Truglo Range Rover Pro Sight – Extreme Accuracy, Extreme Performance

Last Updated on January 9, 2021.

When long range accuracy is a must, the Truglo Range Rover Pro could be your best option. The combination of modern features, the ability to quickly make range adjustments, and the extremely precise power dot aperture will ensure the most accurate shot placement every single time.


  • The power dot sight is extremely accurate at long ranges and illuminated for quick acquisition
  • The Zero In wheel allows for quick adjustments to get your arrows on target faster
  • The sight is configurable for both right and left hand shooters
  • Sight easily accepts additional accessories including scope lenses and quivers
  • Yardage and windage adjustments do not require any tools to change


  • Poor battery life
  • Some limited quality control issues from the factory
  • It is fairly heavy, at just over a pound

The Range Rover PRO takes the popular Range Rover Archer’s Choice sight to a whole new level.   Featuring the Zero In range adjustment wheel, you can quickly make distance adjustments without any noise.  The round power dot sight comes in optional green and green/red models for easy acquisition, and allows for more exact targeting over single pin sights.

The Range Rover can be configured for both left and right handed shooters.  It features stout construction to withstand field use. You can directly attach a quiver to the sight for quick reloads.  The sight housing also accepts a 1.87″ scope to add magnification.            

Scope Review and Breakdown

The Range Rover PRO is more advanced than the standard model.  While designed for the more experienced shooter, most should find it simple to use.  The sighting system is available in two options – a green only model and a green/red dot model.  The 2 dot model does cost slightly more.

The new Zero In range wheel makes sure your bow is sighted for the exact range you need on every shot.  Distances can be easily adjusted with a simple motion.   Windage adjustments are made via a precision micro-click design for accurate shots.

An enhanced bracket design allows for installation onto almost any modern compound bow.  All of these features make the Range Rover PRO one of the most accurate bow sights on the market today.

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  • Specifications
  • Ease of Use and Reliability
  • Battery Life
  • COST

1. The illuminated center dot sight has been designed for extreme long range accuracy. The dot is battery powered and features 11 brightness settings via a push button control.

2. The Zero In range adjustment wheel is easy to use. 80 Pre-marked strips of yardage tape are included.

3. The sight is adjustable to accommodate both right and left hand

4. All adjustments can be made without the use of tools, meaning you can carry less gear into the field.

Who Is This Sight For?

Type of Archer

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Our Opinion

The Range Rover PRO is a fantastic choice for experienced bow hunters. The precise power dot sight will give you precise targeting no matter the distance. 

The combination Zero In range adjustment and micro click windage allows you to dial up extreme accuracy.

The illuminated center dot, with red or green options, makes sure you have a bright sight picture no matter the lighting condition.

Other Options Worth Looking At

Truglo makes many archery sights for all different skill levels. If the Range Rover PRO seems a bit too complicated you should give the standard Range Rover a try. It has several different models available and features a fiber optic single pin design that makes for an easy to use sight.

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