The Best Single Stage AR Trigger for Improving Your Accuracy

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

Two-stage triggers are excellent for all sorts of shooting. Easing through the trigger press makes it easy to break a shot without disturbing your sights. However, many people prefer the crisp simplicity of a single stage trigger press.

And that simple trigger press works much better for a lot of shooters.

If you’ve trained extensively with a mil-spec trigger, you’ll definitely be more accustomed to a single stage trigger. Mil-spec triggers are single stage triggers.

But not all single stage triggers are created equal. Many of them are far better than a stock mil-spec trigger. We’re going to talk about all those single stage triggers.

  • Retains all the function and reliability of a mil-spec trigger.
  • Precision honed friction surfaces for a much smoother trigger press.
  • Nickel boron coated internals for exceptional durability and friction reduction.

SPOILER—if you’d rather not deal with the details, get the ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style Trigger. It’s got all the reliability of a mil-spec trigger, with a greatly improved trigger press.

If you’re all about the details, we’ve got the stuff. We’ll cover all the best single stage AR triggers for your AR-15. That way you can get the trigger that does exactly what you need.

The Best Single Stage AR trigger reviews: A Nice Crisp Break

The best single stage AR trigger is up first. The rest of the triggers will be pulled up in order of price, from the budget buddies to the budget busters.

Let’s test a few breaks.

1. ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style Trigger - Overall Best Single Stage AR Trigger

The ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style Trigger is easily one of the best options for those who want to upgrade their mil-spec trigger without compromising the function of their rifle.

That’s because this is a mil-spec trigger. So the function and reliability is the same as your classic trigger.

However, the key friction surfaces have been precision honed to make the trigger press smoother and a tad lighter than a standard mil-spec trigger.

Additionally, all the parts are nickel boron coated to further reduce friction. The hammer, disconnector, and pins are nickel-Teflon coated to improve surface hardness and reduce the friction even more. The end result is that the overall trigger press comes in at about 6 pounds.

It’s a nice improvement over your stock mil-spec trigger press that will improve your shooting across all shooting contexts. And the price is excellent. It’s one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can get.

But, at the end of the day, it’s still a mil-spec trigger. That may or may not be good news to you.


  • Retains all the function and reliability of a mil-spec trigger.
  • Precision honed friction surfaces for a much smoother trigger press.
  • Nickel boron coated internals for exceptional durability and friction reduction.
  • Nickel-teflon coated hammer, disconnector, and pins to bring the trigger press down to about 6 pounds.


  • Still a mil-spec trigger. The trigger press can only get so good.

2. Bravo Company AR-15 Gunfighter PNT Trigger - Tactical Single Stage AR Trigger

Bravo Company is known for producing incredibly durable and well-made products. And the Bravo Company AR-15 Gunfighter PNT Trigger is their version of the classic mil-spec trigger that’s been upgraded in every way.

Bravo Company stuck with the mil-spec design because it’s reliable. However, this trigger greatly surpasses the ordinary mil-spec standards.

The parts have been three-stage heat treated to achieve superior hardness, toughness, and smoothness.

Additionally, all the bores are honed. And the pins are centerless grounds to ensure perfect parts alignment, which reduces over travel and trigger wobble.

Lastly, all the friction surfaces are hand polished and finished with an electroless nickel finish and teflon coated. All this reduces friction in the trigger movement by up to 300%. And the finish improves corrosion resistance.

This sounds like mostly tech talk. But what this means for you, the shooter, is that the trigger press is remarkably smooth. The break is crispThere’s no grittiness or creep in the trigger press.

This trigger is easily the best tactical mil-spec trigger for the money. And it’s an excellent trigger for precision shooters on a budget.

So, if you want the best trigger you can get in this price range, this is the trigger for you.


  • Reliable mil-spec design, with components that greatly surpass mil-spec standards.
  • Precise alignment between all trigger parts for a straighter, crisper trigger press.
  • Hand polished friction surfaces deliver a remarkably smooth trigger press.
  • Excellent lifespan.


  • Trigger press weight is standard mil-spec weight, which might feel a bit heavy for some.

3. Hiperfire AR-15 EDT Series Trigger - Defensive Single Stage AR Trigger

The Hiperfire AR-15 EDT Series Trigger not only improves the fit and feel of the mil-spec trigger design. It also reduces the pull weight to a more reasonable weight for a duty or defensive rifle.

The parts geometry has been tightened up to improve the trigger smoothness and reduce wobble.

This trigger also has a hammer that’s designed to maximize hammer swing energy. This makes the hammer strike exceptionally hard and ensures reliable firing even with hard primers and cheap ammunition.

And the lock time is remarkably fast, for quick follow up shots and faster strings of fire.

The reset is also incredibly positive to ensure that you never soft reset your trigger, even during high stress shooting.

However, this is the big deal with this trigger: you can set the pull weight at 4.5 or 5.5 poundsIt’s heavy enough to be safe for duty and defensive use. But it’s light enough to give you precision in fast shooting. It’s the ideal pull weight for a duty or defensive gun.

The pull weight coupled with the enhanced reliability makes this an excellent go-to trigger for anyone building a defensive or duty rifle.


