Best Reloading Kit – Locked and Reloaded.

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

It is without question or doubt.

The absolute worst part of shooting is the cost of ammunition.

And if you do find inexpensive ammunition, you are often running sub-optimal materials through your otherwise immaculately cared for firearms.

Nobody. Wants. That.

The solution is as simple as it is rewarding.

Reloading your own ammunition. 

You can spend less than a third of the cost of a new box of .44 magnum by reloading. That means one of these kits would pay for itself in as little as 7 boxes. That’s one really good day at the range.

So that also means more time at the said range, better skill development, and a more intimate understanding of the complex skill we all love. Shooting.

But what’s the right model for me—or the shooter in my life?

To quote the philosopher Brigante:

“Okay, I’m reloaded!

  • Great value
  • Mail-in rebate for free die set
  • Handbook included

This system includes a T-Mag II reloading press, a Gen 6 powder system, Universal® trimmer, Pro 1200 Turbo® tumbler, 50th Edition Lyman Reloading Handbook, Universal loading block, Pocket Touch 1500, calibration check weight, case-prep multitool, bench wrench, E-ZEE Prime hand priming tool, Quick Slick™ case lube, Magnum Inertia bullet puller and stainless steel calipers. Almost everything you could need to get after it.

The Top Reloading Kit in the Market Today

Zen and the Art of Reloading - Best Reloading Kits

1. Lyman Ultimate Reloading System - Best Complete Reloading Kit

Lyman reloading kits, presses and dies have provided an era of reloaders with complete high-quality equipment needed to not just start reloading but to pass down this hobby and passion to the next generation of shooters.

The Lyman Ultimate Reloading System is the result of 137 years of firearm experience. 

Outfit your entire reloading bench with all the gear necessary for all parts of the reloading process.

High caliber tools and accessories—manufactured to rigorous expectations—ensures decades of life out of the kit.

Get set up for reloading all your favorite rounds in one money-saving bundle with Lyman's Ultimate Reloading System. 

This system includes a T-Mag II reloading press, a Gen 6 powder system, Universal® trimmer, Pro 1200 Turbo® tumbler, 50th Edition Lyman Reloading Handbook, Universal loading block, Pocket Touch 1500, calibration check weight, case-prep multitool, bench wrench, E-ZEE Prime hand priming tool, Quick Slick™ case lube, Magnum Inertia bullet puller and stainless steel calipers.

Setting you up for nigh immediate production of whatever you most love to shoot.

This kit even comes with a mail-in rebate voucher for a free Lyman die set. Making your dollar reach as far as your shots.


  • Great value
  • Mail-in rebate for free die set
  • Handbook included
  • Comes with lube
  • Stainless steel calipers


  • Doesn’t come with dies or shell holders

2. LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit - Best Reloading Kit for Beginners

The Lee reloading business began in 1958 with the invention of the famous Lee Loader for shotgun shells. Lee Loaders, for rifle and pistol ammunition, came along just a few short years later. 

These effective and economical tools have introduced over a million and a half shooters to the pleasure and efficiency of reloading.

Dies, presses, crimpers, powder measures, priming tools, scales, bullet molds, melters, bullet sizers, lubricants, turrets, trimmers, and many accessories have all been inventions introduced by Lee and often copied by others.

And it is in part that famed regard that makes LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit a perfect starting point for any reloader.

This kit and a set of Lee dies is everything you need to begin reloading. The Classic turret press is fast and convenient when loading handgun cartridges, with rates in excess of 250 rounds per hour possible with practice. 

The kit includes the Pro Auto-Drum powder measure and riser, perfect for all handgun and small rifle cartridges. Large and Small Safety Primes are included making on press priming a snap.

The Instant-change turret makes adjusting calibers quick and simple too.  Further, deactivate the auto-index and batch load the longest and largest rifle cartridges. 

In short, there is little that a LEE reloading kit can't do.


  • Made in the USA
  • Capable of over 250 rounds per hour
  • Fast and convenient turret press
  • Perfect for handgun & small rifles
  • Lube included


  • Bench placement system sold separately

Hornady is a company that needs little in the way of introduction because of how ardent and vocal those who've used their equipment are.

Just as quality had always been highly prized within the company, so too has innovation.

With the Lock-N-Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press, one gets a mighty dose of both.

For decades, reloading has been a driving force behind the Hornady brand of success. 

From the single-stage Classic to the progressive Lock-N-Load AP, Custom-Grade Dies—and more innovations to come—they are continually putting more into reloading so you can get more out of it. Progressive reloading that’s smooth, precise and fast.

With every pull of the handle, you can feel the difference between this high-performance machine and other ordinary reloading presses.

The rugged construction and strength of The Power-Pac Linkage System literally multiplies and accelerates the leverage you apply to the handle. And since the AP features automatic indexing, priming, and ejection, every pull of the handle gives you a precisely loaded round.

Lock-N-Load AP has a 5-station quick-change bushing system that allows quick and easy swap overs from 223 to 45 in under 5 minutes.

