Burris AR 332 – Compact Design with Extended Range

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

The Burris AR332 was designed mainly for law enforcement, military personnel, and competitive shooters who need a compact optic with long-range capabilities.  Its unique design allows it to be used in both close quarters and long range tactical applications without sacrificing accuracy or speed. It has rugged construction and exceptional performance for your tactical carbine.

Burris 300217 AR Tactical AR-332, 3x32mm, Prism Ballistic Cq Reticle, Matte black
  • High quality coating on the glass provides a clear picture allows for easy aiming
  • Easy to use controls - Windage, Elevation, and Illumination
  • Illuminated reticle increases accuracy in low light situations
  • Ability to mount to any standard flat top rifle allows for a variety of applications
  • Water and weatherproof construction for reliability in any environment
  • Must be installed using a torque wrench or the reticle will appear canted
  • Fixed magnification cannot be used with back up iron units
  • Eye relief distance may not be comfortable for everybody
  • Dual colored reticle has been featured on inexpensive models and may seem like a gimmick to some shooters

Is It Worth Your Money?


Burris has a long track record of making high-quality optics for a long time, and this one is no different. The entire unit is waterproof, and the nitrogen-filled body prevents internal fogging. The illuminated reticle has ten different settings and two colors, and also works as a non-lit crosshair when it is turned off.

The unique Fast Action Ballistic CQ Reticle and fixed 3x magnification is easy to use in close quarters and is accurate out to 600 yards. 

This combo works very well with 5.56mm tactical rifles. It mounts to any standard flat top rail system and has rails on the unit for attaching a small reflex unit.

As always, it is backed by its brand warranty to protect against damage and defects. Should your AR332 fail at any time, you can send it back to Burris for repair or replacement.

Scope Review and Breakdown

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  • Specifications
  • Ease of Use and Reliability
  • Battery Life
  • COST

1. The Ballistic CQ Reticle has a unique design that works well for close range and long range shooting. The round center allows for quick target acquisition up close while the small crosshair dots provide drop compensation out to 600 yards.

2. The fixed 3x magnification is strong enough to aid in long-distance targets, but not so overpowering that it’s unusable for close range targets.

3. Hi-Lume multicoating provides brightness for the lens while reducing glare. It gives the shooter a more precise picture and allows for more accurate shooting.

4. The reticle has ten different brightness settings. It can be illuminated in red or green and appears black when the unit is turned off. The illuminated reticle aids the shooting in any condition and increases the accuracy in low light.

Who is this scope for?

Type of Shooter

Type of Gun

Our Opinion

It is a high quality, durable rifle optic that is an excellent option if it fits your needs. It is not a replacement for a full powered scope, nor should it be used solely as a close quarters product for your AR-15. This optic has a particular purpose and fulfills it very well.

The product is best suited for law enforcement officers who may encounter any number of situations on patrol, and competition shooters who are shooting at various distances during their course of fire. While it is easy to use I would only recommend it to experienced shooters who will have the time to put in the training switching from close range to long range.

If you are looking for a low-powered fix magnification optic, it should be on your shortlist. It was designed solely with the tactical carbine in mind and fulfills that role very well.

Other Options Worth Looking At

If you are looking for a similar optic without spending as much money, then Primary Arms has several fixed power optics available for under $300. While they are a newer company not carrying the history or reputation of Burris, their optics are high quality and function very well. They have many different fixed power models in a variety of magnifications.

An alternative to using a fixed power optic for both closeup and distance shooting is using a 1x power red dot and a 3x magnifier. Both EoTech and Aimpoint offer options utilizing this combo, with EoTech using a “flip to side” magnifier and Aimpoint being a quick release model. While you do get the best of both worlds, the combination can be quite cumbersome on a tactical rifle as well as costing close to $1000.

The gold standard for fixed power combat optics is the Trijicon ACOG. They offer several high end fixed power optics costing over $1000. While expensive, the quality, durability, and clarity of the ACOG cannot be beaten. A variety of models are available, including those with self-illumination and various magnifications.

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