Hunting Isn’t All Good or All Bad: The Pros and Cons of Hunting

Last Updated on July 8, 2024.

Like everything else, hunting is neither all good nor all bad. This sport has some substantial assets as well as its disadvantages. Here's a cohesive look at the pros and cons of hunting.  

Hunting Isn't All Good or All Bad The Pros and Cons of Hunting (1)

Hunting Pros 

Humans have been hunting for all of their existence. As soon as people could figure out tools and weapons, hunting for sport and survival was born. There is a slew of good reasons why hunting is a wonderful pastime. 

Hunting lets you escape the indoor modern life into the wilderness out-of-doors; it varies your diet; it gets you in touch with some of your more primal urges; it is a shared bonding experience between generations. 

Here are some more details about how hunting can benefit your life:

Outdoor Activity

Hunting, above all else, gets you out into the Great Outdoors. You’ll be witness to some of the most beautiful vistas in nature, sometimes when you least expect it.

Many hunting routines ask you to be in position by daybreak, as this is usually the hour that your prey starts moving around. Although waking this early may seem taxing, you won’t regret it upon seeing a gorgeous sunrise from your deer blind.

Also, when going on a hunting trip you must have a checklist of the things you need because it's gonna be a long ride and it's kind of a waste of time if you head back just to get things you forgot to pack.

Varied Diet

You probably already know that you need a varied diet to stay healthy, but eating wild game you’ve bagged is another way to get nutrients farm-raised protein might not provide

When you feast on rabbits, duck, or venison, you know that the meat going into your system has no growth hormones or any other additives. Not only do folks hunt to give their diets more depth, but they can also use it as a source of cheaper, healthier meat

Connect With Your Primitive Side

One of the strongest draws of hunting is that it gives you a reason to connect to your more primal instincts. Being out in the wilderness for extended periods with all of your senses keyed in on what’s going on around you compels you to let go of everyday troubles. 

There’s no way to be a good hunter if you can’t let go of the trivial day-to-day worries of your non-hunting life. For a hunt to be successful, you need to be in the moment, aware of your surroundings, at all times. 

Bonding Experience

Some people solo-hunt, whereas others use the outdoor experience as a foundational bonding experience between generations in families or just between friends. There’s something about being on a hunt together, the cold, the elements, the early mornings that bring people together

More than that, hunting is a skill that is taught. Even if you’re not into bonding experiences with your family, learning survival skills and the way to handle a weapon can be an alternate way to find overlap between unalike individuals

Helps Manage Wildlife

No species can grow indefinitely (except for humans) without being a burden on its ecosystem or running out of food. An overabundance of animals such as deer and rabbits leads to crop destruction, property damage, and possible vehicular accidents. Hunters, and any other predators, are a natural way to keep wildlife populations in check and avoid these dangerous situations. 

Side Hustle

Many hunters find that they can augment their primary income with the finances that they make from hunting. Many hunters make use of all the parts of the animal, including selling or eating the meat, tanning the hides, and even using the antlers or bones into cutlerytoolsor artwork.

Additionally, the state and federal hunting organizations make money from the various hunting licenses they sell throughout the year. Depending on what geographical location you’re in, this money can help preserve wildlife and wild areas. 

Reduces Car Accidents With Deer

Animal collisions are one of the most common causes of automotive accidents in the country. By helping reduce the deer population, hunters also help mitigate these types of fatalities.

Deer and other larger animals are usually on the move at dawn or dusk, so keep your eyes on the edge of the forest and use headlights and seatbelts at these times. A definite benefit of hunting is that it can help lessen these accidents yearly.

Hunting Cons

Despite the draw of heading out into the wilds to hunt your prey, there are some drawbacks to hunting. If you weigh out both the pros and cons of hunting, then safety, costliness, and unethical issues may give you pause.


The number one concern in terms of hunting is safety. In a sport using firearms, there is always room for error. Even the most experienced hunters, with safety courses and years of hunting under their belts, can make a mistake. 


With the gear, the ammo, the firearm or bow, and hunting licenses, hunting can become an expensive sport quickly. Another cost that may not be obvious to novices is that you may have to find a forest or another hunter-friendly plot of land upon which to hunt, and sometimes you have to rent it


Many people point out that taking another creature’s life is unethical. This is a subjective decision, and many would argue against this, saying that death is as much a part of life as anything else. Practicing safe hunting techniques and talking with others about hunting in an open-minded, calm manner can help them understand your side of the issue as well. 

Gross-Out Factor

There is a considerable amount of grossness when it comes to the aftereffects of hunting. Learning how to dress and gut your kill is a necessary part of the process. 

Dressing your kill can teach you self-reliance and gives the proper respect for the animal you’ve brought down, but it also can be downright disgusting. You also have to know how to preserve the meat and tan the hides if you want to make the most of your trophy. 

Looking at the pros and cons of hunting, it’s clear to see that this ancient and storied pastime has aspects that detract from its enjoyment and others that enhance it.

Weighing Both Sides

Hunting keeps you in touch with nature and your primal self, even strengthening familial bonds, but it is costly and time-consuming. Looking clearly at both sides of the topic can help you make the right decisions for your hunting lifestyle.

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