Burris MTAC – The Ultimate Scope For The Toughest Job

Last Updated on December 10, 2023.

When you are in the field, looking for a dangerous game, or in a tactical situation, the last thing you need is a scope that gets in the way and doesn’t help you acquire your target quickly. The same goes for 3 gun competitions where fast target acquisition and clear sight picture is essential.

The MTAC was primarily designed for the tactical Close Quarter Battle market.

The tough, rigorous conditions of CQB demand an optic that can stand up to whatever you throw at it and more.

This is the kind of scope you can use for CQB and then go out and shoot coyotes when you’re done.

Burris MTAC


  • This is a combat optic, perfect for law enforcement, military, or tactical competition shooters. The generous eye relief coupled with the 1x power allows you to be aware of your surroundings by keeping both eyes open
  • The illuminated reticle is larger than the ordinary crosshair. The design causes your eye to focus directly on the center dot immediately after you pull it up to take your shot
  • The Tactical Kit is a tremendous value and makes this scope even more effective at short distances and Close Quarter Combat situations. It comes with a FastFire III sight and an AR P.E.P.R mount for your AR


  • The turrets DO NOT have an audible sound so you might be disappointed in how they feel if you are used to an audible sound. It does have a tactile click feel that is noticeable but not the sound to accompany it
  • The 1-4x24mm, while capable, is not really a long range scope. If you are an incredible marksman, you might be able to make it function as advertised. But if you are a typical shooter, the marks are difficult to make out. 1.5-6x42mm is better suited for long-range marksmanship and that is where the Ballistic AR reticle comes in handy
  • The adjustability is ½ MOA, this may not be enough for some shooters who want more adjustability than this offers at longer range. While this isn’t a problem for those who want this as a 1x power scope, for those who want the flexibility of using it for long-range shots as well, it could be a deal breaker

The durability of this scope, coupled with its compact and lightweight (14 oz) stature make this scope THE optic if you demand quality but want affordability. This is especially true if you want to get into 3 gun shooting competitions.

The MTAC will not add a lot of weight to your rifle but will add precision accuracy matched with split-second target acquisition. For an even more versatile setup, Burris offers a combo tactical pack that pairs the MTAC with the 3-MOA FastFire 3 red dot sight.

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The Full Review

When you pick up the MTAC, your first reaction will probably be, “WOW!”

This Burris 1x power optic has BRIGHT picture quality with a BRIGHT red illuminated dot and ring that pops up in your sight picture. You can increase the magnification to a whopping 4 power (or 6 power depending on which model you purchase) which doesn’t make this a sniper scope, but an effective optic for combat.

aim target image

The etched reticle illuminates at 10 different settings and can still be seen when switched off or the battery dies. Underneath the center dot is the 200, 300, 400, and 500-yard holdover marks. Several T marks go out from the center as well, read more about this below. Some people complain about the busy reticle until they try it.

There is a big thick ring around the large center dot. WHY?

The answer is speed. The large center ring is easily placed on your target quickly.

Part of the MTAC’s speed is the CLEAR glass, another is the eyebox. The eyebox is the field of view area behind the scope, where your eye can move around while still being able to see through the optic. The MTAC has one of the nicest eyeboxes out there that is large and forgiving, especially in a scope of this price range.


Illuminated Combat Ready Reticle

target image

The Ballistic CQ reticle in the MTAC is only available in a few scope models by Burris besides the MTAC. The side T marks are ideal for torso shaped targets. While Burris most likely intended those Ts to measure distances at long range, the end result draws your eye to the center of the reticle for ultra-fast target acquisition. The ideal cartridge for this reticle is 5.56 and 7.62.

The Ballistic AR reticle is ideal for achieving long-range accuracy with 5.56 and .223 ammo. This reticle is available in the 1 power and the 1.5 power models. The illuminated center ring and dot help with a quick engagement at closer distances, while the black milliradian measurements help aid trajectory compensation out to 600 yards.

Ultra Clear Glass

The MTAC has an astonishingly clear glass for a scope of this price range. Add the adjustable objective focus and you can now customize this optic for your vision specifically. Burris does one thing really well: make super clear optical glass for a reasonable price.

Generous Eye Relief

The eye relief on this scope is 3.5 – 4 inches and it is well suited to the 1x power setting. No more missing that pop-up or moving target as you are trying to see through the scope correctly. Just pull up from a “low ready” position, swing it up, and the big red ring will pop up and cause your eye to go right to the center.


Adjustable 4x zoom, 6x on the larger model make this scope more versatile than a fixed 1 power scopeFinger adjustable mil-rad target knobs allow 130 MOA of adjustment. The larger 1.5-6x42mm has larger turrets so you can shoot longer distances with pinpoint accuracy.Nitrogen Filled Tube makes the scope fogproof in cold or rain so you can keep on shooting, no matter what.Double internal spring tensioned system plus solid outer tube construction create a scope that withstands shock and holds zero through the recoil from the heaviest calibers.Illuminated reticle with 10 brightness settings ensures you get on target faster in any light and is compatible with night vision.Rubber-coated eyepiece provides protection, comfort, and style

Achieve Precision with Ease

Few things in life are easy, but when you find something in life that is, you stick with it.

The MTAC is one of those.

And when precision and speed makes or breaks your day, the MTAC helps you achieve both, EVERYTIME.

As always, Burris backs this scope with their forever warranty. You can be at ease that this scope will last you forever or you get another, no questions asked.


Super reasonably priced, this scope will only cost you about $400. That is incredible, as you can pay over $2000 for some optics. For the features versus the price, there isn’t a better buy for quality and clarity.

Who Is This Scope Ideal For?

If you want a long range plinker scope that you can hit the paper all day long with, THIS IS NOT the scope for you. The center dot on the reticle measures 2.3 MOA, that’s 2.3 inches at 100 yards. What the MTAC does extremely well allows you to get that nice big ring on your target faster than the other guy in combat or competition.

What Do We Think?

This is THE best scope for close quarter combat and competition that we have come across!

The fact that the eye relief is so generous, the reticle easy to see and focus on, and its lightweight, make this a great buy for an optic.

The glass is coated with Burris’ MultiLume so it is anti-glare but also works extremely well in low light.

The illuminated reticle is great, but when the batteries die on you, the etched reticle is still EASILY SEEN.

If you happen to see one in a gun store, pick it up and look through it, you will be pleasantly surprised.

The Competition

Leupold VXR

The VXR from Leupold uses a powered fiber optic to make the Firedot or center dot of the reticle work.

It uses motion-sensing technology to power down the illumination after 5 minutes of inactivity but reactivates it when it sees motion.

A little more than the MTAC and the lowest power magnification Leupold offers is 1.25-4x20mm.

Viper PST

The Viper PST offers a 1-6×24 scope that also has great brightness, just like the Burris MTAC.

It is slightly more expensive but not by much, and offers exposed turrets to adjust elevation and windage.

It is more versatile as a long range scope for those who want to use their scope for Close Quarter Combat or long range precision marksmanship.

Trijicon ACOG

The Trijicon ACOG is designed as an Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight and as such, is fixed power. The ACOG is for combat and comes with a higher price tag.

It operates extremely well in bright, low, and no light conditions and its single purpose is to enable you to have an increased hit potential in all light conditions.

The ACOG uses a tritium/ fiber optic to illuminate the reticle and adjusts the reticle’s brightness based on the available light.

Other Models from the Manufacturer

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