  • Tighter parts geometry reduces creep, overtravel, and trigger grit.
  • Retains mil-spec reliability.
  • Exceptionally fast lock time with a positive reset for fast strings of fire.
  • 4.5 or 5.5 pull weight.


  • Pull weight springs are sometimes not exactly 4.5 or 5.5 pounds.

4. CMC Triggers AR-15 Tactical Trigger Group - Value Drop-In Single Stage AR Trigger

The CMC Triggers AR-15 Tactical Trigger Group was designed by competitive shooter Chip McCormick. It gives you a match-grade trigger press without needing to mess with trigger components.

Let’s start with the one possible complaint: this is a drop-in trigger. Some shooters have concerns about the reliability of drop-in triggers. However, it’s rarely an issue with hammer strike force. Most drop-in trigger issues are from pins walking out.

However, CNC has addressed this issue.

First, this trigger is housed in a rigid, stainless steel housing. This keeps all the trigger parts in crisp alignment for a consistently lighter, smoother trigger press.

Additionally, the pivot pins are sheathed in sleeves that ensure the pivot surfaces for the trigger and the hammer are exceptionally smooth to remove grit from the trigger movement.

Speaking of the pins, the pins are fitted with screws to prevent the pins from walking out, which addresses the primary concern with drop-in triggers.

All in all, if you want a trigger that’s been factory tuned to produce a match-grade trigger press, this is the trigger to get.


  • Steel housing ensures that all trigger components stay in perfect alignment.
  • Ultra-smooth pivot sleeves remove grit from the trigger movement.
  • Screws prevent pins from walking out.
  • Factory tuned to deliver a match-grade trigger press.


  • Some shooters have noted issues with pins walking out when using drop-in trigger units.

5. Hiperfire AR-15 Hipertouch Series Trigger Assembly - Precision Mil-Spec Single Stage AR Trigger

The Hiperfire AR-15 Hipertouch Series Trigger Assembly offers a lighter trigger press for precision shooters with the reliability of the mil-spec design.

This trigger features all the same improved trigger geometries and tolerances of the EDT series. But the trigger press is more palatable for precision AR-15 shooters.

The hammer striking force is also about 35% higher than a standard mil-spec trigger. So this trigger also offers some reliability enhancement over a bone stock mil-spec trigger.

The trigger press is exceptionally smooth with a remarkably crisp break. The reset is also very positive. However, there is a tad bit of creep in the trigger press that some precision shooters may find bothersome.

But the overall trigger press is excellent. And there’s no hammer release signal. That helps reduce anticipation, which means more accurate shots.

Lastly, the pull weight: the pull weight can be set at 2.5 or 3.5 poundsIt’s excellent for precision shooting. But it might be a bit light for duty or defensive shooting.

In the end, this is a trigger for precision AR-15 shooters who want the reliability of a mil-spec trigger with a lighter pull weight for better precision.


  • Precision fitted part geometry for a smooth, straight trigger press.
  • Improved hammer strike force for reliable primer ignition.
  • 2.5 or 3.5 pound pull weights are excellent for precision shooting.


  • Just a bit of creep in the trigger press.
  • Trigger press may be a bit too light for duty and defensive rifles.

6. Rise Armament AR-15 Advanced Performance Trigger - Precision Drop-In Single Stage AR Trigger

If you’re looking for a drop-in precision trigger, the Rise Armament AR-15 Advanced Performance Trigger is an excellent option.

The main reason we’ve featured this trigger over something like a Timney competition trigger is because this trigger is remarkably simple. Many precision triggers are almost TOO adjustable.

This one is a drop-in trigger. The installation is a snap.

The housing is precision machined from aluminum to keep all the parts in precise alignment. And, all the trigger components are constructed from heat treated tool steel for exceptional lifespan.

The trigger press is set at 3.5 pounds, which is a great all-purpose trigger pull weight. It’s light enough for precision shooting

But it’s heavy enough to be used safely in duty and defensive applications.

The trigger itself is a bit of a hybrid. It’s mildly curved. So it offers a straight rearward trigger press, like a flat face trigger. But the slight curve promotes consistent trigger finger placement.

However—although the trigger press is smooth and the break is nicely crisp—the reset feels a tad light. It’s still fairly positive. But you may soft reset your trigger when shooting under stress.

But this is an excellent trigger upgrade for precision shooters who want an easy-to-install performance enhancement.


  • Extremely simple match-grade trigger.
  • Precision machined from aluminum and tool steel for precise parts alignment and lifespan.
  • 3.5 pound trigger press is an excellent all-purpose pull weight for both precision and defensive shooting.
  • Hybrid trigger offers a nice straight trigger press and promotes consistent finger placement.


  • Reset might be a bit soft for some shooter’s tastes.

Squeezing Off Shots

Your trigger is the heart of your performance with your rifle. The shooter is always the weakest link in the shooting equation. And your trigger helps make you a stronger part of that chain. So get a good trigger.

If you want a performance upgrade without sacrificing any reliability or longevity, get the ALG Defense AR-15 Enhanced Military-Style Trigger. It’s a high performance mil-spec trigger that comes in at a great price.

Now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to step up your game. Get a nice single stage trigger and start shooting tighter groups.

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