Burris Eliminator 3 Laser Scopes – Advanced Technology that’s Ready for Action

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

The Burris Eliminator 3 units are one of the most technologically advanced optics on the market today. They are lightweight and robust, extremely accurate at long ranges, and have built-in features that will eliminate the amount of gear you need to carry into the field.

It gets rid of variables and eliminates the need for guesswork. Every feature of the optic is designed to make you more accurate. It will extend the range and accuracy of your favorite rifle.


  • Built in rangefinder for instant feedback on target distance to 1200 yards
  • Highest quality materials used in construction ensure reliability in any environment
  • Hi-Lume multicoating on glass surfaces, large lenses for better light transmission, and an anti-shock spring system to ensure you never lose zero
  • Programmable to specific ammunition to provide custom trajectories at any distance. Trajectory compensation works at any magnification level
  • Illuminated dot on reticle to assist in low light shooting


  • They are expensive - many shooters may not want to pay over $1000 if they don't shoot all that often or at long distances
  • While the proprietary mounting system is compatible with all Weaver and Picatinny bases there is always a possibility that it will not fit on everyone's rifle
  • The technology is state of the art, but be prepared to learn how to program the unit and use all the features. Not a good choice for those who aren't technologically inclined
  • The rangefinder only works with an unobstructed line of site and will not work through windows, screens, or camo netting

While this product is not cheap, the amount of features you get for the price is terrific. The technology is has packed unlike any other on the market today.

Distance will no longer be an issue as it is accurate out to 1200 yards. It has a built-in laser rangefinder that displays the distance to the target above the crosshair.

It can be programmed to your specific caliber and bullet weight to assist in the most accurate reading possible. It also features Hi-Lume multicoating for a clear sight picture and a double internal spring system to hold zero and protect against recoil and vibrations.

Scope Review and Breakdown

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1. It has a built-in laser rangefinder that is good to 750 yards for non-reflective targets and 1200 yards for reflective targets. The rangefinder is activated via push button (remote optional) located on either side of the tube and yardage is displayed inside the eyepiece above the crosshair. It eliminates the need to carry a rangefinder into the field.

2. It is programmable for customized, precise trajectories for your specific ammo. It includes bullet size, weight, and drop at 750 yards. Programming is done via controls on the side of the unit and the company provides a 12-page guide for the most popular ammunition ranging in small, medium, and large bore sizes.

3. The unique X96 reticle is extremely clear, accurate, and displays the distance to target directly above the crosshair. The distance readout functions at any magnification. There is an illuminated laser visible on the reticle to aid in a precise shooting in low light conditions. There are also indicators for windage hold-offs to assist accuracy further.

4. No rings are needed as it can mount easily on any Weaver or Picatinny base using the included adapters. The low-profile mounts attach directly from the bottom onto the rifle base.

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Our Opinion

The Eliminator 3 is very high quality and includes technology that makes it one of the most advanced products on the market today.

The built-in rangefinder ensures you have an accurate distance anytime you are ready to shoot. The programmable trajectories give you the best opportunity to hit your target every time.

The glass is clear and bright, and the coating used allows for maximum light transmission for a clear sight picture. It is very durable and will have no trouble withstanding recoil, shock, or the environment.

Should it falter, it is backed up by the brand’s Forever Warranty. If the price is not an issue and you need an advanced long range unit for hunting you should consider the Eliminator 3; you won’t be disappointed.

Other Options Worth Looking At

It is unique in its design, and there is nothing else like it on the market today.  If you are looking for more traditional models, you should check out one of these options:

The Bushnell Vortex series are of high quality at a reasonable price point.  There are many models to choose from for your specific needs, and all included Bushnell’s lifetime warranty.

If you like the Burris brand but don’t need all the technology, they offer several more traditional rifle scopes that are similar to the Eliminator 3.  Prices are low, but you lose the onboard rangefinder and targeting compensation.

If money is no issue and you want the best products available then take a look at models from Nightforce, Swarovski, or Zeiss for extreme quality with prices starting above $2000.  These are intended for the most serious of shooters who require only the best for their firearms.

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