A Little Stability: The Best Ruger 10/22 Bipods

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

The Ruger 10/22 is a pretty versatile little rifle. It even does pretty well in precision shooting, for a .22LR.

It’s also a great learning platform for young shooters. So a Ruger 10/22 bipod is a great piece of hardware to have in your Ruger 10/22 kit. A bipod makes it much easier for youngsters to learn proper trigger control and sighting. And even experienced shooters can have a great time with a Ruger 10/22 on a bipod.

There are a lot of bipods out there. And many of them are legitimate contenders for the best Ruger 10/22 bipods title.

Leapers UTG Tactical OP
  • Reliable mil-spec design
  • Excellent 4.5 pound pull weight
  • Two-stage trigger for smooth trigger press and precise shooting

SPOILER—but we don’t do ties around here. So the Leapers UTG Tactical OP Bipod is the overall best Ruger 10/22 bipod. It’s affordable and durable. But it’s not overkill for a 10/22.

But what if you want a bipod that’s overkill for a 10/22? Well, we’ve found all the best Ruger 10/22 bipods. So you can decide for yourself what’s enough and what’s more than enough.

Top Ruger 10/22 Bipods on the Market Today

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The overall best Ruger 10/22 bipods get unfolded first. The best Ruger 10/22 bipods from each category will get popped open in order of price.

The most affordable Ruger 10/22 bipods are at the top of this article.

Scroll way down to the bottom to find the bipods that are probably overkill for a Ruger 10/22.

Time to set up and take the shot.

1. Leapers UTG Tactical OP Bipod - Overall Best Ruger 10/22 Bipod

The Leapers UTG Tactical OP Bipod might not be the ideal bipod for a high-end precision rifle. But it’s more than sturdy enough for a Ruger 10/22. And it’s quite affordable.

These bipods are constructed from steel and aluminum. All the mounting and adjustment hardware is steel for maximum strength. And the legs are aluminum to keep the weight down.

Admittedly, these bipods could be sturdier. They might not be ideal for hard use under a heavy, high caliber rifle. But a Ruger 10/22 doesn’t cause any flex or wobble. These bipods are easily strong enough shooting .22LR.

The legs deploy quickly and stay folded using a spring tension system that’s fast and easy to use. And the basic model offers adjustment from 6.1 to 7.9 inches, which is probably best for a 10/22. Though, you can get the taller model, if you need more height.

Lastly, these bipods mount to either a picatinny rail or a sling stud. That way you won’t need to upgrade your stock or add any hardware to mount these bipods.

Ultimately, these bipods might not be the perfect bipods for every rifle. But the price and quality are a perfect match for a Ruger 10/22.


  • Steel and aluminum construction is more than sturdy enough for a Ruger 10/22.
  • Legs deploy and fold up quickly and easily with the spring tension system.
  • Height adjusts from 6.1 to 7.9 inches.
  • Mounts to a picatinny rail or sling stud.
  • Really well-priced.


  • May not be sturdy enough to be your one-size-fits-all bipod for all your rifles.

2. Caldwell XLA Shooting Rifle Bipods - Budget Ruger 10/22 Bipods

The Caldwell XLA Shooting Rifle Bipods are another bipod that’s ideally suited to pairing with a Ruger 10/22 from a price and durability standpoint.

These bipods are actually quite sturdy, sturdier than you might expect, given the price. But they’re constructed from aluminum, with steel mounting hardware. They’re reasonably light. And they’re quite stable.

Most shooters find that these bipods are sturdy enough to put under most rifles.

And they’re super easy to operate, since the legs pop open and fold up with spring tensioners. Also, these bipods attach to your rifle with simple thumb screws. No tools required.

These bipods come with a sling stud mount, which works for most factory Ruger 10/22 stocks. Unfortunately, if you have a stock with a picatinny rail, you’ll need an adapter.

Last detail, these bipods are available in 3 adjustment ranges:

6 to 9 inches.

9 to 13 inches.

13 to 23 inches.

So you can get bipods that will work, no matter what your shooting situation is like.

These Caldwell bipods are another model that’s certainly not overkill for a 10/22. They’re just about perfect for a small rifle, and tough enough to use on your other rifles, if you want one set of bipods for multiple guns.


  • Aluminum and steel construction is more than tough enough for a Ruger 10/22, but still very lightweight.
  • Spring loaded legs fold up and deploy super quickly and easily.
  • Mounts to a sling stud for compatibility with most factory stocks.
  • Available in multiple adjustment ranges to match your shooting needs.
  • Very affordable.


  • No picatinny rail mount included.

3. Bog Gear LLC. Havoc Bipod - Versatile Ruger 10/22 Bipods

It’s not always necessary to mount a bipod to your rifle. The Bog Gear LLC. Havoc Bipod is a really solid bipod option that offers the absolute simplest operation.

Rather than mounting directly to your rifle, this bipod uses a forend cup that you simply rest your rifle in. The cup has a rubber traction pad to keep your rifle from sliding in the bipod. Just set your rifle in the bipod and shoot.

Also, these bipods might seem unusually tall. These bipods adjust from 21 inches to 50 inches high. This is nice because you can easily use these bipods for shooting from a standing position.

But, they also work very well for shooting from the sitting position and for benchrest shooting. However, you’d be hard pressed to make these bipods work for shooting from the prone.

