The Best SKS Stocks: Stock, Tactical, and All the Others

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

The SKS is a cool rifle. I’ve heard it called the “poor man’s AK-47.”

I’m not sure if that title is exactly correct. You can choose your own catchy name for your SKS.

Regardless of what you call it, a bone stock SKS can be a bit antiquated. Fortunately, all you really need to update the platform is a stock.

Since the SKS is built on a monolithic chassis, replacing the stock can upgrade your grip, stock, and forend. A decent stock makes the SKS a much more modern platform.

We’re going to explore the best SKS stocks in just a moment.

Choate Tool Sks P.G. Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock
  • Collapsible, M4-style stock gives you an adjustable length of pull.
  • AR-15 style pistol grip adds even more ergonomics.
  • Polymer construction is lighter and more durable than wood.

SPOILERthe Choate Tool Sks P.G. Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock is the overall best SKS stock that we discovered. It’s not too expensive. And it offers a notable upgrade to your basic SKS stock.

If you’re interested in more specialized SKS stocks, or more affordable ones, we’ve got them. Read on to find the SKS stock for you.

Top SKS Stocks on the Market Today

The Best SKS Stocks Reviews: Don’t Make your SKS Live in the Cold War

The overall best SKS stock is up first. The other best SKS stocks are presented in order of price.

The SKS stocks that are built for budgets are up first.

The SKS stocks that don’t even know money is a thing are near the end.

Read the reviews that match your budget.

The main selling point of the Choate Tool Sks P.G. Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock is the M4-style buttstock. Obviously, that’s not the only thing about it. But it’s the main event.

As you’d hope (or expect), the stock is collapsible. This gives you an adjustable length of pull, which is a huge upgrade over the basic SKS stock.

Additionally, this stock gives you an AR-15 style pistol grip. So it’s a solid upgrade for the grip and stock ergonomics. And some argue that it’s easier to do mag changes with a pistol grip.

Whether or not that’s true for you, the adjustable length of pull and pistol grip are more comfortable than the traditional SKS rifle stock.

On top of all that, the entire chassis is polymer. This is an upgrade over the classic wood stock. At the very least, the construction is equivalent to the polymer stocks that shipped on some SKS rifles.

If you have a wood stock, and simply want to replace it with a polymer stock, you can get this stock with a standard rifle grip and fixed buttstockChoate Tool Sks Conventional Stock.

My only complaint about this stock is that the forend is pretty much the same as a standard SKS stock. Even though most aftermarket stocks retain the standard forend, it would be nice to have even a small section of picatinny rail or additional venting.

Even with that small shortcoming, this is still one of the best SKS stocks for the money.


  • Collapsible, M4-style stock gives you an adjustable length of pull.
  • AR-15 style pistol grip adds even more ergonomics.
  • Polymer construction is lighter and more durable than wood.


  • No attachment points, or even additional venting, on the forend.

2. ATI Outdoor SKS Fiberforce Stock - Enhanced Fixed SKS Stock

The ATI Outdoor SKS Fiberforce Stock is designed to upgrade the ergonomics of the SKS without entirely overhauling the classic rifle feel… Too much.

Of course, the rifle grip is pretty vertical, which at least simulates a pistol grip. Some would call it a pistol grip.

Most importantly, though, the pistol grip is comfortable. It reminds me of the B5 pistol grip. It fills out your palm nicely. And it’s angled enough to help keep you from doing the “chicken-wing.”

The fixed stock itself is also nice. It has a raised cheek piece to give you a consistent sight picture and help you take faster shots.

The stock has a decent rubber recoil pad that’s at least the same as the rubber pad you get on a standard polymer SKS stock. It might be a bit thicker. But it’s similar.

The forend has additional vents to improve cooling, which is nice. However, there are no attachment points. This seems to be a theme with aftermarket SKS stocks.

But that’s a small thing. And, since most other SKS stocks have no forend attachment points either, this ATI Outdoor model is an excellent stock for the money.


  • Comfortable pistol-style grip with a fairly vertical angle that helps prevent chicken-winging.
  • Skeletonized stock makes this stock lighter than a standard SKS stock.
  • Raised cheek piece for faster sight acquisition and alignment.
  • Rubber recoil pad is at least as good as the rubber recoil pad on a standard SKS stock.
  • Additional venting on the forend to help keep the barrel cool.


  • No adjustability.
  • No forend attachments.

3. ATI Outdoor SKS Monte Carlo Stock - Polymer SKS Stock

The ATI Outdoor SKS Monte Carlo Stock is very similar to a standard SKS stock. But it’s polymer—which has benefits—and it has a few improvements molded into the shape of the stock.

The polymer construction is lighter than a standard wooden stock. That’s the main benefit of using a polymer stock. But it’s also more weather resistant than a wood stock.

This stock also has a Monte Carlo cheek piece molded into the stock. The molding gives you a more comfortable, more consistent cheek weld, which is ideal if you have an optic mounted on your SKS.

The Monte Carlo stock shape is specifically designed to help you get the same eye relief every time, that way you can find your scope crosshairs or red dot quickly.

On the backend, the rubber recoil pad is thick and honeycombedIt’s quite effective in making your SKS more comfortable to shoot.

The rifle grip is nearly a standard rifle gip. However, it has subtle finger grooves, which are actually rather comfortable. Though, the finger grooves are generally comfortable because they’re non-intrusive.

The rest of this stock is pretty much a standard SKS stock. But that’s not really a bad thing.

