The Best Rimfire Suppressor for Making Quiet Rounds Even Quieter

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

Most rimfire rounds are small caliber and not that loud even without a suppressor. So when you put a suppressor on… They’re super quiet. With some suppressors, the sound of the action is louder than the gunshot itself.

It’s cool. A suppressor makes your rimfire firearm far more than hearing safe. Most rimfire cartridges suppress well enough that you could easily shoot without hearing protection, no matter what. This is better than most larger calibers, where a suppressor only makes the gun hearing safe in limited exposure.

Also, remember, looking cool is half the battle. And a suppressor makes you look cool.

Dead Air Armament Mask HD
  • Excellent sound suppression. Can be less than 120 decibels with standard .22LR ammo.
  • Titanium and steel construction is ridiculously durable, almost overbuilt for a rimfire suppressor.
  • Requires comparatively little cleaning.

SPOILER—if you’re here to buy, not read, get the Dead Air Armament Mask HD Suppressor. It’s a rimfire suppressor that’s built just like a centerfire suppressor. So you get exceptional performance and durability.

If you prefer to read a bit more before you slap a suppressor on your rimfire gun, we’ve got all the info you need to find the best rimfire suppressor for your gun. Read on.

Top Rimfire Suppressor on the Market Today

Best Rimfire Suppressor Reviews: The Quietest of the Quiet

The overall best rimfire suppressor is up first. The best rimfire suppressor in each category will be checked in order of price.

The best priced suppressors are near the top.

And you’ll find the most outrageously priced (but arguably best performing) suppressors near the bottom.

And on with the reviews.

1. Dead Air Armament Mask HD Suppressor - Overall Best Rimfire Suppressor

The Dead Air Armament Mask HD Suppressor is essentially a scaled down version of the Dead Air Armament Sandman series of suppressors. It’s been tweaked for rimfire performance. But the build quality and sound suppression are still there.

On a rifle, this suppressor can reduce the report of a 22LR round to around 120 decibels with standard velocity ammunition, which is significantly quieter than a suppressed .223 round. And the muzzle blast is practically eliminated if you use subsonic ammunition.

So this suppressor can make a .22 rifle or pistol super quiet.

Even though they could have gotten away with aluminum baffles, Dead Air Armament constructed this suppressor entirely of titanium and steel. The outer tube is titanium. And the baffle stack is all steel baffles.

This suppressor will last a ridiculously long time. It’s full-auto rated. And it requires comparatively little cleaning and maintenance.

Lastly, it’s only 5.1 inches long. So it only adds about 4.6 inches to the overall length of your firearm.

However, it weighs 6.6 ounces. That’s not heavy by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s heavy when compared to a suppressor that uses aluminum baffles. But it takes a bit more weight to get such bomb-proof construction.

Admittedly, this isn’t the least expensive rimfire suppressor out there. But it’s reasonably priced. And it’s hard to beat the performance and build quality that you get from this suppressor.


  • Excellent sound suppression. Can be less than 120 decibels with standard .22LR ammo.
  • Titanium and steel construction is ridiculously durable, almost overbuilt for a rimfire suppressor.
  • Requires comparatively little cleaning.
  • Compact.


  • A tad on the heavy side for a rimfire suppressor.

2. Surefire SF Ryder 22-S Suppressor - Budget Rimfire Suppressor

The Surefire SF Ryder 22-S Suppressor is a relatively affordable suppressor that performs well and offers a few more creature comforts than many suppressors in this price range.

As you’d expect, it makes a .22LR cartridge more than hearing safe with standard ammunition. Most tests have found that this suppressor makes a .22 round quieter than 120 decibels. This suppressor is good for your hearing.

However, it’s got an all-steel baffle stack. And the baffles have spacers to reduce carbon buildup and cleaning requirements. Steel baffles also mean that this suppressor is full-auto rated. So you can really drive this thing hard, if you want.

Even with the additional space between baffles, this suppressor is only 5.4 inches long. Not the shortest. But still pretty compact.

It also uses a fluted body to reduce weight and help the suppressor cool faster. Even though all the baffles are steel, this suppressor still weighs just 5.2 ounces, about an ounce less than some comparable suppressors.

Unfortunately, the outer tube is aluminum. There’s nothing notably wrong with aluminum (it does stay cooler to the touch than steel). But a steel or titanium tube would be more durable.

Even so, this Surefire suppressor is remarkably durable and easy to maintain. It’s a great buy for the money.


