Modernizing a Classic – Best Remington 700 Chassis

Last Updated on October 27, 2020.

Every now and then a tool will stand out as a paragon and exemplar in their given task. 


The Stone blade.

The wheel.

Sliced bread.

In 1962, Austin Martin debuted the DB4-GT Zagato, and that same year Remington unveiled the 700, and both have existed as incredible functional art since.

But time marches ever onward. With the 700, you can take advantage of all the advancements made in firearms in more than 5 decades since its introduction.

Try that with the Austin Martin at your own risk, and don’t say you weren’t warned. (You know what? Just don’t.)

Today you can build a 700 to fit your personal needs. But what specifically are you looking for?

Are you firing a long or short action weapon?

Is your build a dedicated hunting tool or would you prefer something more modular?

Whatever your case, we have you covered.

  • Modular grip panels
  • Updated locking mechanism
  • Tool-less adjustments

KRG’s modular grip panels offer the shooter a tailored fit to the specific handshape of each shooter, which—combined with numerous attachment points, including handstops, sling mounts, optics, rails, bipods, and more—yields a stock rigged exactly to the needs of each particular shooter.

The Top Remington 700 Chassis to Purchase (2020)

Modern Timelessness - Best Remington 700 Chassis

1. KINETIC RESEARCH GROUP - WHISKEY 3 REMINGTON 700 CHASSIS - Best Remington 700 Modular Chassis


(W3C) is one of the premier chassis available for your bolt action precision rifle today. 

The W3C combines precise aluminum bedding, tool-less adjustments, durability, and excellent all-around ergonomics. 

Directly out of the box, it makes available the use of AICS style magazines (not included, to be clear) in your rifle without any further special additions.

A slew of accessories can be added to the numerous attachment points, including handstops, sling mounts, optics, rails, bipods, monopods, and so much more.

KRG’s modular grip panels offer the shooter a tailored fit to the specific handshape of each shooter, which—combined with the other features—yields a stock that can be adapted exactly to the needs of each particular shooter.

The latest Generation (6) features a new length-of-pull locking mechanism that is a bit more streamlined than previous generations and allows for quick adjustments.


  • Modular grip panels
  • Updated locking mechanism
  • Tool-less adjustments
  • Durable
  • Accessory-ready


  • Heavy
  • Expensive 

2. Magpul Hunter 700 Remington 700 Short Action Stock, Black - Best Remington 700 Short Action Chassis

Magpul has been a leader in firearms innovation for over two decades. With their 60 day no questions asked field test period—commitment to functional practicality, and experience in supplying warfighters with tools for any operational conditions—they stand behind their gear like few others.

For good reason.

And the Hunter 700 Remington 700 Short Action Stock is no exception.

Compatible with standard Remington 700 short action rifles with original Remington hinged floorplates, this chassis requires no bedding and functions as a legitimate “drop-in” solution for right-handed shooters. 

Featuring a heavy-duty polymer outer shell—with type III hard-anodized, machine finished, A380 cast aluminum V-bedding block—the Hunter 700 accepts ALL factory Remington barrels.

At just over 4 pounds, it can cut the total weight of your firearm by 10-20% and if you are out on a long hunt, every ounce matters.

If you’re a righty with a short action 700, you simply can't get more bang for your buck, or more buck for your bang.


  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Affordable fixed stock replacement
  • Accepts all factory Remington barrels
  • Heavy-duty polymer outer shell
  • Lightweight


  • For right-handed shooters only

As above, so below! Just like the Hunter 700 from legendary and trusted manufacturer Magpul comes the Hunter 700L Remington 700 Long Action Stock.

Made from the same reinforced polymer and an anodized aluminum bedding block; This chassis offers shooters a cost-effective replacement fixed stock featuring enhanced modern ergonomics.

Compatible with standard Remington 700 pattern long action rifles with stock Remington hinged floorplates, this chassis requires no bedding and is another honest to goodness “drop-in” solution for right-handed shooters. 

The Hunter 700L is M-LOK compatible to accept a broad range of accessories including Magpul’s popular bolt action mag well 700L—which allows the rifle to be used with detachable AICS-spec box mags without the need for custom inletting.

