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Last Updated on June 20, 2022.

Mario Puzo, the writer of The Godfather, coined the expression, “In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.” Put a shotgun in the hands of a woman, and you get the double-threat of empowerment and confidence.

Whether you’re looking for a self-defense super-star shotgun or a shotgun geared for taking down trophies in the field, it’s essential to understand the shotgun market. This can help you find the best gun for you and your individual needs.

This guide can help you do just that. From 12-Gauge shotguns to 410 shotguns, there’s something here to help every woman feel confident and prepared.

Benelli M4 H20 Tactical Semi-Automatic
  • Amazing corrosion-resistance
  • Low-maintenance and exceptionally rugged
  • High round capacity

While expensive, this gun is, without doubt, an incredible self-defense weapon. Corrosion-resistant and boasting a simple, reliable action, this is a weapon you can count on.

Best Shotguns for Women on the Market Today

Top 7 Best Shotguns for Women: Tap Into Your Inner Hero

1. Benelli M4 H2O Tactical Semi-Automatic Shotgun: Best Self-Defense Shotgun for Women

Benelli has done it again with the M4 H20 Tactical Semi-Automatic Shotgun. This gun is primed and ready for self-defense with a 5+1 round capacity and a maneuverable barrel length of 18.5”. The Titanium Cerakote finish is durable and corrosion-resistant, making the weapon even more reliable in case of an emergency.

While it’s on the more expensive side, the sheer reliability of this weapon makes it well worth the money. This is the rugged, low-maintenance personal defense weapon that can withstand almost any environment, including marine settings.

The pistol grip synthetic buttstock fits easily into your hand. Benelli’s ground-breaking ARGO mechanism eliminates many of the complicated linkages associated with shotgun action. The result is a powerful, robust, and simple action that can be relied upon, even after the gun has sat for a period of time.

A sturdy recoil pad cuts muzzle lift, meaning you can fire rapid follow-up shots while staying on target. All of these factors work together to make this gun a phenomenal piece of self-defense weaponry.


  • Amazing corrosion-resistance
  • Low-maintenance and exceptionally rugged
  • Powerful, simple action
  • High round capacity
  • Maneuverable


  • Most expensive item on the list

2. Franchi Affinity Catalyst in Walnut: Best 12-Gauge Shotgun for Women

This gun’s size and shape are optimized to fit a woman’s frame and sit comfortably in female hands. 12-gauge shotguns are a convenient shotgun choice for a number of reasons.

Ammo is widely available due to the popularity of these firearms. 12-gauge shotguns also function well as multi-purpose weapons. From skeet shooting to self-defense to hunting in the field, they make an excellent choice for women new to the world of shotguns. You’ll be able to use this gun to explore and learn multiple gun disciplines and increase your firearm confidence.

The Franchi Affinity catalyst boasts a 4+1 round capacity and lightweight construction to facilitate easy handling. A 28-inch barrel, reliable inertia-driven action, and gorgeous walnut furniture make this gun as beautiful as it is functional.

If you’re looking for a beautiful gun that looks just as great in the field as it does on display, this shotgun is an excellent option.


  • Beautiful, classic walnut stock
  • Lightweight construction perfect for female use
  • Awesome multi-purpose weapon


  • Low round capacity
  • Rather expensive

3. Mossberg 590 Shockwave Pump 20-Gauge: Best 20-Gauge Pump Shotgun for Women

If you’re looking for a gun that is perfectly suited to hunting birds such as turkey, quail, and grouse but can also double as an effective deer-hunting weapon, this is it. 20-gauge shotguns are geared for hunting birds with shot shells but, with the use of slugs and buckshot, can take down larger targets.

This particular 20-gauge is lightweight and fits well against a woman’s frame. With a barrel length of 14” and a fixed magazine, this gun places primacy on light construction and efficiency. The bird’s head pistol grip makes this pump shotgun uniquely compact and maneuverable.

This maneuverability enables the gun to double as an excellent home defense weapon for women. The gun’s short barrel makes it easy to use in tight indoor spaces or close undergrowth.

An ambidextrous top-mounted safety allows the gun to be used by multiple members of the family, whether left-handed or right-handed.

The Cob-style forearm helps to reduce felt recoil and features a nylon strap to help keep your hand in place.