  • Solid sound reduction: less than 120 decibels with standard 22LR ammo.
  • All-steel baffle stack makes this suppressor extra durable and full-auto rated.
  • Baffle spacers reduce cleaning needs.
  • Fluted body tube reduces weight and improves cooling.
  • Lightweight.


  • Aluminum body tube isn’t quite as durable as steel or titanium.

3. Ruger Silent-SR Suppressor - Value Rimfire Suppressor

The Ruger Silent-SR Suppressor falls somewhere in the middle of the price spectrum in terms of price. But the materials and design are also a step up.

First, the sound suppression is excellent. It reduces the report of .22LR rounds by up to 40 decibels. That means that it could bring the report of a .22 rifle below 100 decibels.

For reference, the sound levels in a busy restaurant can get above 80 or 90 decibels. So this suppressor can make your rimfire rifle ridiculously quiet.

The construction is also beefy.

The outer tube is titanium. And all the baffles are steel.

Additionally, the baffles and tube fit tightly together, which keeps corrosive gases away from the outer tube and end cap.

All this gives this suppressor an exceptionally long service life. It’s full-auto rated. And, the design reduces the cleaning and maintenance requirements. So you get a lot of hassle-free shooting with this suppressor.

Also, it’s only 5.37 inches long. There are shorter suppressors out there, but not many. And those suppressors aren’t that much shorter.

However, being built like a (very small) tank means that this Ruger suppressor weighs 6.3 ounces, which is on the heavier end of the rimfire suppressor spectrum.

But the weight is still more than manageable. And the performance is more than worth a few extra ounces.


  • Can bring the report of a .22LR round below 100 decibels.
  • Titanium and steel construction is ridiculously durable and long-lasting.
  • Baffle design keeps corrosive gases away from the outer tube and end cap to help prevent carbon lock.
  • Very compact. One of the shortest suppressors on the market.


  • A bit heavy for a rimfire suppressor.

4. Q Erector 22 LR Suppressor - Configurable Rimfire Suppressor

The Q Erector 22 LR Suppressor is a ridiculously modular and configurable rimfire suppressor. As the name suggests, it’s a bit like an erector set: you can build your own suppressor!

“Build your own suppressor” might be a tad bit of an overstatement. But this suppressor has no outer tube. And the baffles screw together. So you can configure this suppressor with as many baffles as you want.

With all the baffles installed, this suppressor is 7.6 inches long. That’s pretty bulky for a rimfire suppressor. But the sound reduction is incredible. A .22 rifle could be quieter than 100 decibels with this suppressor.

And, even with all the baffles installed, this suppressor weighs just 2.6 ounces. It’s ridiculously lightweight. You might not even notice this suppressor on the end of your gun.

If you want a more compact or an even lighter suppressor, just remove some baffles. Easy peasy.

However, all these best-in-class features come at a cost: only the blast baffle is steel. The remaining baffles are aluminum. Aluminum works just fine. However, it’s not as long-lasting or low-maintenance as a suppressor with an all-steel baffle stack.

But the configurability makes this Q Suppressor excellent for those who want a single suppressor for multiple guns. Just choose as much suppression as you need!


  • Top-of-the-line sound suppression.
  • Customizable size and performance.
  • Ridiculously lightweight.
  • Full-auto rated.


  • A bit bulky with all the baffles installed.
  • Only the blast baffle is steel. The remaining baffles are aluminum.

5. SilencerCo Osprey Micro Suppressor - Compact Rimfire Suppressor

The SilencerCo Osprey Micro Suppressor is essentially a miniature version of the Osprey suppressor. However, this model is more modular than the standard Osprey.

First, the sound suppression is good. It’s not the best. But it does bring a .22LR round down to less than 120 decibels in its full-size configuration. So it does it’s job of protecting your hearing.

However, this suppressor is ridiculously compact. It’s just 4.6 inches long, overall. And you can remove a couple baffles to make it just 3.1 inches long. Of course, you lose some sound suppression. But this suppressor can be tiny.

And, despite the modularity and small size, it’s still full-auto rated with any rimfire cartridge. So it holds up to a respectable amount of abuse.

It also uses a tubeless design to reduce carbon buildup and prevent carbon lock. That means easy disassembly and cleaning no matter how often you clean this suppressor.

Lastly, the offset body keeps your sight picture clear for less distraction and better shooting.

