Best Remington 700 Triggers

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Last Updated on July 31, 2021.

In 1962 Remington introduced the 700, and the world of long-distance point and click interface was changed forever.

But time marches ever onward. Over five decades after its grand unveiling and while this work of art is still a champion in its field. It doesn't mean that machining and firearms engineering hasn’t improved. 

Now it’s easier than ever to fine-tune this classic work of gunsmithing art to your specifications and complex needs.

And as all of us knows, every task dictates the necessary tools for any given shooter.

Whether you need a one for hunting, target shooting, or one that you can adjust for the task at hand, we have our finger on just the trigger for you.

The Top Remington 700 Trigger in the Market Today

Our Best Choice


  • Fully assembled
  • Available for both left and right-handed
  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee

Fully assembled with an adjustable trigger pull weight—1.5 to 4 pounds—creep, and backlash. Housed in an aluminum billet—with either a matte black, blued, or nickel-plated finish—and constructed with heat-treated steel internals and polished sear/trigger surfaces. It’s plain to see why Timney offers a lifetime repair or replace guarantee.

Point and Click - Best Remington 700 Triggers

1. TIMNEY - REMINGTON 700 TRIGGER W/SAFETY CURVED SHOE - Best Drop-in Trigger for the Remington 700

One of the oldest and largest Trigger manufacturers on earth, Timney Triggers has been building the world's finest triggers since 1946.

And their REMINGTON 700 TRIGGER W/SAFETY CURVED SHOE is a testament to that experience. 

Engineered with a newly designed safety that blocks the trigger, not the sear. Assuring that the trigger cannot move when the safety is engaged. Virtually eliminating the risk of accidental sear release when you take it off safe.

Available for both left and right-handed models, and both equipped with a ⅜ inch wide grooved trigger shoe to improve feel and control. Because any variable at the trigger, is a variable at the muzzle.

Housed in an aluminum billet—with either a matte black, blued, or nickel-plated finish—and constructed with heat-treated steel internals and polished sear/trigger surfaces. 

It’s plain to see why Timney offers a lifetime repair or replace guarantee.

Comes fully assembled with an adjustable trigger pull weight—1.5 to 4 pounds—creep, and backlash.


  • Fully assembled
  • Available for both left and right-handed
  • Lifetime repair or replace guarantee
  • Adjustable trigger pull weight
  • Safety blocks trigger not sear


  • It has a tendency to stick right out of the box until broken in

2. TIMNEY - REMINGTON 700 CALVIN ELITE TRIGGERS, 2-STAGE - Best Two-Stage Remington 700 Trigger

Another treasure from Timney, the - REMINGTON 700 CALVIN ELITE TRIGGERS, 2-STAGE features the same 73+ years of experience and lifetime guarantee as the model above.

This time in a two-position trigger with a completely adjustable sear engagement, over-travel, and pull weight ranging from 8 ounces to 2.5 pounds.

Constructed from lightweight aeronautical tempered 6061-T6 CNC Machined aluminum housing with a Wire EDM cut. The unit has a heat-treated steel trigger and sears—which are Teflon coated—giving it that famed reliability and durability. 

Available in blue, black, and nickel-plated, the Calvin Elite is a completely self-contained drop-in trigger, making installation an absolute snap. 

All of this adds up to a two-stage trigger—that pulls crisp and clean every single time—worthy of a long-range nail driver like the Remington 700.

A word of warning though, the Calvin Elite only comes as a right-handed unit.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Two-position trigger
  • Adjustable sear engagement
  • Self-contained drop in trigger
  • Lightweight housing


  • Only available for right-handed

3. JEWELL TRIGGERS, INC. - REMINGTON 700/40X & WIN M70 RIFLE TRIGGERS - Best Remington 700 Hunting Trigger

And they put all of their 30+ years of experience into their REMINGTON 700/40X & WIN M70 RIFLE TRIGGERS.

This self-contained replacement trigger module provides unparalleled reliability, function, and performance for benchrest, varminting, and any other kind of precision shooting you can think of.

All internal components on this unit are CNC machined from stainless steel—then heat-treated to Rc 58 for extended service life.