  • Multi-functional; great for hunting or home defense
  • Compact and maneuverable with a bird’s head pistol grip
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Ambidextrous top-mounted safety
  • Cob-style forearm to reduce felt recoil


  • Not the most powerful gun

Shotguns in .410 are geared for small game and pest control. Loaded with slugs, they also are effective when hunting deer and coyotes. However, their specialty lies in their efficacy in small game hunting. Squirrels, rabbits, geese, pheasants, and ducks are all on the menu when this shotgun’s in the house.

The Henry Repeating Arms Lever-Action .410 Shotgun is a classic, well-respected weapon with a 5+1 round capacity. This firearm boasts a 20” blued barrel for superb accuracy and a tubular magazine, which further enhances the gun’s reliability when fired.

This shotgun also boasts a traditionally gorgeous design. The beautiful walnut stock is paired with a blued barrel. This is a gun you can enjoy and rely on for years to come. When not in use, it also makes a beautiful display piece.


  • Beautiful design
  • Well-respected Henry name
  • Superb accuracy
  • Best suited for small game


  • Rather expensive

5. Remington Model 870 Express Hardwood Pump-Action Shotgun: Best Deer Hunting Shotgun for Women

Pump-action shotguns are, in general, famed for their ability to hold multiple rounds and their reliability. The Remington Model 870 Express is one of the best-selling shotguns of all time, and for good reasons.

Used by military organizations and law enforcement across the world, it’s prized by consumers for its hunting, self-defense, and sport-shooting capabilities. A 4+1 round capacity doubled with its pump-action makes it an excellent weapon for both hunting and self-defense purposes.

This Remington gun is famous for its bind-free, smooth-as-silk action, sturdy construction, accuracy, and overall strength. This particular model shoots both 2¾” and 3” shells, but the gun comes in multiple barrel lengths and multiple gauges.


  • Comes in multiple barrel lengths and gauges
  • Reliable
  • Awesome for hunting deer, but also a great self-defense weapon
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Low round capacity

6. CZ-USA Teal Over & Under Shotgun: Best Over-Under Shotgun for Women

The CZ-USA Teal Over & Under Shotgun is among the best shotguns available today. This right-handed gun is crafted with Turkish walnut furniture, a black chrome metal gloss, and features a pistol grip. The result is a gun that is comfortable and maneuverable despite its long, 28” barrel.

Like many shotguns, this gun is geared for steady, quick swinging and incredible accuracy on birds and other small, quick targets. Over & under shotguns are also known for their weather resistance, making this gun an excellent choice for duck season.

Due to the barrel’s length, the CZA-USA Teal is primarily a skeet, clay, and bird hunting weapon. This gun is also useful for taking down pests, like rodents, raccoons, and snakes. The longer barrel makes it a less natural choice for self-defense.


  • Great for sport shooting
  • Amazing accuracy and stability
  • Beautiful craftsmanship and stunning Turkish Walnut furniture


  • Might be a little heavy for smaller women
  • Very low round capacity of 2+1

7. Benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Semi-Automatic Shotgun: Best Semi-Automatic Shotgun for Women

With enhanced ergonomics and superior recoil reduction technology, this semi-automatic shotgun balances power and comfort. Geared for competition shooting, this gun is primed to help you crush your sharp-shooting goals.

The Comfort Tech 3 buttstock is paired with a Combtech cheek comb pad, which drastically reduces facial impact. An oversized bolt release and safety make this gun easy to handle under the pressure of a competition or a fast-paced hunt.

Benelli’s incredibly reliable inertia-driven operation makes this gun fantastic. Between a beveled loading port, an improved breech-closing system, and 3+1 round capacity, this gun has it all. It’s primed for competition, as well as for the field.


  • Oversized bolt release
  • Designed for comfort
  • Awesome recoil management
  • Accurate and powerful


  • Expensive

The Ideal Choice For Self-Defense

Benelli M4 H20 Tactical Semi-Automatic

The Benelli M4 H20 Tactical Semi-Automatic Shotgun is worth every penny. Simply put, it’s the most durable, rugged, corrosion-resistant firearm on this list. The bolt, barrel, receiver, and magazine tube are coated with either titanium or Cerakote for maximum longevity. Benelli has also taken pains to ensure that user comfort serves to enhance the accuracy of the gun.

The high-tech recoil pad helps to reduce muzzle lift for greater precision of rapid-fire shots. Meanwhile, Benelli’s auto-regulating gas operation (ARGO) enables the gun to take field loads or buckshot without any adjustment. The ARGO system also simplifies the firing action, lending to even greater reliability.

Women searching for the perfect shotgun for all of their needs will find the Benelli M4 H20 to be an excellent fit for their arsenal.

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