Although this isn’t the quietest suppressor out there, it’s easily the most compact modular suppressor on the market.


  • Sound suppression is good enough to make rimfire rounds hearing safe.
  • Extremely compact.
  • Full-auto rated.
  • Tubeless design reduces carbon fouling for less required cleaning.
  • Offset design keeps sight picture clear.


  • Sound suppression could be better.

6. GEMTECH MIST-22 Silencer - Integral Rimfire Suppressor

If you want sound suppression without adding additional length to your rifle, the GEMTECH MIST-22 Silencer is the way to go.

This is essentially a combined .22LR barrel and suppressor. So you get suppression in a package that’s the same length as a rifle without a suppressor.

And the sound suppression is superb. It reduces the noise level of a .22LR round by 40 decibels. That means your rifle will produce less than 100 decibels of sound with standard ammunition, which is remarkably quiet.

This suppressor fits on almost any Ruger 10/22. And it’s full-auto rated. So don’t be afraid to dump a couple 25-round magazines.

However, the design does pose some limitations.

This suppressor is only compatible with .22LR. It’s the most common rimfire round, which is good. But most detachable suppressors are compatible with multiple rimfire calibers.

Also, this suppressor reduces your barrel length to 2.25 inches. So you lose a bit of precision and range.

However, it’s still a super cool suppressor that makes a 10/22 rifle really quiet without making it larger.


  • Awesome sound suppression. Can make a 10/22 rifle quieter than 100 decibels.
  • Fits 10/22 rifles, one of the most common rimfire rifles in the world.
  • Adds zero length to your rifle.
  • Full-auto rated.


  • Only fits 10/22 rifles.
  • Reduces barrel length to 2.25 inches.

7. Griffin Armament Paladin 5 Suppressor - Multi-Caliber Rimfire Suppressor

The Griffin Armament Paladin 5 Suppressor is one of the few rimfire suppressors that’s also capable of suppressing centerfire cartridges.

Obviously, the sound suppression is pretty strong. It reduces the report of a .22 pistol to about 115 decibels. And a .22 rifle with a longer barrel would be even quieter. It might not be the quietest rimfire suppressor on the market. But the sound suppression is top-notch.

However, this suppressor can also make 5.56mm and 22-250 rounds hearing safe as well. And it comes with a 5.56mm muzzle device (in addition to the direct thread attachment). So you can put this on your AR-15 and your rimfire rifle.

Also, this suppressor is constructed mostly from stainless steel. The body tube and blast baffle are stainless steel.

Then, the remaining baffles are titanium. The construction is not only bomb proof, these materials offer excellent heat transfer to help this suppressor cool faster.

Lastly, this suppressor is just 6.3 inches long. That’s actually pretty short for a rimfire suppressor. And it’s impressively compact for a 5.56mm suppressor.

However, the stainless steel and titanium construction make this Griffin Armament suppressor rather heavy. It weighs 12.5 ounces. That’s pretty normal for a 5.56mm suppressor. But it’s almost twice as heavy as a dedicated rimfire suppressor.

Even though you have to put up with some extra weight for the multi-caliber capabilities, there are very few rimfire suppressors that offer as much performance and flexibility. If you need a rimfire suppressor that will also do the job on your 5.56mm or .223 rifle, this is pretty much the only way to go.


  • Solid sound suppression. Makes .22LR, 5.56mm, and 22-250 hearing safe.
  • Bomb-proof construction: entirely stainless steel and titanium.
  • Compact, especially for a 5.56mm suppressor.
  • Comes with an AR-15 muzzle brake.


  • Weighs almost twice as much as a dedicated rimfire suppressor.
  • Expensive.

Getting REALLY Quiet

Rimfire cartridges may not be suitable for all applications. But, no matter what you use your rimfire firearms for, a suppressor makes them safer for your hearing, more fun, and more pleasant to shoot in any context. And a suppressor virtually eliminates the recoil from small caliber rounds.

A suppressor does a lot more for your shooting than you might expect.

Dead Air Armament Mask HD

If all the options feel a bit overwhelming, just get the Dead Air Armament Mask HD Suppressor. It’s extremely well-built, gives you excellent sound suppression, and it’s tough to get a better suppressor without paying more money. So it’s a great deal, overall.

That’s the story on rimfire suppressors. If you want a better shooting experience than you thought possible with a rimfire firearm, it’s time to get a suppressor, and really step up your game.