The Best Sig P320 Accessories

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

The Sig P320 is probably the most innovative striker fired pistol in recent memory. The serialized trigger module and interchangeable frames is brilliant.

It’s not quite perfect. But it’s a reliable, comfortable handgun that can be configured for almost any context.

If you’ve read any of our other best accessories articles, you know how this best Sig P320 accessories rundown is going to go.

Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Sig Sauer P320 IWB AIWB Ambidextrous Holster
  • Single belt clip and configurable concealment claw are perfect for carrying at any position.
  • RMR cut for mounting red dot sights.
  • Full kydex construction.

Here’s a SPOILER to help you see what I mean: the overall best Sig P320 accessory is the Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Sig Sauer P320 IWB/AIWB Ambidextrous Holster. Even if you don’t plan on concealed carrying, a good holster is a valuable accessory to have. And this is one of the most versatile holsters I’ve encountered.

But wait, there’s more! We’ve got a bunch of the other best Sig P320 accessories gathered up. So you can get everything you need to do everything you want with your P320.

Top Sig P320 Accessories on the Market Today

The Best Sig P320 Accessories Reviews: Everything You Need for Your Handgun

The overall best Sig P320 accessory is up for review first. The best Sig P320 accessories from each category are presented in order of importance.

The Sig P320 accessories that you should get first and foremost are reviewed first.

The most optional accessories are near the end.

Read the reviews based on which accessories you already have.

It’s hard to make one holster recommendation everyone. But the Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Sig Sauer P320 IWB/AIWB Ambidextrous Holster is about as close as you can get to a one-size-fits-all holster.

First, the belt retention is just a single clip, which is the most versatile setup. It’s least likely to interfere with your belt loops. And it can be used to carry your gun at almost any position.

This holster can be configured with or without the concealment claw, depending on how you carry and whether or not you need it.

And there’s an RMR cut. That way you can mount an optic without changing or cutting your holster.

Lastly, all the hardware can be swapped from one side to the other for left-handed shooters.

My only complaint is that this holster only has a mid-height sweat guard. So the back inch or so of your slide will be against your skin, if you carry your P320.

But it’s a minor issue. And I’ve used mid-height holsters without any comfort problems.

Now, what if you don’t plan on concealed carrying? Do you still need a holster?

In short, yes.

A good holster is useful for keeping your firearm safe in staging or transit. And you can use your holster as a gun bucket while you’re out on the range. That way you don’t need to hold it the whole time or have a table everywhere you shoot.

This holster is an excellent safety device and offers plenty of utility to justify the cost for any Sig P320 owner. And the cost is super reasonable. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


  • Single belt clip and configurable concealment claw are perfect for carrying at any position.
  • RMR cut for mounting red dot sights.
  • Ambidextrous.
  • Full kydex construction.
  • Fits most Sig P320 frame sizes.


  • Mid-height sweat guard leaves a portion of the slide against your skin when the gun is in the holster.

2. Sig Sauer Inc. P320 Magazines - Budget Sig P320 Accessory

It would be nice if the P320 came with more magazines. But, right now, I think only two magazines are included in the box. Getting a couple Sig Sauer Inc. P320 Magazines is a good investment.

If you ask any shooter how many magazines you need, you’ll get a lot of different answers. But more is usually better.

These are the factory Sig P320 magazines. That means that you know they’ll work in your gun.

Also, Sig makes extended factory magazines. If it’s legal in your state, a couple 21 round magazines can be nice for training and plinking.

And, you can get the magazines that fit whatever P320 frame sizes you have. That way you can get flush-fit magazines regardless of which grip length you prefer.

My main complaint about these magazines—and one of my gripes about Sig handguns in general—is that the magazines are pretty expensive.

Yes, Sig Sauer magazines are steel. But other manufacturers make more affordable steel magazines. Sig should get on board the affordable magazines train.

Even so, additional magazines are one of the first things you should get for your P320. That way you can spend your range time shooting rather than filling magazines.


  • Factory magazines are guaranteed to fit and function reliably.
  • Available in whatever caliber and length you need to fit your preferred frame size.
  • Offered in extended, 21-round models.
  • Durable steel construction.


  • Expensive.

3. Grip Modules for the Sig P320 - Value Sig P320 Accessory

One of the biggest selling points of the Sig P320 is the interchangeable grip modules. Buy one P320, get the trigger pack. Then you can just buy different frame sizes if you want a different size gun.

The Wilson Combat WC320 Grip Modules for the Sig P320 are a definite comfort upgrade over the standard Sig P320 grip modules.

However, the Wilson Combat models are only available in full-size. If you want the compact or subcompact frame, you’ll need to get the standard Sig Sauer Inc. P320 Grip Modules.

Either way, additional grip modules enable you to take advantage of the modularity that you get from your Sig P320. With the right grip modules, you can use one P320 for everything from competition to concealed carry.

And the grip modules are really affordable. So there’s no reason not to have a few of them.

The only drawback is that, if you want to change the overall frame size—like going from a full-size to compact, you’ll also need to purchase the corresponding slide, which makes it a bit pricier if you want to essentially build two different guns that run on the same trigger pack.