Conveniently, all adjustment screws are fitted with a nylon insert in order to maintain your trigger settings without requiring messy thread locking compounds.

This single-stage design is three-way externally adjustable, eliminating the necessity of removing the barreled action from the stock to set pull weight, let-off, or overtravel.

Fits Remington 700/40x rifles, right-hand actions only. It WILL NOT fit the MOA trigger group rifles made since 2008. Uses existing safety.

Jewell Inc. custom and hand-built triggers stay true through every single shot—breaking like glass on every pull—and making your skill as a shooter easier to track and improve.


  • Hand-built trigger
  • 3-way adjustable
  • Top lever safety
  • Bottom bolt release
  • Quick and easy to install and clean


  • Fits right-handed actions only

4. RIFLE BASIX - REMINGTON 700 CUSTOM TRIGGER - Best Aftermarket Remington 700 Trigger

Rifle Basix is a quality manufacturer of replacement rifle triggers that has served firearm enthusiasts for over twenty years. They are known for the highest quality in precision machining, 100% customer-focused service and superior overall rifle trigger products. 

Their REMINGTON 700 CUSTOM TRIGGER is no exception. 

This RIFLE BASIX adjustable trigger kit allows you to select the weight of pull, let-off, and overtravel that best suits whatever style of shooting you currently need. 

A comfortable .330" factory width trigger shoe delivers excellent feel, and vertical grooves to provide optimum purchase. Helping you develop real conformity in your squeeze. And that is crucial in developing a uniform shot.

Housed in CNC machined aluminum 6061-T6 billet, the Rifle Basix Custom Trigger provides greater internal clearance and reduces drag for a smooth clean pull. 

Internals are machined and hardened steel levers and pins, keeping this tank of a trigger pulling clean for the life of the firearm.

And with a Remington 700, we’re talking an heirloom lifespan.


  • Pulls clean
  • Safety and bolt release
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Durable


  • Limited functions

5. Triggertech Rem 700 Stainless Special - Best Remington 700 Adjustable Trigger

Triggertechs Rem 700 Stainless Special is an upgraded version of their Primary further improving action and precision on any right-handed Remington 700 model rifle. 

Utilizing CLKR Technology—and a number of additional hand refinements—the pull weight on the Special model is quickly and accurately adjusted from 1.0 - 3.5 lbs in 1oz increments from an externally accessible set screw.

Due to its exceptionally crisp break, many shooters report the pull weight feeling about half a pound lighter than a friction based trigger of the same measured weight. 

Just like the Primary model, this drop-in trigger provides a true zero-creep break, extremely short overtravel and offers outstanding reliability, even in the harshest environments.

Frictionless Release Technology (FRT), along with hardened 440C stainless steel internal components—ensconced in a 7075 aluminum casing—ensures corrosion resistance and a longer life. As FRT doesn't depend on the coating, polishing or lubricating the engagement surfaces, trigger pulls will be more consistent from shot to shot to shot, for thousands of shots.

Making your shooting that much better, every single time. Because the devil is in the details.


  • Simple to install
  • Easy to adjust
  • Precise break every time
  • Very smooth with no creep
  • No need to inlet stock for safety factory fit


  • Higher in price


To improving the quality of your pull.

To improving your shot placement and grouping.

To improving the overall performance of your weapon.

To improving the safety of your rifle.

To improving every aspect of a skill that we all hold near and dear to our center of body mass. 

All by pulling the trigger on purchasing REMINGTON 700 TRIGGER W/SAFETY CURVED SHOE from Timney.


There is just no overstating the value of being able to adjust and dial in your unit to your specific shooting needs. After all mastery of a skill is almost always found in understanding the minutiae of the basics, and when it comes to shooting—particularly long-range—it doesn’t get more basic nor fundamental than one’s pull.

And most of these beauties will compensate for the recalled misfire issue while simultaneously improving everything else about the firearms capabilities.

This Timney affordable, rugged, reliable, crisp—and a mountain of other flattering adjectives— trigger is a true drop-in masterpiece for any shooters long-arm. Just be sure to check the specs and make certain it fits your specific tool. 

Any model on this list will help you sharpen your shot, so point and click this week, to point and bang next.