The EZject feature delivers 100% reliable ejection of every cartridge every time. Cutting seconds from every round, minutes from every box, and hours of time every month.

The brilliant case retainer spring allows you to quickly and easily remove or insert a case at any point in the loading process. Making any last second adjustments as easy as the rest of the process.

In short. You can’t beat this progressive reloader kit from Hornady.


  • Auto-progressive loading press
  • 5-station bushing system
  • Reliably ejects cartridges without adjustments
  • Case-activated powder drop
  • Change dies with one quick twist


  • Powder measure can stick if not properly maintained

4. Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits - Best Single Stage Reloading Kit

The same ideology and policy that made Hornady's progressive reloader top of its class, make their Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits as reliably infallible.

Hornady precision and ease make the classic press a must-have for reloading purists. 

A single-stage press is perfect for both beginners and those who want complete control over every step of the entire process. 

The Lock-N-Load Classic delivers both dependability and precision with its uniquely angled, solid cast frame. It offers greater visibility and easier access to the cartridge—designed to assure perfect die and shell holder alignment—with a quick change bushing system that makes the process quick and easy.

The Hornady Lock-N-Load bushings not only let you switch from one die to another in a matter of seconds, but they also offer the quickest and easiest die setup on the market. 

Just set the die and tighten the Sure-Loc ring onto the Lock-N-Load bushing. 

Quickly remove and reinstall without the need to readjust the die or keep a separate seater die for each of your preferred loads.

Certain, simple, and secure. The Lock and Load Classic is aptly named.


  • 3 lock-n-load die bushings
  • Great for beginners
  • Greater visibility
  • Quick change bushing system
  • Comes with handbook


  • Dies and shell holders sold separately

5. RCBS - TURRET DELUXE RELOADING KIT - Best Turret Reloading Kit

RCBS was founded in 1943 and claims the spot of the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, offering reloading equipment across the globe.

With the RCBS - TURRET DELUXE RELOADING KIT you’ll only need to add a Reloading Die Set and Shell Holder for the caliber(s) you intend to reload and you are ready to go.

All RCBS reloading kits have been updated to include the Universal Case Loading Block, .17-.60 Debur Tool and the Accessory Handle.

The Rock Chucker Supreme press has been lengthened to allow easy loading of today’s longer cartridge designs. With easy operation, ambidextrous handle, outstanding strength, and versatility, the Rock Chucker Supreme is ideal for beginners and pros alike. 

The Rock Chucker Supreme Master Kit features everything one needs to start loading and shooting like the pros, right out of the box.

Each reloading press, reloading die, manual case trimmer or bullet mold is warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for as long as the original owner owns it.

Making this purchase as reliable as the rounds you’ll be able to produce with it.


  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate
  • Ambidextrous handle
  • Strength and versatility
  • Warrantied


  • Mounting hardware not included

6. Lee Hand Press Kit - Best Hand Press Reloading Kit

A hand press is more convenient, portable, and cheaper than any quality single stage bench press and can allow you to reload wherever you might be. 

Making them handy for lifelong shooters, instructors, coaches, and hobbyists alike.

And Lee Precision knocked it out of the park with their Lee Hand Press Kit.

No wonder with Lee Precision’s aforementioned 60 plus years of reloading and manufacturing experience.

Providing reloading convenience for your home or the range without all of the hassle—and wasted time and money—of building, and mounting it to a workbench.

The kit includes a hand press, ram prime, powder funnel and 2 oz. of case resizing lube, and can accept almost all standard dies thanks to the Lee Hand Press’ 3-1/2" of clearance. (Dies sold separately.)

Also, this makes a great addition if you have already have a bench mount kit. This little fella fits in most toolboxes or some gun cases, so even when far from home, you can reload to your heart's content. (At least in pistol, and rifle rounds. Won’t work with shotgun shells.)

Even the oldest and most experienced hand at reloading can find ample use for a hand press, and Lee Precision has the experience to provide the best in the field.


  • Fits in most toolboxes
  • Comes with 2 ounces of case lube
  • Accepts most standard dies
  • Easy to resize
  • Lightweight, portable, and strong


  • Dies are sold separately
  • Doesn’t work with shotgun shells

The Loudest Meditation

From documenting and labeling the ammunition you intend to work with at the very start.

To cleaning and prepping your work station.

Through the satisfaction of seating and pressing a round.

All the way through to throwing lead you packed yourself downrange. 

Every single part of reloading has a ritualistic feel not dissimilar to the meditative quality of a masters tea-service.

The Lyman Ultimate Reloading System—or any other kit on this list—can provide for you not only a lifetime of that meditative experience and inner peace, but can also save you thousands of dollars a year on ammunition expenses.

So if someone is trying to talk you out of your own reloading kit, just let them know its both for your mental health, and for the health of your bank account. 

Nobody who’s an ally to you could ever refuse you anything that does all that at such a low price.

Because shoot more, and spend less sounds a lot like the secret to happiness to me.

So pick yours out and get reloading as soon as possible. Your bank account and your peace of mind (or possibly the partner you share said bank account) will thank you.

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