These Bog Gears are affordable, durable, and versatile bipods, though. And they make a great addition to any hunting kit, regardless of which rifle you take.


  • Uses a forend cup rather than a direct mount, which makes it much easier to use this bipod with multiple rifles.
  • Excellent for shooting from the standing, kneeling, and sitting positions.
  • Adjusts from 21 to 50 inches, which is a huge adjustment range.
  • Great for hunting with any rifle.


  • Not great for shooting from the prone position.

4. Harris Engineering Model BRM Series 1A2 - Value Ruger 10/22 Bipods

Harris Engineering is one of the most well-known names in bipods. Unfortunately, they’re not known for building inexpensive bipods. However, the Harris Engineering Model BRM Series 1A2 is one of their most affordable models. And you still get Harris Engineering quality from this bipod.

These bipods are manufactured from aluminum and steel. The legs are anodized aluminum. And all the steel parts are made of tempered spring steel.

The materials are pretty standard. But these bipods are manufactured to pretty tight standards. So there’s very little wobble or flex. They’re easily sturdy enough for your heavier, larger caliber rifles, in addition to your Ruger 10/22.

But they’re still easy to use. The legs pop open and fold up using spring tensioners for super fast deployment.

And the legs adjust from 6 to 9 inches in 1 inch incrementsEach adjustment increment has a nice deep notch to ensure that the legs won’t slip, even if you need to put some pressure on your bipod.

These bipods mount to a sling stud, which works for most factory stocks. Unfortunately, there’s no picatinny rail compatibility. But you can get an adapter, if you have a picatinny rail.

These certainly aren’t the least expensive bipods on the market. But they’re probably the most affordable bipods with the sort of durability that you get from Harris Engineering equipment.


  • Aluminum and tempered steel construction is strong and lightweight.
  • Spring loaded legs pop open and fold up super quickly and easily.
  • Legs adjust from 6 to 9 inches in 1 inch increments.
  • Mounts to a sling stud for compatibility with most factory stocks.
  • Super sturdy construction.


  • No picatinny rail mount included.

5. Harris Engineering Ultralight Bipod - Lightweight Ruger 10/22 Bipod

The Harris Engineering Ultralight Bipod is designed to deliver the same rugged performance as the BRM series. But these bipods are lighter than the BRM series bipods.

These bipods are still constructed from aluminum and steel. But the parts have been trimmed and skeletonized to shave off a few ounces of weight.

The legs are spring loaded for super fast, easy deployment and breakdown. And the legs adjust from 6 to 9 inches. All the adjustability and convenience is still in place.

But these bipods weigh just 13 ounces, a few ounces less than the BRM series counterpart.

Lastly, these bipods attach to a sling swivel. So you can mount them to your factory stock. Unfortunately, there’s no picatinny rail mount.

But, if you want a set of lightweight bipods that are still fully functional and durable, these Harris models are the bipods to get.


  • Aluminum and steel construction is just as durable as many heavier bipods.
  • Spring loaded legs for ultra fast and easy setup and breakdown.
  • Legs adjust from 6 to 9 inches.
  • Weighs less than a pound.
  • Attaches to a standard sling swivel for factory stock compatibility.


  • No picatinny rail attachment.
  • A bit expensive.

6. Harris Engineering LM Series S Bipod - All-Purpose Ruger 10/22 Bipod

What if you want a super capable bipod that’s good enough for all of your rifles, including your Ruger 10/22? The Harris Engineering LM Series S Bipod is that bipod. It’s easily good enough for benchrest shooting with any rifle.

This bipod is built with the same tight, aluminum and steel construction that you get from any other Harris Engineering bipod.

The legs are also spring loaded for the fastest, easiest deployment and breakdown. And the legs adjust from 9 to 13 inches in increments that are less than one inch, for super precise adjustability.

However, the big deal with the S series bipods is that there’s a swivel on the base that enables you to pan and tilt your rifle. That way you can transition from target to target without shifting your bipod feet. And you can adjust your bipod to accommodate uneven shooting positions.

Last detail: these bipods attach to a sling stud for compatibility with most factory stocks.

These bipods are certainly expensive. However, they can easily be your one-size-fits-all bipods for all your rifles, which makes them worth the money.


  • Aluminum and steel construction is as durable as you’d expect from Harris Engineering.
  • Spring loaded legs are super fast and easy to operate.
  • Legs adjust from 9 to 13 inches in very small increments for the most precise adjustment.
  • Swivel mount enables you to cant your bipod to accommodate uneven terrain.
  • Attaches to a standard sling stud.


  • No picatinny rail mount included.
  • Expensive.

Getting a Stable Shooting Position

Your Ruger 10/22 is probably one of the most versatile rifles in your collection. And a bipod makes your Ruger 10/22 even more versatile and easier to shoot, especially for younger shooters.

Leapers UTG Tactical OP

If you want a great bipod that’s not going to break the bank or make your Ruger 10/22 look out of place in a super fancy pair of shoes, get the Leapers UTG Tactical OP Bipod. It’s a super affordable bipod that’s more than capable enough for your 10/22, without being overkill.

It might be easy to shoot a Ruger 10/22 offhand. It’s not that heavy. But a bipod will help you get more stable shots, and therefore more accurate hits. So, it’s time to make a very reasonable investment in a bipod...