Build Your Own Rifle: The Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades and Modifications

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

The Ruger 10/22 is an affordable and easily upgradeable rifle. There’s no reason not to slap on some of the best Ruger 10/22 upgrades and modifications you can find.

And a few choice upgrades can turn your Ruger 10/22 into a nice little rifle.

But there are a ton of potential upgrades that you could make to your Ruger 10/22. So we sorted through the entire internet and dug up the very best Ruger 10/22 upgrades and modifications.

SPOILER—if you just want to know how the story ends, get these two upgrades:

  1. Green Mountain Ruger 10/22 Replacement Barrel.
  2. Magpul Industries Hunter X-22 Rifle Stock for Ruger 10/22.

If you can only afford these two upgrades, you’ll still have a very respectable Ruger 10/22.

For those who want to add even more upgrades and modifications to your rifle, keep reading. We’ve got a long list of best Ruger 10/22 upgrades and modifications.

Top Ruger 10/22 Upgrades and Modifications on the Market Today

The Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades and Modifications Reviews: Build a better 10/22

These reviews are organized in order of importance.

The upgrades and modifications that will improve your Ruger 10/22 the most are up front.

The parts that tune your Ruger 10/22 more than upgrade it are near the end.

1. Green Mountain Ruger 10/22 Replacement Barrel - Overall Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrade

Adding a better barrel is a very fast, easy, and affordable way to make your Ruger 10/22 a more precise rifle. The Green Mountain Ruger 10/22 Replacement Barrel is a remarkably affordable Ruger 10/22 barrel that offers a notable precision and reliability improvement.

This is a full profile barrel with a Bentz chamber.

The full profile provides more precision than the standard tapered barrel. The Bentz chamber also has slightly tighter tolerances to further improve the precision, while also ensuring reliable extraction.

Unfortunately, the Bentz chamber is not compatible with CCI Stinger ammunition. But any other ammunition will work.

Even with this small limitation, this barrel offers some of the most performance improvement per dollar, even compared to other upgrade components.


  • Full profile offers much better precision than the factory tapered barrel.
  • Bentz chamber improves precision and ensures reliable extraction.
  • No fitting necessary. Plug and play upgrade.


  • Not compatible with CCI Stinger ammunition.

The Magpul Industries Hunter X-22 Rifle Stock is easily the best stock you can get for a 10/22, when you consider the price and performance.

It’s a relatively lightweight polymer stock that offers noticeable upgrades to your rifle’s configurability.

The length of pull can be adjusted from 12.5 inches to 14.5 inches with the included butt plate spacers. The comb height can be adjusted. And the grip angle is 60 degrees off the bore axis to put your wrist and trigger finger in natural positions.

There are also M-LOK attachment points on the forend for attaching whatever accessories you’re into.

So this stock can be configured so that your rifle is as fast and easy as possible for you to get on target and make accurate shots, from any shooting position.

Unfortunately, the QD sling sockets must be purchased separately and installed.

But that’s not unique to this Magpul stock. And at least you can install QD sling sockets in this stock without much cutting.

Even with that little hiccup, this stock is still the most ergonomic improvement you can get for the money.


  • Adjustable length of pull.
  • Adjustable comb height.
  • M-LOK attachment points for attaching whatever forend accessories you like.
  • 60-degree grip angle puts your wrist and trigger finger in natural positions.


  • QD sling sockets must be purchased separately and installed.

3. Ruger 10/22 Extended Magazine Release - Ruger 10/22 Mag Release

As nice as the Ruger 10/22 is, the magazine release is one of the most difficult to reach. The Ruger 10/22 Extended Magazine Release addresses this issue. And it’s a Ruger component. So you know it will fit.

The main thing about this magazine release is that it extends the release lever to the front of the trigger guard. This makes it much easier to reach with your index finger and release your magazine quickly without shifting your firing grip.

However, this Ruger 10/22 mag release follows the exact contour of your trigger guard. So it’s very streamlined and won’t snag on anything.

The design is a tad minimal, compared to some other magazine releases. It doesn’t extend all the way to the back of the trigger guard. It may be tricky to reach if you have short fingers.

But it’s an affordable upgrade that comes with the fit of an OEM part and makes your Ruger 10/22 significantly faster and easier to use in tactical contexts.


  • Extends the magazine release so that you can reach it without releasing your firing grip.
  • Follows the exact contour of the trigger guard to minimize bulk and snagging potential.
  • Easy to install and offers the fit of an OEM part.


  • May be a tad challenging to reach if you have short fingers.

4. TANDEMKROSS Ruger 10/22 Advantage Charging Handle - Tactical Ruger 10/22 Upgrade

The TANDEMKROSS Ruger 10/22 Advantage Charging Handle makes your Ruger 10/22 much easier to operate in tactical contexts because it turns your 10/22 into a true side-charging rifle.

This charging handle adds a full-size tab to the left side of your 10/22. That way you can run the bolt with your support hand. So you can load and reload without compromising your firing grip for faster, more consistent shots after performing firearm manipulations.

This has the added benefit of making your rifle ambidextrous, which enables left-handed shooters to operate their 10/22 like normal people.

Additionally, this TANDEMKROSS charging handle includes a picatinny rail. So it also functions as an optic mount for those who want to replace their factory iron sights.

It’s a simple upgrade. But it makes your rifle so much easier to operate quickly and efficiently in any context.


  • Turns your 10/22 into a proper side-charging firearm.
  • Makes your rifle ambidextrous.
  • Adds a picatinny optic rail to the top of your receiver.


  • Picatinny rail may not be as stable as a solid optics rail.

5. Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release - Ruger 10/22 Bolt Release

Releasing the bolt on a Ruger 10/22 is a slow, cumbersome operation. The Volquartsen 10/22 Bolt Release makes releasing the bolt much faster and easier.

Essentially, this bolt release enables you to release the bolt by simply pulling the bolt to the rear, instead of pulling the bolt to the rear with one hand while simultaneously pressing the bolt release with the other hand.

It makes releasing the bolt much faster. And makes it doable with one hand. That way you can maintain a proper grip on your rifle, regardless of what manipulations you need to do.

Additionally, this bolt release is stainless steel. So it’s more durable than the OEM bolt release.

But, it offers a drop-in fit. There’s no fitment or filing necessary.

Is there a downside to this Volquartsen bolt release? I’m not sure there is. It’s an all-around upgrade for your Ruger 10/22.


  • Makes it fast and easy to release your bolt with one hand.
  • Stainless steel construction is just as durable, if not more durable, than the OEM bolt release.
  • Drop-in fit.


  • Might make releasing your bolt too easy…?

The Nodak Spud LLC., Ruger 10/22 Rear Sight with Rail is an upgrade to your Ruger 10/22 iron sights. However, it also adds an optic rail. So you can replace your iron sights altogether, if you want.

There are 2 benefits to the rear sight on this rail:

First, this rear sight is a peep sight, which makes it easier to take accurate shots. And, even though it’s more precise, this rear sight is still easy to use for quick shots.

Then, this rear sight sits at the rear end of the receiver. This gives you a longer sight radius, which is more precise than the shorter sight radius of the factory sights.

Lastly, as the name suggests, this rear sight also comes with a picatinny rail, that way you can add a red dot or other optic, which is even faster and easier to use than the upgraded iron sights.

Unfortunately, this Nodak Spud sight rail is not compatible with many upgraded charging handles, since these charging handles often come with their own picatinny rails or require use of the space that this picatinny rail occupies.

But using an optic makes shooting faster and more precise, regardless of which firearm you use with an optic. And this rail enables you to take advantage of the current optical technology.


  • Upgrades your rear sight with a peep sight for more precision.
  • Extends the sight radius on your rifle for even more precision with your iron sights.
  • Adds an optic rail so you can use your 10/22 with a red dot or other optical sight.


  • May not be compatible with all upgraded charging handles.

7. Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Bolt Tune-Up Kit - Ruger 10/22 Reliability Upgrade

The Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Bolt Tune-Up Kit enhances almost every stage of the firing process.

Rimfire rounds are more prone to misfires than centerfire rounds. This kit includes an upgraded firing pin to ensure that—if you do get a misfire—it’s the ammunition’s fault, not an issue with your rifle. That way, your rifle reliably fires every time you press the trigger.

This kit also includes an upgraded extractor. This helps eliminate the extraction and ejection issues that come with rimfire rounds.

The extractor features a sharper, more exact edge to ensure that it always hooks the case rim and pulls spent casings from the chamber. That way you get fewer failures to extract and fewer malfunctions, overall.

However, installing this kit does require you to completely disassemble your bolt and pop a pin or two. It’s not too difficult. And you can probably install this kit yourself. But you may want to have a gunsmith install this kit, just to make sure that you get the reliability upgrade you’re looking for.

If it’s properly installed, though, this kit will make your Ruger 10/22 even more reliable than it already is.


  • Upgraded firing pin reduces misfires.
  • Exact Edge Extractor reliably hooks spent casings and pulls them from the chamber to reduce failures to extract.
  • Polished parts make your bolt operate more smoothly.


  • Might be a bit tricky for some to install, depending on your comfort with minor gunsmithing.

One thing that the Ruger 10/22 does pretty well, right out of the box, is the trigger. The stock trigger is pretty decent. However, the Powder River Precision Inc., Ruger 10/22 Drop-in Trigger Assembly makes it even better, both from a performance and reliability standpoint.

First, this trigger reduces trigger travel and overtravel. The factory trigger already has fairly minimal travel and overtravel. This trigger makes it even shorter. It’s super easy to press this trigger without disturbing your point of aim.

Additionally, this trigger significantly improves the trigger break. It almost completely removes the creep that you feel in the factory trigger.

One more thing: this trigger features a 2.25 pound trigger press. It’s a perfect pull weight for precision shooting. It’s remarkably easy to break shots without shifting your point of aim at all.

Then, this Powder River Precision trigger includes an upgraded hammer that ensures you get a positive primer strike. So this trigger ensures that you get a bang instead of a click when you press the trigger.

It’s a tad pricey. But this Ruger 10/22 trigger is a solid all-around upgrade for your 10/22.


  • Almost completely removes travel and overtravel.
  • Super crisp break, with almost zero mush.
  • Reduces the trigger press to 2.25 pounds, which is outstanding for precision shooting.
  • Upgraded hammer ensures you get a solid primer strike every time.


  • A bit expensive.

Maximizing Your 10/22 Performance

The Ruger 10/22 is a really solid rifle, right out of the box. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. There’s room for improvement. And you can greatly improve your Ruger 10/22 with relatively few upgrades or modifications.

Or you can add lots of upgrades and modifications for a remarkably nice Ruger 10/22.

But, if you want to make your Ruger 10/22 nice, without spending much money or dong too much gunsmithing, add these 2 upgrades and modifications:

  1. Green Mountain Ruger 10/22 Replacement Barrel.
  2. Magpul Industries Hunter X-22 Rifle Stock for Ruger 10/22.

Now that you know what’s possible, add a few upgrades to your 10/22 and make it a real shooter.