A reinforced polymer shell with Type III hard-anodized, machine finished, A380 cast aluminum V-bedding block, the Hunter 700L accepts ALL factory Remington barrels.

This nets you a rugged, comfortable, and sexy update for a timeless classic.


  • Reinforced polymer
  • Anodized aluminum bedding block
  • Enhanced ergonomics
  • Requires no bedding


  • Best for right-handed shooters

4. ACCURACY INTERNATIONAL - M700 .300 AICS STOCK - Best Remington 700 Tactical Chassis

Accuracy International (AI) introduced the first commercially available rifle chassis system to the shooting world in 1998. The Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) and accompanying AICS magazines have become the industry standard and measuring stick by which all other chassis systems are judged. 

And rightfully so.

With the M700 .300 AICS STOCK Accuracy International remains on the cutting edge of firearm technological excellence.

AI employs world-class computer-aided design and analytic tools to optimize function and durability. By marrying these methods with advanced on-site prototyping technology, they can rapidly compare and assess a large number of potential design options, and iterate toward the perfect design concept.

Achieving those lofty goals required the deployment of advanced tools and methodologies. 

The prototype development process is enhanced by their frequent use of a high-speed video technology that allows their engineers to analyze the behavior of the products in unparalleled detail.

The results speak volumes.

Whether it be exploring how the rifle chassis flexes when dropped, visualizing the gas flow through a muzzle brake, or capturing the action of the firing mechanism. By intimately understanding the performance of the weapon, AI takes its product designs to the next level.


  • Durable
  • Advanced design
  • Fits all Rem 700 short actions
  • Fits Rem 700 rifle
  • Can be carried flat against the back for comfort


  • The cheekpiece is very smooth, you may wish to invest in some tape to use to cut down on slipping off

5. J P ENTERPRISES - REM 700 AMCS BENCHREST SA STOCK CHASSIS - Best Remington 700 Pistol Grip Chassis

J P ENTERPRISES and their REM 700 AMCS BENCHREST SA STOCK CHASSIS delivers across the board.

The adjustable cheek pad can be lifted to accommodate most AR-15-type optics mounting systems—such as the JPFTSM-30–providing a line of bore relative to shoulder identical to the gas gun. (For a more traditional bolt gun setup, you need only lower the cheek piece and use your preferred standard height rings.)

Combined with a shelved palm grip, you have possibly the most comfortable chassis system—with the most linear impulse feel—and minimal muzzle rise.

An ambidextrous, extended magazine release does not require the operator to relinquish a shooting position to perform a magazine change. Keeping you on sight picture.

The forend on this unit is the wide benchrest-style and comes equipped with studs at 6:00 and 9:00 for a bipod and sling. A JP tactical rail can also be added for rail-type bipods if that’s your preference. 

That modular design makes this one of the best Remington 700 chassis for 300 win mag.

The Advanced Modular Chassis System is machined from 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum with a mil-standard black hard anodized coating. This model will accept any Remington 700 right-hand short action or clone thereof.


  • Adjustable cheek piece
  • Works with any Rem 700 right-handed short action
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Shelved palm grip
  • Made in the USA


  • Can’t be shipped out of the US

A Remington-TON of Modern Reliability

Every one of the chassis on this list will turn your timeless classic into a modern nail-driver. One that fits the specific needs of every single shooter. Be it the WHISKEY 3 REMINGTON 700 CHASSIS from KRG—or any of the other precision-engineered and purpose-built aftermarket stocks on this list. Upgrading your 700 to fit your needs is an investment. An investment in skill-building. In optimization. In all-around performance in general.

In yourself. Because as your skills grow, so too do you. And unlike that Astin Martin, most everyone who sees it will think it looks way more boss with your custom gear. Whether you need long or short action. Tactical or bench rest. Modular or fixed. Pick whichever fits your needs today, and elevate the caliber of your long arm game forever moving forward.

B. Donovan Fousel is a personal combat instructor, with schools across the Midwest. After over a decade in armored transport (and a number of other security gigs) he has just returned from two years sailing the pacific coast.