost always backordered.

7. KCI USA Inc. Ruger Mini-14 100RD Magazine 223/5.56 - High-Capacity Mini-14 Magazines

One of the things that holds the Mini-14 back as a tactical platform is the magazine capacity. Yes, there are 20 and 30 round magazines. But they often have reliability issues. And they’re often hard to get.

But, if you really want to solve the magazine capacity issue with gusto, the KCI USA Inc. Ruger Mini-14 100RD Magazine 223/5.56 is the way to go.

First, the obvious thing: this magazine holds 100 rounds. Magazine capacity problem solved.

However, this is actually a solid high-capacity magazine. Many 100-round magazines have serious reliability issues. This magazine seems to run pretty well.

Now, it’s not quite perfect. But most buyers report that the feeding issues tend to resolve themselves after you loosen up the spring by firing a few hundred rounds. Once it’s broken in, this magazine runs about as reliably as you can expect from a 100-round magazine.

Additionally, this KCI magazine comes with some dry lube and a loader.

The loader puts 5 rounds into the magazine at a timeThat way it doesn’t take forever to fill this magazine.

The dry lube just helps keep your high-capacity magazine feeding smoothly. There’s a lot of friction in a 100-round magazine. The dry lube really helps keep things from binding inside the magazine body.

This is an expensive magazine. But it’s priced pretty well for a 100-round magazine. And it enables you to put all the bullets you need in your Mini-14.


  • 100-round capacity means you have enough rounds in your gun for just about anything.
  • Feeds reliably once it’s broken in.
  • Includes dry lube and a loader to help ensure reliability and make filling your 100-round magazine much faster.


  • Requires a few hundred rounds to break in, which is not insignificant.
  • Expensive.

Rocking Magazines Into the Well

The Mini-14 is a great little rifle. But, regardless of what you use it for, your Mini-14 needs a reliable ammunition source (every rifle does, really).

So get the best Mini-14 magazines you can find and afford.

ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem 5.56 Ruger

If you need decent magazines that won’t blow apart your budget, get the ProMag 20 Round .223 Rem/5.56 Ruger Mini-14 Magazine. These are affordable magazines. They have excellent capacity. And they work most of the time.

Just make sure you do a reliability check with these magazines before you use them for anything critical like home-defense.

Now that you know the best ways to feed your Mini-14, get some Mini-14 magazines and shoot more.