Aiming Systems: The Best M&P Shield Lasers

Last Updated on January 12, 2021.

The M&P Shield is easily one of the most popular single stack concealed carry pistols on the market. And it’s a great gun.

But it’s a small gun. Small enough that it might be challenging for some to get the precision they need with traditional iron sights.

There are a few solutions to this problem. Lasers are one of those solutions. They’re not for everyone. But, if you’re here, you probably like lasers.

Crimson Trace Laserguard Red Laser Sight for S&W Shield Handgun
  • Activated when you grip your gun, without any additional effort.
  • Available with a red or green laser.
  • 50 foot range is plenty of range for defensive use.

SPOILER—if you’re just here to see the best M&P Shield lasers, not ALL the M&P Shield lasers, get the Crimson Trace Laserguard Red Laser Sight for S&W Shield Handgun. It’s simple and reliable. If you need a laser, this one will give you a dot whenever you turn it on.

If you’d like to browse a bit before you buy, keep reading. We’ll point all the best M&P Shield lasers somewhere to get a sense of how they look.

Top M&P Shield Lasers on the Market Today

The Best M&P Shield Lasers Reviews: Little Aiming Devices

The overall best M&P Shield laser will get pointed and reviewed first. The best M&P Shield lasers from each category will be checked out in order of price.

Least expensive M&P Shield lasers go first.

The most expensive lasers are near the end.

Let’s put some dots on stuff.

Crimson Trace is one of the most popular laser sights on the market. That gives the Crimson Trace Laserguard Red Laser Sight for S&W Shield Handgun an often overlooked benefit.

But first, this laser has a grip module that activates the laser when you get a proper firing grip on your gun. It’s a convenient activation method that requires no additional effort to use your laser.

There’s also a micro ON/OFF switch. That way you can turn your laser off to ensure that you don’t waste the battery when your gun is in storage.

However, the grip button and trigger guard mount do add a tad bit of bulk to your trigger guard and grip. This bulk gives you a tiny bit less space to grip your gun.

Ordinarily, I’d say this small bit of bulk was a non-issue. The Shield is already a pretty small gun, though. So you may find that that little bit of bulk affects your grip a little bit.

But, this laser is offered in both green and red. That way you can get a laser that’s easiest for you to see.

One last performance perk: this laser has a 50 foot range, which is enough range to cover almost any defensive shooting distance.

Back to the benefit of using such a popular laser. Since this laser is so popular, it’s relatively easy to find a holster that fits your M&P Shield with this laser on it.

Now, this isn’t a budget laser. It’s one of the more expensive lasers on the market. But the reliability and popularity make it worth the money.


  • Activated when you grip your gun, without any additional effort.
  • Available with a red or green laser.
  • 50 foot range is plenty of range for defensive use.
  • Relatively easy to find a holster that fits your M&P Shield with this laser on it.
  • Adds very little bulk to your gun, overall.


  • Makes your trigger guard just a tiny bit thicker, which you may notice since the M&P Shield has a fairly short grip.

The LaserMax CenterFire Laser Sight for S&W Shield is remarkably affordable for a pistol mounted laser. But it’s a durable laser, even though it’s an affordable model.

LaserMax claims that this laser has a 300 meter range, which is a bit of an overstatement.

Yes, the dot EXISTS at 300 meters. But you can only see it clearly out to 40 or 50 meters. Although that’s less than the claimed effective range, it’s still enough (maybe more than enough) for defensive shooting.

Additionally, the activation button is ambidextrous. That way you can activate your laser without using your trigger finger. You can use this laser without messing with your grip or interfering with your trigger press.

This laser installs quickly and easily.

However, the trigger guard strap is a tad bit thick. It’s thick enough that you might notice it when you grip your gun. You can still get a good firing grip on your gun. But you may need to get used to the feel of the thicker trigger guard.

But it looks great on your M&P Shield. The texturing on the laser is the same as the texturing on your grip. So your laser will match your M&P Shield.

Unfortunately, this laser suffers from one of the common issues with budget lasers: the battery compartment could be tighter. Some shooters have found that the recoil from a .40 S&W Shield can cause the battery to shake just enough to turn the laser off.

But, this issue is minimal on this LaserMax laser. If it happens, the warranty usually covers it. And it works very well on 9mm models. So it’s still a good option if you’re looking for the most affordable laser for your M&P Shield.


  • Long enough range for defensive shooting.
  • Ambidextrous activation button for activation without shifting your grip or interfering with your trigger press.
  • Super quick and easy install.
  • Matches the aesthetic of your M&P Shield.


  • Battery compartment occasionally allows the battery to get loose under recoil, especially on .40 S&W models.
  • Trigger guard strap makes your trigger guard a tad thicker, and you may feel it when you grip your gun.

3. LaserMax Gripsense Laser - Value M&P Shield Laser

The LaserMax Gripsense Laser has two activation modes, which makes it easy to use for training and efficient for defensive shooting.

Interestingly, the grip activation does not use a button. It senses your middle finger against the bottom of the trigger guard when you get a firing grip on your gun. That way your laser will work, even with an imperfect or weak grip.

