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When it comes to self-defense tools, guns are an excellent option. But, the reality is that you can’t take your gun everywhere. At least not without breaking the law.

Since breaking the law is not advisable, pepper spray is a good tool to have. It might not be as effective as a gun. But, pepper spray works well. And, there are very few places with laws against pepper spray.

Also, pepper spray is far more affordable than a firearm. So, it’s an economical option for self-defense, as well.

Our Best Choice

Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

  • Range of up to 10 feet
  • Long shelf life up to 4 years
  • Ultraviolet dye to identify attackers

SPOILER: If you’re already convinced, and want to hurry and pick up some pepper spray, get the Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray. It’s effective and very affordable.

If you’re here to learn about all the options before you decide, keep reading. We’ll cover a wide swath of pepper spray options.

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As you may know, our winner is up first. After that, the rest of the crowd will be sorted by price, from most economically appealing to most economically crushing.

Time to pop this bottle open.

1. Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray - Best Overall Pepper Spray

The Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray is similar to the sprays used by some law enforcement agencies. The formula is strong. And, it’s designed to help police with their investigation.

This pepper spray is formulated with both traditional pepper spray and tear gas. It’s an incredibly potent mix. However, it’s potent enough that you may feel it a bit yourself when you use this spray.

Additionally, there’s UV dye mixed into the solution. This helps police identify the attacker once they’ve been apprehended.

The canister uses a stream pattern to achieve an effective range of about 10 feet. This extends your defensive capabilities out to the most common distances where defensive confrontations usually start.

This pepper spray is also very compact. It’s a bit more than four fingers tall, and features a twist lock top. So, you can keep it in a pocket or purse without worrying that it will discharge unintentionally.

The solution has a 4 year shelf life. So, you won’t need to replace your spray often.

Lastly, there are practice canisters for this pepper spray. These are excellent for developing familiarity with the safety system and dialing in your accuracy, so you can take advantage of the 10 foot range.

Saber is one of the most popular and trusted pepper spray brands, and the price and capabilities of this pepper spray are hard to beat.


  • Pepper spray and tear gas formula for excellent effectiveness.
  • Ultraviolet dye for identifying attackers.
  • 10-foot range.
  • 4 year shelf life.
  • Practice canisters available.


  • Twist top takes a bit of practice to get really quick with.
  • Spray is strong enough that you may feel the effects yourself.

2. Saber Red Lipstick Pepper Spray - Discreet Pepper Spray

The Saber Red Lipstick Pepper Spray makes it easy to carry your pepper spray without drawing attention to your defensive tools.

It’s full strength pepper spray, but disguised as a lipstick case. The formula also includes UV dye for identifying attackers. Similar to a concealed firearm, the lipstick case disguise can give you more control over when you deploy your pepper spray.

The shape doesn’t affect the function, either. This pepper spray fires in a stream pattern, with a range of 10 feet. It’s just as good as most standard pepper sprays.

The lid acts as the safety. It fits securely, and prevents the pepper spray from being unintentionally discharged in your pocket or purse. However, it’s not quite as secure as the traditional twist lock that most pepper sprays use.

Even so, this pepper spray is very affordable and easy to carry. And, it may be the most convenient option for many people.


  • Compact, discreet pepper spray.
  • Stream pattern spray with a 10 foot range.
  • Lid safety keeps pepper spray safe, but is easy to remove.


  • Lid safety isn’t as secure as a twist lock safety.

3. Saber Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners - Pepper Spray for Active Lifestyles

As you may have guessed, the Saber Red Pepper Gel Spray for Runners is designed for active individuals, who wear active clothing without good pockets.

This pepper spray features a hand strap, so you can carry it while you run, cycling, or anything else.

The spray itself is OC gel that improves the range, and minimizes the atomized mist that might affect you when you use it. The gel stream extends the range to 12 feet. And, it only affects your target.

There’s only one drawback to gel spray: it requires a bit more accuracy to use effectively, since the stream is very concentrated.

But, this little canister is also capable of delivering 35 bursts, for dealing with multiple threats. And, there’s a 120 decibel alarm with 3 red LED lights to help get attention in case you’re unable to call 911 immediately.

All in all, this is a very capable pepper spray, with a nice carrying feature that makes it more suitable for those who are outside a lot.


  • Includes hand strap for carrying during high intensity activities.
  • Gel spray doesn’t affect the user.
  • 12 foot range.
  • Capable of spraying 35 bursts.
  • Integrated 120db alarm and 3 LED lights to get attention.


  • Gel stream requires more accuracy than a traditional spray.
  • Twist lock takes some practice to use fast.

4. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Key Guard Key Chain - Compact Pepper Spray

The Mace Brand Pepper Spray Key Guard Key Chain provides a convenient way to keep your pepper spray handy, without being obvious and intrusive.

As the name suggests, this pepper spray attaches to your keychain. So, you won’t forget it.

But, it’s also small enough not to attract a lot of attention. If you want it to be really discreet, get it in black. It blends in better that way.