If you want a stock that retains much of the standard SKS shape and feel, but is lighter and a bit more comfortable, this stock is the best SKS stock for you.

P.S. You can also get this stock in flat dark earth: ATI Outdoor SKS Monte Carlo Stock in Dark Earth Brown.


  • Lighter than a standard wooden stock.
  • More weather resistant than a wooden stock.
  • Monte Carlo cheek piece is more comfortable and helps you get consistent eye relief with your optic.
  • Thick, honeycombed recoil pad makes your SKS notably more comfortable.
  • Improved rifle grip.


  • No additional sling attachment points, accessory rails, venting, or anything else.

4. Choate Tool SKS Dragunov Stock - Adjustable SKS Stock

The Choate Tool Sks Dragunov Stock isn’t quite as adjustable as an AR-15 stock. The adjustability is more like an adjustable hunting rifle stock.

The adjustability is achieved through spacers behind the rubber recoil pad. Similar to the system you get on a Savage or Tikka hunting rifle. So the length of pull is adjustable, though the adjustment is a bit crude.

The rifle grip is more like a pistol grip. It’s pretty vertical, to minimize chicken winging. And it’s shaped to help you get a consistent grip on your rifle and keep your hand in place, shot after shot.

There’s also a raised cheek piece to help you acquire and align your sights quicklyThat helps you get faster shots, even if you’re just using iron sights.

Lastly, the forend has additional vents to help keep your barrel cool.

Unfortunately, there are no modern attachment points for forend accessories or alternative sling configurations.

But, if you want a stock that simulates the shooting experience of a traditional hunting stock, but with more comfort and adjustability, this Choate stock is the way to go.


  • Adjustable length of pull via spacers in the stock.
  • Thick, honeycombed recoil pad absorbs recoil very well.
  • Pistol grip uses a relatively vertical grip angle and is shaped to keep your hand in place.
  • Raised cheek piece makes for faster sight acquisition and alignment.
  • Additional venting helps keep your barrel cool.


  • Length of pull adjustment is a bit crude.
  • No additional sling or accessory attachment points.

The ATI Strikeforce Adjustable Side-Folding TactLite Stock For SKS Rifles is one of the only folding stocks available for the SKS. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a good folding stock. This SKS stock has a bunch of additional features, beyond the folding stock.

The furniture is M4-style furniture.

It includes a molded pistol grip that has relatively pronounced finger grooves. However, you may not like the pistol grip if you don’t like finger grooves. They’re noticeable. So you’ll feel them if they don’t match up with your hand.

Behind the folding stock adapter, you get a fully adjustable M4-style stock. The stock is adjustable for both length of pull and riser height. And the stock is mostly skeletonized to keep the weight as low as possible.

On the front end, this stock actually has picatinny rail sections. That’s an advantage over most other aftermarket SKS stocks.

Unfortunately, as well intended as the forend rail sections are, there’s a rail section at the 6 o’clock position, right where you need to put your support hand. All I’ll say is that I recommend a rail cover if you don’t add a foregrip.

But, even if this stock weren’t foldable, the adjustability and accessory attachment points would still make it a great stock for any SKS shooter.


  • Molded pistol grip is really comfortable (if you like finger grooves).
  • M4-style stock is fully adjustable for length of pull and comb height.
  • Picatinny rail sections on the forend give you accessory attachment options.
  • Foldable stock.


  • 6 o’clock picatinny rail section is uncomfortable if you don’t use a foregrip.

The FAB Defense M4 SKS Complete Chassis System is one of the few SKS stocks that closely mimics the ergonomics and configurability of the AR-15 platform.

First, the stock is a FAB Defense M4 buttstock. It’s no slouch as a tactical rifle stock.

The body is skeletonized to keep the weight low. And the buttplate is angled for faster presentation from the ready.

It also has a rubber recoil pad. It’s better than no rubber recoil pad. But it’s intended for use on an M4. So the rubber recoil pad doesn’t reduce felt recoil as much as some other SKS stocks.

The pistol grip also has a decent palm swell and a decent pinky tab to ensure you get a consistent firing grip every time and keep your hand in place through multiple shots.

On the forend, there are picatinny rail sections at the 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock, 10 o’clock, and 3 o’clock positions. It’s nice because the 12 o’clock rail can be used to mount certain optics. And the picatinny rail at the 6 o’clock position doesn’t interfere with your support hand grip.

One more thing: the stock is foldableYou really get all the tactical goodies from this stock.

The only downside is that some shooters have found that they needed to do a little filing and fitment to get this FAB Defense stock to fit.

That can happen with any stock, though. A little fitment is a small price to pay to get a stock that turns your SKS into such a capable tactical platform.


  • Includes a FAB Defense M4 buttstock.
  • Comfortably molded pistol grip with an ergonomic palm swell and pinky tab to give you a consistent grip and keep your hand in place through multiple shots.
  • Picatinny rail sections on the forend for forend accessories.
  • Foldable stock.


  • Occasionally requires some fitment to install.

Rescue Your SKS from Antiquated Ergonomics

The classic SKS isn’t bad. But it could be better. And you can completely overhaul your SKS, or just improve the key areas, by simply adding a different stock.

Choate Tool Sks P.G. Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock

If you want a solid SKS stock with good tactical touches, but can be used for anything, get the Choate Tool Sks P.G. Telescoping Pistol Grip Stock. You won’t be disappointed.

You’re all out of excuses for keeping that bland old stock on your SKS. Upgrade your SKS stock. And start shooting with a 20th century SKS.