Browning Gun Safe Reviews – Worth The Money?

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

Do you own a firearm and want to keep it secure, but still want to have quick and easy access to it? A gun safe is the most effective way to be certain that your firearms won’t fall into the wrong hands. Browning has a number of gun safes to give you the necessary peace of mind you seek as a gun owner. We’ll take a closer look at several of their top gun safes, give you our opinion of which one provides the best all-around security and access, and give you plenty of information for making the choice which fits you best.

Top Browning Gun Safes on the Market


  • Constructed of heavy 10 gauge steel
  • Can hold any sized handgun and clip or two smaller handguns
  • Pre-drilled bolt down capability
  • Pry-resistant, recessed door
  • Electron keypad and steel bolt latching


  • Not biometric, so it is a bit slower to get to your weapon in an emergency
  • No steel tethering cable for securing in an automobile (could be added)

The PV-500 Browning Pistol volt offers double the steel of other handgun storage units.

Besides its heavier 10 gauge steel construction, this vault is pry resistant and is secured by ½” solid steel locking bolts. 

The locking mechanism features an electronic touch keypad, a spring assisted lid and LED lighting on the inside.

This safe also features pre-drilled holes for bolt-down capabilities.


• External dimensions: 14 1/2” x 11” x 4 1/2”

• Capacity: two handguns or handgun and extra clip

• Construction: 10 gauge steel

• Lock: electronic keypad, 1/2” steel bolt latching

For the money, this heavy-duty pistol vault is exactly what you look for in both construction and design when choosing a safe.

Not only is it heavier steel than most, but the recessed door with bolt latching sets it apart from most pistol vaults as well. 

There are two improvements that would make it a killer gun safe and those are: the addition of a bio-metric lock and a steel tethering cable for mounting in an automobile or other, more portable applications.


  • 11 gauge heavy steel construction
  • Recessed pry-resistant door
  • 14 steel latching bolts
  • 29 long gun capacity
  • Fire proof


  • More safe than necessary for the average gun owner.
  • Unless you have a pretty extensive collection of guns to secure, it is pretty pricey

The Browning Hunter HR26 is a spacious gun safe which provides plenty of space for up to 29 long guns. Utilizing 11 gauge steel in its construction and with the addition of ThermBlock technology, this gun safe is not only theft proof, but also fire proof. 

This safe is pry resistant with a recessed door, features a three spoke access handle, fabric interior and 14 steel bolts for securing it when you close the door. This safe comes in either a mechanical locking option or with a biometric locking system.


• External dimensions: 60” x 30” x 25”

• Capacity: holds up to 29 long guns and numerous handguns.

• Construction: 11 gauge

• Lock: mechanical or electronic keypad with 14 latching bolts

For those who collect guns or for families who hunt a wide variety of game and have multiple weapons for each member of the family, this gun safe is a great fit.

Besides being pry-resistant and built solid, this safe is also fire proof, which allows you to also store important documents on one of its interior shelves if you desire. 

This is a solid safe with an option for mechanical or electronic lock which is probably a little bit more than your average gun owner needs, or can afford, for his or her small collection of weapons.


  • Portable with tethering cable
  • Soft interior to keep gun in place
  • Spring assisted door opening
  • Priced for most budgets


  • 16 gauge steel construction is pretty light
  • Locking mechanism is little more than your average cash box.
  • Is not pry resistant

Portable pistol vaults like the PVPORT have their place in the firearm security world. This pistol vault has a sleek clamshell design that allows you to quickly get a hold of your weapon when it is unlocked.

It is constructed of heavy steel, features a keyed lock, spring loaded lid and soft interior to protect your weapon and secure it in place during transport, and also comes with a steel tethering cable to secure it inside your automobile. Besides these features, this pistol vault also has a 1 year warranty.


• External dimensions: 10” x 8 1/4” x 2 1/4”

• Capacity: single handgun

• Construction: 16 gauge

• Lock: keyed lock

The portability of this pistol vault with its steel tethering cable and its spring assisted lid opening are the limits of the great features of this gun safe. Though it is priced to fit all budgets, this is made of very lightweight material and its design is not pry resistant.