The pepper formula is OC pepper spray, derived from peppers. It might burn. But, it’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction for you, if you use it.

Even though it’s tiny, this model is capable of up to 6 bursts, with a range of 5 feet. The spray pattern is a cone. This pattern makes it easy to hit your target. However, the range is a bit short.

There’s a flip cap that acts as the safety. It’s perfectly fine for ensuring the spray doesn’t discharge unintentionally. However, the small ridge on the cap may be hard to find under stress.

But, this is still a great option if you need something that’s easy to keep on you at all times, and won’t attract a lot of attention.


  • Attaches to your keychain.
  • Small enough not to attract much attention.
  • OC pepper spray that’s unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Contains 6 bursts.
  • Cone pattern makes it easy to hit your target.


  • 5 foot range is a tad short.
  • Flip cap safety might be tricky to disengage under stress.

5. Saber Red Pepper Gel Spray - Gel Pepper Spray

The Saber Red Pepper Gel Spray is designed to provide protection at maximum range, with a lower failure rate than some other pepper sprays.

Saber designed the gel in this pepper spray to more reliably stop attackers. The University of Utah verified the effectiveness in a study that found this pepper spray successfully stopped attackers more often than many other brands.

One reason this pepper spray is so effective is because the range is 18 feet. This enables you to engage much sooner, if you need. And, it gives you more time to fire a second burst, if necessary.

There are 18 bursts in the bottle. So, there’s enough gas in the tank to deal with multiple threats.

Lastly, the safety is a flip top trigger safety, which is easier to use than a twist top safety.

So, it takes less practice to become proficient with this pepper spray.

Unfortunately, the capabilities of this pepper spray require a larger canister. This model is probably best for carrying in a purse or keeping in your car. It might be a bit hard to hide in a pocket or on your belt.


  • Very effective pepper spray formula.
  • 18 foot range.
  • Capable of firing 18 bursts.
  • Flip top trigger safety is easy to use.


  • A bit large for pocket or belt carry.

6. Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray - Marking Pepper Spray

The Fox Labs Mean Green Pepper Spray provides traditional pepper spray stopping power, with more assailant identification capabilities than other options.

The spray it self is Fox Labs proprietary pepper spray blend that’s proven to be remarkably effective.

But, it’s also mixed with green dye, so that any attacker you spray can be easily identified by police.

The spray pattern is a heavy stream, that reaches 12 to 15 feet. The range is solid, and provides you ample defensive range for firing multiple bursts, if needed.

If you need multiple bursts, there’s enough liquid in the canister for 32-36 half-second bursts. That’s more than enough to deal with one or more assailants. 

However, this pepper spray is a liquid. So, it can drift your way and affect you, too. And, the bottle is a bit larger. So, it’s best for purse or vehicle carry.

But, the marking capabilities and long range make this an excellent option for those who may not be able to carry in a pocket or on a keychain.


  • Highly effective pepper spray formula.
  • Green dye for identifying attackers.
  • Heavy stream that reaches 12 to 15 feet.
  • Capable of 32 to 36 half-second bursts.


  • Liquid spray can drift back on the user.
  • A bit on the bulky side.

7. Kimber MFG Inc. Pepper Blaster - Firearm-Style Pepper Spray

If you usually carry a firearm, pepper spray that works like a firearm can be more efficient and consistent. The Kimber MFG Inc. Pepper Blaster uses a gun-shaped design to make the most of your familiarity with a handgun.

This pepper spray works very similarly to a handgun. It’s a very small handgun, to be sure. But, the function is similar enough that training with a handgun will improve your efficiency with your pepper spray.

However, even if you’ve never fired a gun before, you can learn to use this pepper spray quickly and efficiently.

The pepper itself is OC spray, fired in a capsule. There’s no blowback or chance of the pepper spray affecting the shooter. And, the capsule travels 13 feet in a tenth of a second.

The range gives you plenty of time and distance to defend yourself, and you won’t get any pepper mist in your face.

If you’re not familiar with carrying a gun, this pepper spray may feel awkward for you. But, it’s small enough to hide on your belt or in a purse. And, there’s a holster available for more convenient concealed carry.

Unfortunately, this pepper spray is not legal in every state. So, check your state laws before purchasing.

But, for those who can get it, this is the best option if you usually carry a gun, or want a defensive option that’s more ergonomic than traditional pepper spray bottles.


  • Works like a handgun.
  • Fires a pepper spray capsule, which cannot drift or blowback on the user.
  • 13 foot range.
  • Can be carried in a concealed carry holster.


  • Not legal in every state.

Washing Off

Pepper spray is a totally viable self-defense option, that can be carried in more places than a firearm. So, pepper spray a good tool to have, even if you already carry a gun.

Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

If you want top-of-the-line pepper spray that’s affordable, get the Saber Advanced 3-in-1 Pepper Spray. It’s been tested, and we know it works.

Now that you’ve combed through all the options, pick up some pepper spray, and protect yourself, no matter where you go without breaking the law.