Additionally, the secondary activation method—the pushbutton activation—is push-on, push-off. So you don’t need to hold the button to keep the laser on. This makes it easier to ensure safe gun handling while your laser is on.

Lastly, the laser can be configured for constant-on or pulsed operation. I’m not a huge laser dude. But I find that a pulsed laser is easier to track and see than a constant-on laser. This laser has both, though. Pick your favorite.

The laser has a 20 yard range, which is pretty respectable. It’s plenty of power for most defensive and even competition pistol shooting.

Like many other lasers, the main struggle with this laser is the bulk it adds to your trigger guard. It’s nothing crazy. But you’ll probably be able to feel it. And you may notice the space it takes up because the Shield has a fairly short grip.

However, this is a small issue. Overall, this is an excellent laser with a remarkably reliable activation system that works with any grip technique or limitation.


  • Grip activation system does not require grip pressure to work. The laser will come on as long as your middle finger is positioned against the bottom of your trigger guard.
  • Push button activation makes it easier to handle your weapon safely without worrying about keeping your laser on.
  • Constant-on and pulsed operation makes the laser easy for everyone to pick up and track.
  • Long enough range for both defensive and competition use.


  • Trigger guard strap is a bit chunky.

There are 2 great things about the Streamlight TLR-6 Combo w/ Laser and TLR6 Housings:

First, it fits a ton of pistols, including the M&P Shield. So you can use this laser on all your handguns, not just your single stack handguns.

The compatibility is accomplished with the interchangeable housing. Simply pop the light and laser out of the housing, and put it in the housing that fits the gun you want. Then slap it on your gun and go.

Then, as the name suggests, this is a laser and light combo.

The light is a TLR-6 weapon light. It puts out 100 lumens of white light.

It’s definitely not the brightest light in the world. But it’s good enough for typical defensive shooting distances. Though it may not be powerful enough to use as a blinding tool.

The laser is pretty decent. It’s easy to see out to about 10 meters. The dot is still visible at 20 meters. But it might not be bright enough for everyone.

However, the laser is certainly usable for defensive shooting, even with the light on.

The laser and the light are controlled by an ambidextrous switch. The button is placed a bit far forward to use with your trigger finger. But it’s well-placed for operation with your weak hand.

A bigger complaint, though, is how bulky the entire unit is. It makes your gun pretty chunky. But you could still use this Streamlight light and laser on a carry gun without any real discomfort.

Even though there’s a lot of mass to this unit, it’s got a light and a laser. And it fits almost any gun. So it’s totally worth its weight (and cost).


  • Interchangeable housings make this laser compatible with almost any gun.
  • Integrated light is reasonably powerful.
  • Laser is bright enough to see at typical defensive shooting distances.
  • Ambidextrous controls for easy operation with any grip technique.


  • Ambidextrous controls are a bit difficult to reach with your firing hand.
  • A bit bulky, overall.

5. Armalaser TR4 Green Laser for S&W Shield - Green M&P Shield Laser

There are other lasers on the market that offer a green beam. But the Armalaser TR4 Green Laser for S&W Shield is the only dedicated green laser. That in itself isn’t a huge benefit. But this is a great green laser for other reasons.

First, the laser is reasonably powerful and focused. The dot is a half-inch at 50 feet. And it’s bright enough that you can see the dot in most light conditions.

In bright sunlight, you’ll definitely start to lose the laser beyond 50 feet. But it works great out to 50 feet, which is plenty of power for defensive and competitive shooting.

Additionally, the laser can be set to constant-on and pulsing operation. Configure your laser so that it’s easiest for you to see and track.

There are also 2 activation modes: Grip-Touch and push-button.

The best thing about the Grip-Touch activation is that it requires no pressure to activate your laserIt will activate your laser as long as your hands are in roughly the right place, even if your grip isn’t perfect or you have grip issues.

The push-button on/off switch is a bit too far forward to reach with your trigger finger. However, it works fine for operating your laser with your weak hand.

This Armalaser model makes your trigger guard a bit chunky. However, it’s actually slimmer than most other M&P Shield lasers. You may still feel it. But it’s less intrusive than most other options.

Even though it’s not quite perfect, this is still an excellent option for any defensive or competitive shooter who prefers a green dot.


  • 50-foot range is powerful enough for all types of handgun shooting.
  • Offers constant-on and pulsing operation to ensure that your dot is visible and easy for you to track.
  • Grip-touch and push-button operation give you plenty of flexibility in your grip technique.
  • Adds less bulk to your trigger guard than many competing models.
  • Excellent warranty support.


  • Laser gets a bit weak beyond 50 feet.
  • Still adds enough bulk to your trigger guard that you’ll probably still feel it.

Pointing Lasers

Lasers aren’t for everyone. But, if you’ve made it this far, you probably figure an M&P Shield laser is for you.

Crimson Trace Laserguard Red Laser Sight for S&W Shield Handgun

Want a great laser that’s reasonably priced? Get the Crimson Trace Laserguard Red Laser Sight for S&W Shield Handgun. It’s impressively powerful. And it’s got well-designed controls and multiple activation methods.

Now that you know, you can add a secondary sighting system to your M&P Shield. It’s time to add some resiliency and precision to your single-stack carry gun.