The Grey Ghost Transport Bag: A Great Budget Everyday Bag

Last Updated on January 5, 2023.

One of the things I’ve noticed over my years of shooting is that shooting gear is expensive. A fairly small range bag can run you $150 or more. Sure, that price gets you a high-quality piece of gear. But, it seems steep when you can get a solid backpack for $50.

So, when I saw that the Grey Ghost Transport Bag went for less than $90, I was immediately interested. And, when I actually got it, I was impressed.

I work as a shooting instructor at a gun range. When I got this bag, the first thing I did was toss a few handguns and magazines inside and made this my daily range bag for work. Here’s what I found after spending a lot of time with this bag.

High Quality Construction

My immediate impression of this bag was that it’s a solid piece of gear. The quality of the material and stitching was my main concern, based on the price.

Guns can tear stuff up quickly when they’re banging around inside a bag. And, they’re heavy. So, it’s important that the material is sturdy enough to contain a bunch of metal.

The good news is that this bag is tough enough to hold guns and ammo. And, the material even appears to be water resistant. Though, I only tested it in light rain. But, overall I’ve had no durability issues, despite my best efforts to rip this bag apart by stuffing it with guns in the least thoughtful ways.

I have a couple handguns that I loan to students for classes. I don’t have holsters for them. So, I just keep them in the cases that they came with. It’s not a super space efficient or convenient way to transport guns. And, the cases barely fit in the bag.

But, this bag held up to being stuffed to the gills with gun cases and magazines. The zipper was pretty strained. But, I’ll come back to that in a moment when I talk about the size.

Overall, I’ve been pleased with the durability. No problems so far.

Nice (but not quite perfect) Organization

The organization features in the Grey Ghost Transport Bag are nice. The organization isn’t quite perfect. But, it’s adequate.

There are plenty of elastic loops for magazines on the inside. And, there are additional loops in the outside pocket. The outside loops are too large to securely hold a single magazine. But, if you double your magazines up, they fit quite snugly in the outer elastic loops.

There is a pocket on each end of the bag, which are perfectly sized for an emergency trauma kit, and they’re secured with a quick release buckle. So, I did indeed put a trauma kit in one of these end pockets.

Additionally, there are a couple of mesh pockets inside the main compartment of the bag. And, there’s a velcro panel. I think this velcro panel would be most useful if you have a velcro holster, which I imagine is what the velcro panel is for.

However, it doesn't have a velcro holster. So, it wasn’t hugely helpful for me. This leads to one of my small gripes about this bag. 

The main compartment has little other organization beyond the elastic magazine loops.

If I weren’t carrying my guns in their included cases like a newbie, they’d probably be in holsters or smaller soft cases. If you carry guns in smaller cases or holsters, there’s nothing inside the main compartment to keep them from banging around against each other.

I have to be fair to Grey Ghost Gear, here. Adding any sort of internal organization is challenging. If it’s good for one thing, it’s not good for some other thing. There’s no way to add organization that everybody loves. I understand why they would just leave the main compartment open, so people could add their own organization as needed.

To sum up, there’s plenty of organization that enables you to keep magazines at the ready. And, if you have a velcro holster, you could fix it to the inside of the main compartment. But, you may need to add your own organization, depending on what you keep in your bag.

Convenient Size

The elastic magazine loops are super handy.

I threw this bag in my truck a lot. And, it fit nicely behind the seat, on the front seat, and on the floorboard. In short, the dimensions are great for keeping this bag in your vehicle. And, there’s plenty of room for a handful of handguns.

However, you’d need a pretty short rifle if you wanted to keep it in this bag. It would either need to be an SBR with a really short barrel, a short rifle with a folding stock, or both.

So, the size offers a lot of convenience. 

But, it’s just a tad limiting in terms of which firearms you can carry, if you choose to use this bag to tote guns.

Overall thoughts

I’ve been using this as my everyday bag for shuttling firearms to the range and back for a couple months now, and I’m very happy with it. It fits all the guns I need to carry, and the shoulder strap makes it handy to carry.

I’d like a bit more organization in the main compartment for carrying handguns in holsters or small cases. But, I understand that any organization would be inconvenient for some people.

Though, overall, this bag makes for a great tactical everyday bag. It would work well as a vehicle bug out bag. I’ve found it to be an excellent range bag. And, armed professionals could easily use this bag for keeping kit in their vehicle. Though, it might be a bit small for those who need a bag that will fit body armor and rifles.

But, you get a lot of utility and quality for the price. So, it’s an outstanding bag for anyone who needs a range bag, bug out bag, or everyday bag on a budget.