The locking mechanism is little better than your average garage sale cash box. Neither the price nor warranty make this a good value.


• External dimensions: 11” x 9 1/4” x 8”

• Capacity: two handguns

• Construction: 14 gauge recessed steel door, 10 gauge body

• Lock: biometric with (2) 1/2” steel bolt latching

The Browning ProSteel Pistol Vaults offer twice the steel of other handgun storage solutions, making them one of the safest handgun storage solutions on the market.

Additional features, like interior LED lighting, a programmable four button key pad, and a spring assisted lid make them one of the most convenient as well. 9.25" x 11" x 8 Weight: 16 pounds Body: 10-Gauge Steel Lid: 14-Gauge Recessed Plate Bolts: 2 -- 1⁄2" Solid Bolts (2 Active) Hinges: Heavy duty, Interior Lock: Electronic with Touch Pad Paint: Hammer Gray texture finish This item may ship in its manufacturer packaging. Contents will not be concealed.

Perfect for securing handguns, cameras, wallets, and documents. Ideal for home, office, cabin, car or truck. Twice the steel of competing pistol vaults. Bolt-down capable

10-Gauge Steel Body: Safety & Security 14-Gauge Steel Door: Recessed to resist prying; Spring-assisted for fast & easy access. Four Button Key Pad: Quick Access; Reprogrammable LED Lighting allows easy locations of contents at night or in a closet

Manual Key Lock to access vault when batteries need replacing or code is forgotten External Electrical Contacts for access when batteries need replacing and key is not available


• External dimensions: 16” x 12” x 12”
• Capacity: two to four handguns
• Construction: 14 gauge recessed steel door, 10 gauge body
• Lock: biometric with (2) 1/2” steel bolt latching

Do you need a place to store your handguns as well as other valuables but need quick access? 

Take a look at the Browning PV1500 Biometric Pistol Vault. It features 3 ways to get in - a biometric lock which gives you quick access to your pistol with just a touch of your fingertip, electronic 4-button touch pad where you can easily program your own personal code, or a manual key lock which is used if the batteries go out or you forget your code. 

This new model for 2016 also features an external electrical contact which is used when the batteries die or your key is lost. Just use a 9V battery to power up the safe and punch in your combination or use your fingerprint to get in.

Inside the Browning PV1500 Biometric Safe is LED lighting which illuminates the interior and makes it easy to locate your contents and pistols at night or in a dark closet.

Another feature includes (2) tough, solid 1/2" diameter locking bolts which secure the lid in place. The steel is made of 10-gauge and the color is a textured matte black finish.

External Electrical Contacts - Should the batteries fail or if the key is lost, Pistol Vaults include external electrical contacts that power the touch pad. (9V back-up battery not included).

LED Lighting - Bright LED lighting illuminates the interior making it easy to locate the pistol vault's contents at night or in a dark closet.

Biometric Lock - Get instant access to your pistol vault with just a touch of your fingertip. Uses eight AA batteries (not included).

Electronic 4-Button Touch Pad - Easily program your own personal code to offer ready access to your handguns and small valuables. Uses eight AA batteries. (Not included.)

Manual Key Lock - Batteries go out? Forgot your code? No problem. Access the pistol vault anytime using the unique four-sided key.

Our Opinion

Best Browning Gun Safe for the Money

Browning Pistol Vault - PV500

Security and easy access are both major concerns for those who own firearms. Browning provides a range of gun safes to fit various needs.

The wide range of gun safes in our review provide various options for securing your gun, but of the lot, the one which is most worth the money is the Browning Pistol Vault - PV500.

The Browning Pistol Vault - PV500 provides the strongest steel construction and best security against tampering of all of the models we reviewed.

Though it would be improved by a biometric lock, the electronic touch-pad on this safe provided you with ready access without a lot of trouble. It is also versatile for transportation, placement in a drawer, under a bed or on a shelf.

Depending upon your needs, our recommendation might not suit you for various reasons.

With information you gained from these reviews, we hope that you will be better able to make an informed decision concerning the gun safe model which does fit your needs and preferences. Also, check this review made specifically to withstand damages and rust.