But the Wilson Combat grip modules are a super affordable way to customize your P320 to your hand size. And, with a few extra parts, you can turn your Sig P320 into a fully customizable Lego kit.


  • Super affordable way to customize your Sig P320 for hand fit and comfort.
  • Enables you to use multiple grip sizes by simply swapping the trigger pack into a different grip module.
  • Grip modules can be used to change the overall frame size of your gun (i.e. turn a full-size into a compact).
  • Wilson Combat grip modules are super comfortable.


  • Requires the corresponding slide to change the overall frame size.

4. Talon Grips Handgun Grip for Sig Sauer - Ergonomic Sig P320 Accessory

I find the standard grip texture on the P320 to be pretty good. But a lot of shooters feel that it’s not grippy enough. If you’re one of those shooters, the Talon Grips Handgun Grip for Sig Sauer are a super affordable solution.

I’ve used Talon Grips on other guns. And this grip tape works surprisingly well. I’ve never had it come off when I didn’t want it to. But, when I did want to remove it, the removal and cleanup was relatively easy.

In addition to the durability and convenience, both the granulate and rubberized grip textures offer excellent grip traction.

The granulate grip texture is a bit too aggressive for some shooters. If you prefer a gentler grip texture, the rubberized texture is perfect.

One thing to know:

Remember how I said the removal and cleanup was RELATIVELY easy? Well, Talon Grips claims that the grip tape won’t leave any glue on your gun when you remove it.

But I’ve found that this isn’t the case. I’ve had to clean some residue every time I’ve removed Talon Grips. It’s not a huge deal. It cleans off pretty easily. But there’s cleanup if you want to remove your Talon Grips.

The best solution to this issue is just to leave them on. Problem solved. If you want better grip texture at a super affordable price, without permanent modification to your frame, this Talon Grips grip tape is the way to go.


  • Installs easily and sticks very well.
  • Rubberized and granulate grip textures offer something for everyone.
  • No permanent modification required.
  • Easy to remove, if you decide you’d like something else.


  • Leaves some residue that needs to be cleaned off when you remove the tape.

5. Sig Sauer Foxtrot1 Tactical White Light - Tactical Sig P320 Accessory

If you’re not the sort to mount a light on your handgun, I understand. You can skip this one.

If you want to mount a light on your handgun, the Sig Sauer Foxtrot1 Tactical White Light is a great light to use.

Sig doesn’t use a special mounting system like some handgun manufacturers. The frame has a standard picatinny rail. So this light will fit on many other guns, as well as your P320. But you KNOW it will fit on your P320.

And it’s a solid handgun light.

It puts out up to 300 lumens of white light, which is decent for a handgun light. It’s not the strongest light on the market. But 300 lumens is enough to work at typical handgun distances.

However, it does have ambidextrous switches. That way you can actuate your light with your weak hand, if you prefer, regardless of whether you’re right or left-handed.

One last thing is that the battery is super easy to replace by removing the bezel. The bezel clicks on and off with a quarter turn. That’s probably not a deal breaker for anyone. But ease of use is nice to have.

It’s not the most extreme weapon light that you can get. But it’s durable, reliable, and easy to use. And that’s a good combination to get from such an affordable handgun light.


  • Manufactured by Sig. So you know it’s going to fit your P320.
  • Puts out 300 lumens of white light.
  • Ambidextrous switches so you can use whatever light operation technique that you’re into.
  • Battery replacement is super quick and easy.


  • Not a super bright light.

6. Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release for Sig Sauer P320 - Sig P320 Accessory for Faster Operation

The controls on the Sig P320 are actually really well designed. And the magazine release is definitely one of the most accessible magazine releases that you can get.

However, the Strike Industries Modular Magazine Release for Sig Sauer P320 makes it better, without getting crazy.

This magazine release has a slightly more aggressive texture to give you better tactile feedback when you press your magazine release.

It’s stainless steel. So it’ll hold up as long as your P320.

And it has 2 different end caps. That way you can customize your magazine release to fit the size of your hand and your grip technique.

All this comes in at about the same price as some polymer magazine releases. So the price is good for this Strike Industries model.

And it’s a nice upgrade to the controls on your Sig P320, without any awkward gimmicks. It might be totally optional. But it’s a nice upgrade for your gun.


  • Improved texture for better tactile response during reloads.
  • Stainless steel construction is just as durable as the stock magazine release, if not more durable.
  • Include 2 button sizes. So you can customize your magazine release to your hand size and grip technique.
  • Affordable


  • Entirely optional. The stock P320 magazine release is pretty well-designed.

Making the Best Better

The Sig P320 is a great handgun. It represents some of the most significant innovations that we’ve seen in handguns in recent years.

However, a few simple accessories will help you make the most of that innovation and the investment you made when you purchased your P320.

Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Sig Sauer P320 IWB AIWB Ambidextrous Holster

If you want to get the one accessory that’s a valuable safety tool, and will make your gun easier to use in any context, get the Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Sig Sauer P320 IWB/AIWB Ambidextrous Holster. It’s an affordable holster. And a holster is a great accessory to have, no matter what sort of shooting you do.

Now that you know, it’s time to outfit your Sig P320, and build your kit. That way you’re ready for anything.