Top 5 Firearm Programs for New and Seasoned Shooters

Last Updated on May 5, 2023.

Shooting is a great hobby and sport. And, having the right gears for this sport will help enhance anyone’s experience with this hobby. Best firearm programs offer great opportunities to purchase your ammunitions and shooting gears on great prices. That’s not all, these programs come with perks and benefits. The best part is that both newbie and seasoned shooters can partake of the benefits that firearm and ammo programs offer.

And, some programs include firearms training, firearm safety and other firearm-related activities. Some are exclusively created for firearms training and other activities related to firearm and ammunition. Some also extend their activities to include fitness trainings and clinical programs – all targeted at shooting enthusiasts.

Here are top firearm programs that you can choose from, whether you are just getting started with shooting, or you have mastered the act:

#1: Target Sports USA Ammo Prime Membership

This is one of the top firearm programs that enable members get more from their purchases. The perks and benefits that come with the program range from free shipping to wholesale prices on ammunition and shooting gears.

And, a member also has the privilege to access special deals and sales before other regular buyers will get to see or know about such hot deals. Just for one-off $95 fee that you can renew yearly, these and other perks will be available to you.

Here are the highlights of the perks and benefits/pros that come with this firearm program;

  • Ammo purchase at wholesale pricing, leading to significant savings throughout the year
  • Access to exclusive ammo deals – only members are emailed details on special discounts and offers
  • Free shipping – on any order you make
  • Free ammo mystery box – you will get it during your first membership year, based on your purchases
  • Low annual fee that pays for itself with free shipping.
  • According to the program, the membership fee pays for itself and opens avenue for huge savings via the membership benefits – which is excellent value for the money.


Membership fee is higher than that of Brownells. However, Ammo Prime seems to offer more – e.g. wholesale pricing for even a single order, plus the mystery box free gift.

#2: Brownells Edge

Brownells Edge is another popular firearms subscription program that aims at improving the purchasing experience of firearm enthusiasts, shooters, hunters, and preppers. 

The benefits/pros and perks that come with membership include the following;

  • Free 2-day shipping

    For most of the orders, the program offers free 2-day shipping regardless of how many orders that are involved. The orders have to qualify for the free shipping and most orders usually qualify

  • Low membership fee of $49.85 for 12 months

According to the company, the membership fee pays for itself with a few orders via free shipping. Their Standard shipping method will apply if part of a member’s shipment is backordered. Membership renews automatically.

  • Waived FFL Processing Fee

Unlike regular purchase of FFL items that attracts $10 charges, Edge membership attracts waiver of this fee on receivers, handguns, long guns, and just any FFL order.

  • Offers and Discounts for Special Members Only

Just like Ammo Prime Membership, Brownells Edge membership comes with special offers and discounts for members only.

  • Discounted Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping comes with discount for only members and runs from Mondays through Fridays.

  • Guaranteed Forever Policy

If the product does not work, the buyer can return it.


Automatic renewal of membership.

#3: NRA

NRA is a top gun rights organization in America and the membership runs to five million currently.

The program provides educational activities for members. 

The organization is also in the forefront of campaigns to preserve the freedom that the Second Amendment has brought.

Here are the benefits and pros of NRA membership;

  • Low yearly membership fee of $45 and the fee gets even lower when you opt for a 2-year, 3-year, or 5-year membership period.
  • Official NRA membership card
  • Free subscription to NRA magazine – just one out of their award-winning magazines
  • A free NRA decal
  • Round-the-clock defense of your guns right
  • Special offers plus savings from trusted Member Partners
  • Admission is free for NRA’s Guns, Gear and Outfitter’s Show

#4: A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League

This firearms program is a ladies-only program/organization. It was put together by women shooters and targeted at women rifle shooters, women pistol shooters, and women shotgun shooters. The program is targeted at both new shooters and experienced shooters; it will take new shooters to any shooting skill level they desire and offer experienced women shooters more opportunities.

Generally, it is intended to enhance women’s skill levels for both competitive shooting and self-defense shooting. The program also teaches how to choose a suitable gun, gear, as well as shooting accessories.

Here are the membership perks and benefits/pros;

  • Different membership categories – youth category is $15/year, e-chapter membership is$50/year, and so on
  • Training on safe gun use in a girl-friendly, fun and cool environment
  • Exploration of scenarios in order to enhance both competition and conceal carry skills
  • Marksman program to help assess shooting improvement
  • Quarterly member Appreciation Giveaways – you have to qualify for the giveaways
  • Weekly information emails that feature shooting tips among other things
  • Shopping discounts obtained from several vendor partners and gun manufacturers
  • Innovative shooting journal  for women  - free download
  • $5 discount on AG & AG hats and apparels
  • Discounted range fees
  • Invite to regional Girl’s Getaways and annual National conference
  • Participation in the Quarterly Match competition
  • Official membership card
  • Personalized designer name tag when you join
  • …and more


The program aims at empowering people across schools, corporations, and places of worship with necessary personal security skills. INPAX’s training facility and program offers range access, firearms training, MMA for accomplishing self-defense, fitness program, and programs created for kids.

Highlights of benefits and pros include the following;

  • Regular access to their state-of-the art shooting range
  • Discounted rates for all range features
  • Discounted rates for one-on-one private training
  • …and much more


Membership fee is quite on the high side and is charged on monthly basis. There are different categories – the fee ranges from $40 to $180 per month depending on the choice of program. However, the fees tend to be commensurate to the nature of the activities of the program to boot.