Truglo TFX Pro Pistol Sights – Ultimate Performance 24/7

Last Updated on January 6, 2021.

With the combination of a tritium night sight and the brightness of a fiber optic for daytime shooting, the TFX Pro pistol sight from Truglo is the ultimate choice for your handgun.  

This combination, coupled with new design features such as the front contrast ring, the U notch rear, and the virtually indestructible construction, makes for a high quality sight that won’t let you down. 


  • The TFO inserts are bright and allow for easy use 24/7
  • The contrast front and U-notch rear makes targeting quick and easy
  • A variety of models available many different pistols
  • The angled rear sight allows for one-handed operation
  • Sight are protected from chemicals and debris inside a sealed chamber


  • Due to the longer size sight radius is slightly reduced
  • Some shooter's may find the orange ring over the green inserts too distracting
  • Having sights installed adds to overall cost

Like the standard TFX sight, the TFX pro is a tougher, more compact version of the original TFO sight. 

Using a combination of tritium and fiber optics gives the shooter a bright sight picture during the day and a clear night sight for low light conditions.  

A sealed chamber around the sight inserts stops oils or any type of containment from affecting sight performance.

The TFX pro offers all the features from high speed competition sights and night sights in one package.

With the price not being much more than a standard set of night sights, the TFX Pro is definitely worth your time.

Sight Review and Breakdown

The TFX Pro offers numerous upgrades over standard iron sights.  The tritium inserts glow in the dark, and the fiber optics gather natural light and allow the sight to glow during the day.  This allows for a bright sight picture in any lighting condition. 

The rear sight features a U shape notch for quick aiming. The front sight has a bright orange ring to contrast against the black rings on the rear sight.  This combination allows the shooter to focus quickly when time is of the essence. 

The TFO inserts have been housed in a hermetically sealed chamber.  This protects the sights from oil, dirt, and chemicals.  These sights are built from CNC machined steel and feature a durable “Fortress Finish” to protect against wear and tear. 

The TFX Pro sights come in dozens of models, available for installation of many of today’s popular pistols.  This includes models from Glock, Smith & Wesson, and many different 1911s.

  • SIZE

1. The TFO technology is a combination of fiber optics and tritium. This gives the shooter a bright sight picture 24 hours a day.

2.The U-notch rear sight also has a sharp angle on the front of it. This allows the user to rack the slide on their pistol in emergency situation with one hand using the rear sight.

3. The bright orange focus ring around the front sight aligns nicely in the U-notch rear and makes for extremely quick targeting.

4. The sealed chamber keeps all contaminants out of the inserts. This allows for worry-free cleaning of your firearm after use, and will ensure the sights operate as intended without being affected from the elements.


The TFX Pro can usually be found for under $130.  While this is more expensive than most night sights, with the combination of both tritium and fiber optics you are getting a ton of sight for your money. Keep in mind this price does not include the cost of installation tools or gunsmith services..

Who Are These Sights For?

Type of Gun

Type of Shooter

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a pistol sight that is great for duty use or competition, the TFX Pro is an impressive option

The fiber optics glow bright during the day, the front sight ring is easy to pick up, and the option to use the sights to rack the pistol can be a great benefit for first responders.

Tritium inserts make this a great choice for a home defense pistol. 

There’s a wide range of models available, and the complete list can be found on Truglo’s website if you want to check compatibility.

There aren’t many other sights on the market like these, and should you need something that is bright and dependable day or night they are a great option.

Other Options Worth Looking At

While these sights are unique, there are some variations available from Truglo.  The original TFO sights don’t feature the contrast ring and aren’t quick as robust, but they are cheaper and would be great on a range pistol.

The standard model TFX is also available, costs about the same, and features a standard rear sight notch and a white contrast front ring instead of the orange found on the TFX Pro.

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